how an active RFID tag works

an active RFID tag works differently in that it does use an internal power supply. Not only do many groups use active tags but they can be easier to read. Also, these RFID tags are known to be especially durable and can be read in various areas.

Integrated circuits are used in an active RFID tag. The circuits work in that they have been embedded into the surface of the semiconductor materials that are used for the construction of the RFID tag. The integrated circuits will be read as the items that have the internal power supply because the signals that come from the circuits can be broadcast from the circuits to the item that reads the material.

Because integrated circuits are used in the active tag this type of RFID tag is considered to be a more reliable option to use than a passive RFID tag. This is because with the electronics that are used a session of sorts can be used to create communication between the tag and its reader. The fact that more power is used in this type of RFID tag than with a passive RFID tag also helps.

An active RFID tag can also be read in various different conditions. The stronger power level that is used in this type of RFID tag will be used to help get the tag to be read in conditions where radio frequencies may not be easily read. This includes watery conditions. Since people and cattle are mostly water they can be used with active tags so that they can be monitored without the tag being damaged or unable to be read. Metallic items like shipping vehicles can be used too.

Temperature monitoring can even be used with an active RFID tag. This is useful for industries where the temperature of its products or items are important considerations. Not only can the temperature be read but the humidity and light levels in the area can also be monitored. With this in mind this kind of RFID tag will be useful in that it will help to make the shipping or production of items easier to handle.

An active RFID tag can also be read at long distances. Whereas a passive RFID tag can only be read at shorter distances an active one can be monitored at distances up to a kilometer at best.

Logistics costs can also be reduced by this kind of tag. This is because additional information can be sent and received on an active tag and therefore help to improve the tracking of items that a business produces or has to monitor. The ease of management will help to reduce costs as a whole.

Overall, active RFID tags are great options to consider. Not only can an active RFID tag help to monitor items in a business but it is also easy to read and to manage information in the tag.

Re: How an Active RFID Tag Works

An RFID tag, or inlay as they are sometime referred to, is essentially a very small integrated circuit attached to an antenna (see right). Tags come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each unique to its own application. Some are battery powered (active), and some are battery-less (passive), meaning the reader antenna energizes the tag by radiating RF energy, which the tag then re-radiates back to the reader. Tags work at a wide variety of frequencies, depending on which standard the tag adheres to.

Tags can come be read only, write once, or fully writable. The writeable memory can be as little as 64 bits for passive tags and up to as much as 32 kB for active tags. This memory can be read or written very quickly, in some cases as fast as 200 tags/sec! Having some memory gives your process the ability to read or write any data to it that you wish. This includes test data, location data, or even the new