data mining research papers 2012-105

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D Kanojia, AK Verma, M Motwani ,
ABSTRACT: Data mining contain two important task clustering and classification. The data
mining knowledge discovery task is to preprocess the data, transformed the data and to
perform the feature extraction on the data. Here the paper includes the feature extraction 

 Ensemble of Decision Tree Classifiers for Mining Web Data Streams
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FY Tani, DM Farid, MZ Rahman ,
 1. INTRODUCTION Data mining and knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) is
the process of finding hidden information in a database, and web mining is the mining
of web related data to the World Wide Web. Or web mining 

 Application of Decision Tree Algorithm for Data Mining in Healthcare Operations: A Case Study
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F Soleimanian, P Mohammadi, P Hakimi
ABSTRACT By means of data mining techniques, we can exploit furtive and precious
information through medicine data bases. Because of huge amount of this information, study
and analyses are too difficult. We want some methods to exploring through data and 

 Evaluating the Classification Accuracy of Data Mining Algorithms for Anonymized Data
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M Sridhar, BR Babu ,
Abstract–Recent advances in hardware technology have increased storage and recording
capability with regard to personal data on individuals. This has created fears that such data
could be misused. To alleviate such concerns, data was anonymized and many 

 Comparative analysis of mid-point based and proposed mean based K-Means Clustering Algorithm for Data Mining
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K Aggarwal, N Aggarwal ,
Abstract In the original k-means algorithm the initial centroids are taken just randomly out of
the input data set. But this random selection of initial centroids leads the computation of the
algorithm into local optima. Each time the end clustering results will come out to be 

 Temporal Data Mining Approaches and Green Design Implementation for Data Center Chillers Management System
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WH Shin, HC Kuan, YP Singh
Abstract:-Temporal data mining refers time series data points recorded along with the time
which they were observed. Time series is a sequence of data points collected at equal time
interval for each point. We apply temporal data mining approaches to data center. A data 

 Keel A Data Mining Tool A Data Mining Tool: Analysis With Genetic Analysis With Genetic
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M Narwal, MP Mittal
Abstract This work is related to the KEEL (Knowledge Extraction based on Evolutionary
Learning) tool, an

Why open source software /free software (OSS/FS) Look at the numbers
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This paper provides quantitative data that, in many cases, using open source software /free software is a reasonable or even superior approach to using their proprietary competition according to various measures. This papers goal is to show that you should consider using

The effects of extrinsic motivations and satisfaction in open source software development
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As a new phenomenon in the software industry, Open Source Software (OSS) development has attracted a high level of research interest. Examining what motivates participants in OSS projects and how to enhance the effects of motivations has received increased attention in
that supports data management and provides a
platform for the analysis of evolutionary learning for Data Mining problems of different 

 Data Mining: Application, Handling and Future
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J Khan, A ul Haq, MIA Khan, W Khan, II Jan, F Gul ,
Abstract–Data mining is a chunk of a process/procedure called KDD stands for knowledge
discovery in current databases. This practice entails fundamentally of phases that are
accomplished earlier/before performing data mining, such as data assortment, data clean- 

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V Bhambri ,
ABSTRACT The technological revolution and the era of IT and IT enabled services has
showcased a scenario that in every aspect revolve around the data, its use and the
interpretation of data as per the need of the users. The use of techniques of data mining 

 Comparative Analysis of Masking Techniques in Privacy Preserving Data Mining
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S Vijayarani, A Tamilarasi, N Murugesh ,
Abstract Data mining is a process of extracting knowledge from large amount of data. With
the rapid growth of services on the Internet, a large amount of personal information is being
stored and extracted for personalized online services. If such distributed personal 

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L Choudhary ,
ABSTRACT With the fast development of computer and information technology in the last
many years, an enormous amount of data in science and engineering has been and will
continuously be generated in massive scale, either being stored in gigantic storage 

Data Mining of the MultiDark Simulation
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AM Partl ,Astrostatistics and Data Mining, 2012 ,Springer
The MultiDark database (www. multidark. org) provides results from large cosmological
simulations performed within the Multimessenger Approach for Dark Matter Detection
(MULTIDARK) project. Currently, simulation products of a large [(1 Gpc/ h) 3 and 2048 3 

 Study on Data Mining Suitability for Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
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SV Peterraj, SPP Mary ,
ABSTRACT Intrusion Detection System used to discover attacks against computers and
network Infrastructures. There are many techniques used to determine the IDS such as
Outlier Detection Schemes for Anomaly Detection, K-Mean Clustering of monitoring data, 

 Information Visualization, Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning
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Abstract This report documents the program and the outcomes of Dagstuhl Seminar 12081
Information Visualization, Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning. The aim of the
seminar was to tighten the links between the information visualisation community and the 

 Adapted Framework for Data Mining Technique to Improve Decision Support System in an Uncertain Situation
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AB El Seddawy, A Khedr, T Sultan
Abstract Decision Support System (DSS) is equivalent synonym as management information
systems (MIS). Most of imported data are being used in solutions like data mining (DM).
Decision supporting systems include also decisions made upon individual data from 

 Data Mining Technology in Financial Crisis Warning Platform for Enterprises
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YD Lin, CC Lee, BC Shia
Abstract. Historical data can be used in conjunction with financial ratios to develop financial
crisis warning models. Automating the process of data mining to develop and evaluate such
various models made by different algorithms on the same dataset would be conducive to 

 Attractive Virtual Educational Portal–Layer 4 (Data Mining Module)–Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
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A Klucková, M Kavecký ,
The project of an educational portal for elementary school pupils creates an opportunity to
collect large amounts of data concerning the knowledge and skills of the children. To enable
the users (especially teachers, data analysts, pedagogy experts and child psychologists) 

 Effective Content Based Data Retrieval Algorithm for Data Mining
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AS Shawkat, HK Sawant ,International Journal ,
Abstract—Data mining techniques are used in a many research areas, including
mathematics, cybernetics, genetics and marketing. Web mining, a type of data mining used
in customer relationship management (CRM), takes advantage of the huge amount of 

 Data Mining Application-Usage of Visualizing Association Rules in CRM System
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ST Sundari, A Padmapriya
ABSTRACT Data Mining, simply called DM, is a kind of method for data analyses at deep
level. Data Mining can be described as this: It is, in light of the set target of an enterprise, an
effective and advanced method in probing and analyzing huge numbers of enterprise data 

 Modelling Reservoir Water Release Decision Using Temporal Data Mining and Neural Network
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WHW Ishak, KRK Mahamud, NM Norwawi ,
Abstract—During emergencies such as flood and drought seasons, reservoir acts as a
defence mechanism to reduce the risk of flooding and maintaining water supply. During this
period, decision regarding the water release is very crucial. During flood season, early 

 A Survey: Classification of Imputation Methods in Data Mining
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B Suthar, H Patel, A Goswami ,
Abstract—In data mining one important stage is pre-processing. In which there are different
mining tasks for it. In real world most of the data are noisy, inconsistent and incorrect. In fact,
the most important step in pre-processing is filling (or handling) missing value. Missing 

 Web Mining using Semantic Data Mining Techniques
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KG Babu, A Komali, V Mythry, ASK Ratnam ,International Journal of Soft
Abstract—The purpose of Web mining is to develop methods and systems for discovering
models of objects and processes on the World Wide Web and for web-based systems that
show adaptive performance. Web Mining integrates three parent areas: Data Mining, 

 Approximate Data Mining for Sliding Window Based Data Streams
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KCYYL Hsieh, DL Yang ,
Abstract. In the sliding window model of continuous dynamic data streams, the real-time
process and update is an important issue for association rule mining. The existing
researches deal with the problem by using specific data structures to retain the scanned