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Automatic Seed Plantation Robot
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This paper presents an Automatic Seed Plantation Robot which is based on electronic and mechanical platform that performs advance agriculture process. We have developed an electromechanical vehicle which is steered by DC motors to drive wheels. The farm is

Automatic seed selection algorithm for image segmentation using region growing
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Gokhale, Color Image Segmentation Based on Automatic Seed Pixel Selection ,

Automatic segmentation of brain tumor from MR image using region growing technique
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Thus the algorithm for segmentation of tumor images with automatic seed point selection to region growing segmentation was Images, Proceedings of the New Millennium International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Robot Vision (PRIPROV)

Automatic breast boundary segmentation of mammograms
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Automatic Seed Region Selection 1. Threshold the mammogram with selected value 2. Smooth the contour with morphological operators Automatic End point Selection 1. Select the intensity profile Derive the intensity gradient profile Computer and Robot Vision, 2004

Robotic brachytherapy overview of robotic brachytherapy approaches and synergistic applications
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Robot -assisted brachytherapy Robotic systems at various institutes Summary 12 Additional objectives for an advanced robot : Update dosimetry after each needle is implanted ( automatic seed localization), Detect tissue heterogeneities and deformation via

Nano Robots for treatment of damaged blood vessels and heart holes
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In the first case, the Nano robot will have an electrodes mounted on its outer casing that will combine with the electrolytes present in REFERENCES Nano Robots in Bio Medical Application 5] MA Mohammed, et al., Automatic segmentation and automatic seed point selection

Automatic segmentation of echocardiographic images using full causal hidden Markov model
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The major issues with echo cardiac image segmentation are automatic seed point selection on Markov Random Field with Ant Colony System , Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biometrics

A hybrid region growing algorithm for medical image segmentation
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are almost felled in the homogeneous area, the seeds are satisfied the automatic seed selection criteria 1980) Obstacle avoidance and navigation in the real world by a seeing robot rover , Technical Report CMU-RI-TR-3, Carnegie-Mellon University, Robotics Institute

Modern advances in prostate brachytherapy
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Oncology Treatments (SPOT PROTM) Seed SelectronTM a robotic system for seed placement Rotating ultrasound probe for better 3D-image Page 7. Export to Seed Selectron Page 8. Nucletron Automatic Seed Implanting Page 9. Seed Selectron from Nucletron Page 10

Design and Implementation of Automatic Seed Sowing Robot
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In modern world, automation is used in many of the fields such as defense, surveillance, medical field, industries and so on. This project represents solutions towards the lack of resources, lack of knowledge in the process of agriculture faced by the farmers. The main

AGRIBOT-RF based farmer friendly Agricultural Robot with automatic seed dispensing system
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Agriculture is a backbone of our nation. Farmers are looking for new ways to implement technology to reduce costs and labor hours. One of the ways to farmers to explore new technologies in farming comes from the RF tractor. This is something to explore new

Zigbee Based Farmer Friendly Agricultural Robot with Motorized Shovel Control System with Automatic Seed Dispensing System
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Agriculture is a backbone of our nation. Developed agriculture needs to find new ways to improve efficiency. One approach is to utilize available information technologies in the form of more intelligent machines to reduce and target energy inputs in more effective ways than

Design and Fabrication of Automatic Seed Sowing Machine with Variable Pitch
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Design and Fabrication of Automatic Seed Sowing Machine with the farmer is expected to enter either the pitch or the number of steps using the keypad provided onto the robot The chassis form the integral part of the robotic vehicle as it supports all the other components of the

Seed Sowing Robot
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The control section as well as robotic station possess the amenities viz, temperature sensor, humidity This robot can do multitasking which is lots of time consuming when done by 2014 Automatic Seed Planter Punching

A Smart Agriculture Assisting Robot using Internet of Things
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Multifunctional Robotic Vehicle for

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A STUDY ABOUT THE DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF AUTOMATIC SEED SOWING AND FERTILIZER SPRAYING MACHINE An agriculture robotic system is used Ultrasonic sensor detects the blocks in the path with measure the distance between both robot and block

The AVR Based Automatic Pot Hole Filling Robot
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Actual Testing requires an arrangement called Erina . 2.3. 3 Applications The Designed Robot has following applications It is helpful for the automatic seed plantation in agriculture industry. It can be also implemented for emergency services for pot hole filling on roads. 2.3

International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations Multipurpose agriculture six-legged robot for seeding and
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As our automatic seed feeder is only for small seeds then using of conveyor belt with motor is useful The system has 2 main sections robot and control system The robotic station possesses the seeds dispenser, seed storage, water storage, water dispenser, the robot system with

Fully automated MRI-guided robotics for prostate brachytherapy
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The system consists of an end-effector mounted on an MR compatible robotic manipulator [43 The key novelty of the reported system is the automatic seed deployment under MR-guidance. The MrBot robot , allows for positioning the needle injector end-effector in

CT image segmentation with supervised clustering using hierarchical support vector machines
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Apply automatic seed selection algorithm Currently research interesting includes 3D surgical microscope, medical imaging software, surgical robot and machine learning research interesting includes computer assisted surgery, 3D operation room and surgical robotic platform

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  • Adhalrao Manohar

    I want automatic/ electromechanical/robot seed sowing machine for agriculture. Distance between each seed &lshould be adjustable as per different crop, like onion,wheat, groundnut etc.