data mining in wireless networks

Data mining is similar word for mining where in mines you are extracting useful content.

From extract of data mining in wireless network says

Due to recent advancement in electronics industry, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are used for various applications such as security, agriculture and environmental monitoring. WSN may contain hundreds of tiny, low-cost, battery-powered devices that monitor physical attributes (humidity, temperature, and light) and that self-organize into networks that can make autonomous decisions (turn on/off actuators), and are part of a larger distributed management and control system (e.g. irrigation system). As each node is a data source, a sensor network can possibly generate large sets of data, which are ideal candidates for data mining techniques. However, sensor networks are constrained in their ability to communicate their data to a centralized processing server where data mining would normally take place. Sensors are limited in terms of available energy for transmission, computational power, memory, and communications bandwidth. Distributed data mining (DDM) methods provide solutions to these constraints by placing aspects of the data mining process such as data sampling, aggregation, and modeling on individual sensors, as well as clusters of sensors. These activities and placement in the sensor network vary by the type of data mining being undertaken such as classification, prediction, time series analysis, clustering, and anomaly detection. The focus of this workshop is to share the lessons learned from previous successful applications of DDM for WSNs and to discuss new theories to distribute the data mining process over large sensor networks. We are particularly interested in approaches that have solved global network data mining problems through localized and distributed computation.

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