dew computing

Overview of cloudlet, fog computing , edge computing , and dew computing
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Cloudlet, Fog Computing , Edge Computing , and Dew Computing are post-cloud computing models. Researchers and public need to grasp the essential meaning of each one and their differences. In this talk summary, we will describe the origins, definitions, basic principles

Dew computing and transition of internet computing paradigms
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The goal of this paper focuses on the development of dew computing , including its origins, research status, development status, and its impact on the transition history of Internet computing paradigms. By gathering and studying all the research papers related to dew

Lightweight dew computing paradigm to manage heterogeneous wireless sensor networks with UAVs
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The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have strengthen the self- monitoring and autonomous characteristics of the sensor networks deployed in numerous application areas. The recent developments of the edge computing paradigms have also

Dewblock: A blockchain system based on dew computing
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The blockchain technology enabled cryptocurrencies and a lot of other applications that trust is needed among different entities. Because every blockchain client needs to keep huge amount of blockchain data, some personal computers and mobile devices cannot be used to

Edge and Dew Computing for Streaming IoT
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The main question in the case of streaming data coming from end-user IoT devices with big quantities is where to process data. The available choices are whether the processing of the required information should take place on a local device or to offload data to a nearby or

Formal Description of Dew Computing
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Dew Computing is a specific cloud-related computing architecture that brings the computing closer to the user. Two main features of the dew computing include independence of external systems and collaboration with other cloud servers, making it an environment that

Enhancing Usability of Cloud Storage Clients with Dew Computing
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Drive, Microsoft One Drive have been active and improving unceasingly since 2007. Introduction of desktop/mobile clients, for example,Dropbox Desktopare the cherry on top, as the users could lever their cloud space from their desktops or mobiles, giving them

Vehicular Data Analytics Dew Computing
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Recent development of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) offer several technologies. In centralized ITS solutions, such as Google map, crowd sourcing app Waze, Toyotas Entune dynamic routing, on board smart phone devices or vehicles send periodic local traffic data to

Dew Computing : A New Era of Computing Implying Minimization Over Internetwork Backhaul
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Abstract Grid Computing , Cloud Computing , and Fog Computing and Edge Computing have catered various services toward digitization of ICT-based aspects. Although, these technologies are still in very good shape they do heavily rely on connectivity issue ie

Decentralized Hardware Ownership Control: Dew Computing with Blockchain
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In this paper, a decentralized hardware ownership control system and its implementation were proposed. Such a system could allow different manufactures/vendors and their customers to control the ownership of their products. Such system could discourage the

Viability of Dew Computing for Multilayered Networks
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In the ever-changing world of technology, it can be difficult to distinguish one idea from the next. New paradigms are an excellent example, and this paper explores one of the more recent developments in the networking industry dew computing . Sometimes called local

Resource allocation scheme for Dew Computing paradigm using mobile grid
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With the widespread availability of smartphones and advancement in communication technologies, Dew Computing paradigm (DCp) has emerged as a state-of-the-art computing paradigm. DCp provides an ecosystem to execute computationally intensive tasks which