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Assaying of gold jewellery Choice of technique
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Ancient man first learnt the craft of metalworking several thousand years ago, making jew ellery and other decorative artefacts from native gold and copper, well before the Bronze and Iron Ages. This native gold contained silver and other metals as impurities, but it did not

Recovery and refining of gold jewellery scraps and wastes
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The manufacture of gold jewellery will always generate scrap material, whether made by traditional techniques in a workshop or by mass manufacture in a factory. Investment casting sprues and webbing strip from stamping are two obvious examples of this, where the

Latest developments in Selective Laser Melting production of gold jewellery
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Rapid prototyping has been on the market for years and continues expanding. It has been rapidly adopted by several industrial sectors including jewellery thanks to the possibility to adapt to small batches. Its an innovative technology which allows complex geometrical

Comparison of x-ray fluorescent analysis and cupellation method for determination of gold in gold jewellery alloy
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To make jewellery of gold, gold is alloyed with other metals. It is of great importance to accurately determine the total amount of pure gold in alloys used for making the jewellery and in jewellery made of gold, because it determines its value on the market. Several

Etruscan gold jewellery : genuine, restored or pastiche
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Non-destructive elemental analysis and examination provide paramount information for authentication of gold jewellery items kept in museum collections with no reference documents. A small group of Etruscan objects from the Campanas collection, assembled in

Gold jewellery in Ptolemaic, Roman and Byzantine Egypt.
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This study deals with the gold jewellery made and worn in Egypt during the millennium between Alexander the Greats invasion of Egypt and the Arab conquest. Funerary jewellery is largely ignored as are ornaments in the traditional, older Egyptian styles. The work draws

Hallmarking in India: A Major Quality Initiative in the Largest Gold Jewellery Market in the World
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The gold market in India is predominantly a market for buying and selling physical gold and gold in the form of ornaments. In the physical gold front, in the wholesale segment, nominated agencies are the bulk importers. This market is reasonably efficient from the point

Bronze Age Syrian Gold Jewellery -Technological Innovation
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Hammering techniques are the most useful procedures of the Syrian gold jewellery , except for the few casted pieces. But hammering was not only used basically for a simple production of sheet; it has been employed with diverse methods practiced in Syria during

Empirical Investigation of the Proficiency of Selecting Partners in the Thai Fine Gold Jewellery Industry
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A strategic alliance is a mechanism for a firm to lower its costs, improve its skills, support new market entry efforts Investment casting is in all probability the most important production technique for the manufacture of gold jewellery . However, few attempts have been made to investigate systematically the fundamental principles of the process as applied for this purpose, and An important aspect of the performance of precious jewellery alloys in service is their interaction with the environment. These materials should be resistant to oxidation and tarnishing and should be chemically inert, particularly with respect to the human skin. In

Engineering approach to gold jewellery manufacture
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Performance of precious metal alloys can be usefully compared by applying engineering design theory and heat-flow properties to small-scale jewellery. The mechanical and physical properties of carat golds determine the possible processing routes and their

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Jewellers meet different types of consumers every day and they try to analyze the consumers expectations and satisfaction level while they visit to their showrooms. A study has been done to find out the jewellers opinion about gold jewellery consumers. It is found

Gold Jewellery Demand and Gold Price Volatility: A Global Perspective
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Profound changes have occurred in the gold jewellery market which has experienced a secular decline in demand over the last twenty years. Despite the apparent growth in gold jewellery demand in India and China in the previous two decades, there has been a more

A Study on the Effect of Imitation Jewellery on Real Sales of Gold Jewellery
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As per Indian culture, gold jewellery was used by both men and women to add to their glamour and charisma. Gold is considered as the most precious and invaluable metal discovered by man till date. It has been found that no other metal has fascinated this

A Preliminary Quality Survey of Gold Jewellery Sold in Trinidad and Tobago
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Due to the absence of mandatory hallmarking and assaying requirements for gold containing jewellery as well as limited published literature on the quality of gold based jewellery traded in Trinidad and Tobago, there exists the possibility of underkarating either

Decision making styles of consumers in buying gold jewellery
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INTRODUCTION king is the mental process through which a consumer chooses final cou alternative course of action. When one attempt to understa cision making, they need to understand that it is a process which starts w nition followed by search for information

White gold alloys for gold jewellery standard on nickel: limitations and possibilities
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The new revision of the European standard on nickel EN1811: 2011 will come into force on 1st April 2013. It will impose a drastic limitation on the release values, setting tighter limitations to the use of nickel in jewellery production. In this work the authors aim to provide

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As India makes rapid progress in the retail arena, the Indian gold jewellery market is undergoing a gradual metamorphosis from unorganized to organized formats. The gold jewellery business in India is estimated to beat Rs. 50,000 crores. According to the

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The Indian gems and jewellery market continues to be dominated by the Unorganized sector. There are over 2.5 million jewellery shops in India and most of them are family run. However, with the Indian customer becoming more Aware and quality conscious, gold