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The first edition of this book appeared in 1991 when the technology was new and there were not too many products. In the Preface to the first edition, we had quoted Michael Stonebraker who claimed in 1988 that in the following 10 years, centralized DBMSs would be an antique

Fundamental Algorithms for Concurrency Control in Distributed Database Systems.
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Concurrency control is a necessary component of any multi-user database management system (DBMS). Its role is to coordinate the database interactions of users who are accessing a database at the same time. Concurrency control permits multiple users to

Fragment allocation in distributed database design
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On a Wide Area Network (WAN), fragment allocation is a major issue in distributed database design since it concerns the overall performance of distributed database systems. Here we propose a simple and comprehensive model that reflects transaction behavior in distributed

A mixed fragmentation methodology for initial distributed database design
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We de ne mixed fragmentation as a process of simultaneously applying the horizontal and vertical fragmentation on a relation. It can be achieved in one of two ways: by performing horizontal fragmentation followed by vertical fragmentation or by performing verticalABSTRACT The authors develop an approximate analytical model to study the tradeoffs of replicating data in a distributed database environment. Several concurrency control protocols are considered, including pessimistic, optimistic, and semi-optimistic protocols

A new technique for database fragmentation in distributed systems
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In this paper we have presented a fragmentation technique that can be applied at the initial stage as well as in later stages of a distributed database system for partitioning the relations General Terms Database, Distributed database , Fragmentation

A sophisticates introduction to distributed database concurrency control
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Dozens of articles have been published describing new concurrency control algorithms for distributed database systems. All of these algorithms can be derived and understood using a few basic concepts. We show how to decompose the concurrency control problem into

A dynamic distributed federated database
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effectively to support the growing demand for information exploitation. The current trend is a move away from large monolithic database architectures to more distributed database technologies. In this paper we describe a new type

Heuristic approach to dynamic data allocation in distributed database systems
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In this paper, a new dynamic data allocation algorithm for non-replicated distributed database systems (DDS), namely the threshold algorithm, is proposed. The threshold algorithm reallocates data with respect to changing data access patterns. The algorithm is

Dynamic task allocation in a distributed database system
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This paper addresses the problem of dynamically assigning queries to sites in a distributed database system. This work. loosely related to work on load balancing in distributed operating systems. is unique in several ways. First. the system workload is comprised of

Heterogeneity in the Distributed Database Management System SIRIUS-DELTA.
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In the last few years, much attention has been placed on the study of distributed database management systems. Implementations have already being made, using homogeneous networks of computers. A new problem is now merging: how to build heterogeneous

Non-replicated dynamic data allocation in distributed database systems
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Allocation of data or fragments in distributed database is a critical design issue and requires the most effort. It has the greater impact on the quality of the final solution and hence the operational efficiency of the system. Performance of the distributed database system is

Recovery and performance of atomic commit processing in distributed database systems
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A transaction is traditionally de ned so as to provide the properties of atomicity, consistency, integrity, and durability (ACID) for any operation it performs. In order to ensure the atomicity of distributed transactions, an atomic commit protocol needs to be followed by all sites

An iterative method for distributed database design
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The development of a distributed database system requires effective solutions to many complex and interrelated design problems. The cost dependencies between query optimization and data allocation on distrihuled systems are well recognized but little

Evolutionary query optimization for heterogeneous distributed database systems
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Due to new distributed database applications such as huge deductive database systems, the search complexity is constantly increasing and we need better algorithms to speedup traditional relational database queries. An optimal dynamic programming method for such

Robustness to Crash in a Distributed Database : A Non Shared-Memory Multi-Processor Approach.
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Since attention first turned to the-problem of database recovery following system crash, computer architectures have undergone considerable evolution. One direction such evolution has taken is toward fault-tolerant, highly available, distributed database systems

Horizontal fragmentation technique in distributed database
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Distributed database technology is expected to have a significant impact on data processing in the upcoming years. Todays business environment has an increasing need for distributed database and Client/server applications as the desire for consistent, scalable, reliable and

Site Autonomy Issues in R*: a Distributed Database Management System.
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A DDBMS must simplify the users task of defining applications which manipulate shared data stored at multiple computing sites, To this end, the DDBMS must supply distributed concurrency controls and transaction recovery protocols, as well as transparent access to

Incremental Data Allocation and ReAllocation in Distributed Database
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In a distributed database system, an increase in workload typically necessitates the installation of additional database servers followed by the implementation ofexpensive data reorganization strategies. We present the Partial REALLOCATE and Full REALLOCATE

A dynamic object fragmentation and replication algorithm in distributed database systems
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This paper proposes an enhancement for the ADRW algorithm to achieve dynamic fragmentation and object allocation in distributed databases. The algorithm adapts to the changing patterns of object requests with the objective to dynamically adjust the allocation CSE PROJECTS