distributed computing research papers 2012-102

JSMapReduce-Distributed Computing with Web Clients and LAMP
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P Langhans ,2012 ,pms.ifi.lmu.de
Abstract Due to the technological progress in the development of storage media, increasing
capabilities in the automated data collection and new algorithms for information retrieval and
correlation recognition, both the amount of data as well as the complexity of analyzing 

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Abstract The ATLAS Experiment benefits from computing resources distributed worldwide at
more than 100 WLCG sites. The ATLAS Grid sites provide over 100k CPU job slots, over 100
PB of storage space on disk or tape. Monitoring of status of such a complex infrastructure 

 Overview of Scheduling Tasks in Distributed Computing Systems
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OM Elzeki, MZ Rashad, MA Elsoud ,International Journal of Soft Computing – ijsce.org
Abstract—Distributed System is large scale computing environment that includes many
subscribed resources to perform tasks more rapidly, stability, accuracy and availability.
Nowadays, grid computing and cloud computing are widely common available distributed 

 An Optimal Task Allocation Model through Clustering with Inter-Processor Distances in Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Systems
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M Sharma, H Kumar, D Garg ,International Journal of Soft Computing – ijsce.org
Abstract—Distributed computing systems (DCS) are of current interest due to the
advancement of microprocessor technology and computers networks. It consists of multiple
computing nodes that communicate with each other by message passing mechanism. 

 Network Services for High Performance Distributed Computing and Data Management
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Keywords: high performance distributed computing and data management, high throughput
networks, network services, science use of networks Much of modern science is dependent
on high performance distributed computing and data handling. This distributed 

 The Turing O-Machine and the DIME Network Architecture: Injecting the Architectural Resiliency into Distributed Computing
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Abstract Turing’s o-machine discussed in his PhD thesis can perform all of the usual
operations of a Turing machine and in addition, when it is in a certain internal state, can also
query an oracle for an answer to a specific question that dictates its further evolution. In his 

 CPU Utilization Control System In Distributed Computing
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CK Low, TF Ang, TC Ling, KK Phang, LY Por
Abstract—Distributed computing system has been used as a tool to solve many large-scale
parallel computational problems. However, due to the heterogeneity of the resources as well
as applications, most of the dependent parallel tasks are not able to complete at the same 

 D 2 T: Doubly Distributed Transactions for High Performance and Distributed Computing
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Abstract—Current exascale computing projections suggest rather than a monolithic
simulation running for the majority of the machine, a collection of components comprising
the scientific discovery process will be employed in an online workflow. This move to an 

 Enabling Automated Deployment for Cluster Computing in Distributed PC Classrooms
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ST Wang, YC Chen, HY Chang
Abstract—The rapid improvement of the microprocessor and network has made it possible
for the PC cluster to compete with conventional supercomputers. Lots of high throughput
type of applications can be satisfied by using the current desktop PCs, especially for those 

 A Situated Model and Architecture for Distributed Activity-Based Computing
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ABSTRACT In this position paper, we introduce the situated activity model, an activity theory
informed activity-based computing (ABC) model that unites the description of activity and
situated contexts into one computational model. By introducing a unified activity model, we 

 Distributed Declarative Computing
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Abstract—In this paper we present a general framework for the specification and analysis of
declarative distributed computing applications using Answer Set Programming solvers. We
first provide an operational semantics of a single computational node, based on Datalog 

 Trust Measurements Yeld Distributed Decision Support in Cloud Computing
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes the creation of a trust model to ensure the reliable files
exchange between the users of a private cloud. To validate the proposed model, a
simulation environment with the tool CloudSim was used. Its use to run the simulations of 

 Cloud Computing in Distributed System
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MH Nerkar, SV Shinkar
Abstract-Cloud Computing as an Internet-based computing; where resources, software and
information are provided to computers on-demand, like a public utility; is emerging as a
platform for sharing resources like infrastructure, software and various applications. The 

 Distributed Reliable Computing Formulations of Neuronal Receptive-Field Weights
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MD Arminda ,Mathematical Modeling and Computational Topics in ,biocomp.unina.it
ABSTRACT Receptive fields of retinal and other sensory neurons show a large variety of
spatiotemporal linear and non linear types of responses to local stimuli. In visual neurons,
these responses present either asymmetric sensitive zones or center-surround 

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AG Delavar, M Javanmard, MB Shabestari, MK Talebi
ABSTRACT In this paper we will present a reliable scheduling algorithm in cloud computing
environment. In this algorithm we create a new algorithm by means of a new technique and
with classification and considering request and acknowledge time of jobs in a qualification 

 Distributed Virtual Private Disk for Cloud Computing
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M Zola ,dott-informatica.campusnet.unito.it
In recent years a new technological paradigm has emerged in the computer science
research community. This trend is referred to as Cloud Computing, a term that relates to past
concepts while introduces new advantages and new research challenges. The definition 

 Effective Distributed Parallel Scheduling Methodology for Mobile Cloud computing
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H Yamauchi, K Kurihara, T Otomo, Y Teranishi ,sasimi.jp
Abstract–There is a category of the device such as mobile phones and the sensor devices. If
each device is considered as a node, these devices will be considered to be a distributed
parallel processing system. It is defined as Mobile Cloud computing (MC). The 

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