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Doped diamond : a compact review on a new, versatile electrode material
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The present paper gives an overview on the current development status of doped- diamond electrodes for electrochemical applications. It starts with a short discussion on the different types of diamond electrodes and their preparation methods. This is followed by a summary

Petrology of a diamond and coesite-bearing metamorphic terrain: Dabie Shan, China
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The Dabie Shan Complex with the ultra-high pressure rocks is a large gneiss-granite terrain in the eastern part of the Qinling orogen in central China. It represents part of the lower continental crust of the Yangtze Plate that was subducted during the Triassic continental

Ultrananocrystalline diamond
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FIG. 1. High-resolution transmission electron micrograph, showing the structure of ultrananocrystalline diamond at the nanometer scale. UNCD consists of 2-5 nm grains of pure sp3 bonded carbon, separated by atomically abrupt (one atom wide) grain boundaries

A sensitive pyramidal- diamond tool for indentation measurements
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ABSTRACT A sensitive diamond indenting tool was developed which gives indentations of accurately measurable length in the most resistant steels with loads of less than 1 kg. It was found that the use of these light loads permits extension of indentation tests to small

Deposition of diamond -like superhard materials
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Page 1. Wilhelm Kulisch Deposition of Diamond -Like Superhard Materials With 6o Figures

NCAA, the voice of college sports: A diamond anniversary history, 1906-1981
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NCAA, the voice of college sports : a diamond anniversary history . NCAA, the voice of college sports : a diamond anniversary history, 1906-1981. Book. Ncaa: The Voice of College Sports A Diamond Anniversary History . Ncaa: The Voice of College Sports : A Diamond Anniversary

The diamond invention
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Images for The Diamond Invention The Diamond Invention has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. (aka The Diamond Invention) The Diamond Invention: Edward Jay Epstein Amazon.com Oct 10, 2012 . So we come to the diamond invention a creation, an idea that diamonds are both rare Diamond is an attractive material because of its high hardness, thermal conductivity, electrical resistance and optical transparency. Synthesis of diamond from the vapour phase decomposition , sputtering and plasma chemical vapour deposition has been the There have been several reports in recent years of the deposition of hard carbon films by the condensation of the plasma from a vacuum arc [1-4]. Three variations of the technique have been used. The first technique uses a curved magnetic field to filter macroscopic particles

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The Diamond Calibrator Models CL-9001 and CL-9002 are multi-function handheld instruments for field calibration of process signal measuring and control equipment. Designed for the process industry, the Diamond Calibrators are capable of measuring and Diamond tips are attractive tools for nanoscience because of their hardness and, when doped chemical vapor deposited (CVD) diamond is used, their electrical conductivity. In this article, devices based on CVD diamond coated silicon tips and molded diamond pyramids

Raman spectroscopy: a simple, non-destructive way to characterise diamond and diamond -like materials
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There was a point in time when diamond was considered merely as an exotic material, the principle use for which was decorating the necks, wrists and fingers of the wealthy and the famous. Wars were fought, and paid for, by the wealth generated from what is essentially just

Rapid growth of diamond films by arc discharge plasma CVD
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Diamond films have been synthesized by arc discharge plasma CVD using a hydrogen- ethanol-argon gas mixture. The growth rate of diamond films obtained was 200-250/mi/h, faster than that of other CVD methods. The obtained films were confirmed as diamond by X

Genesis of diamond : a mantle saga
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A model for the genesis of natural diamond is presented based on the physical, chemical and mineralogical properties and features of diamond . Optical studies suggest hat individual diamonds have had complex growth histories in which growth and dissolution may have Experimental research on this topic has been proceeding in various countries in parallel with this discussion. The first successful experiments with explosions in gaseous media were conducted in the USSR in 1982, and the development of such a method of synthesis The growth of diamond thin films at low pressure is a subject of both scientific and practical interest . Successful diamond film synthesis experiments typically employ hydrogen gas containing a small amount of organic material. The flowing gas mixture is raised to a very

A diamond cell for x-ray diffraction studies at high pressures
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/A. high pressure X-ray powder camera has been constructed. The instrument has been found to be useful for routine X-ray work, using molybdenum radiation, to pressures of approximately 60 kilobars. Previously repoited transitions have been observed in silver

The diamond age of spintronics
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NBROWN www. SciAm. com SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN 85 where it left off (much like handhelds today) because all the necessary programming and data would remain ready and waiting in the chip. More advanced spintronic technologies that are in the early research