distributed computing research papers 2012

Reconciling fault-tolerant distributed computing and systems-on-chip
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M Függer, U Schmid  Distributed Computing, 2012 ,Springer
Abstract Classic distributed computing abstractions do not match well the reality of digital
logic gates, which are the elementary building blocks of Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) and other
Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits: Massively concurrent, continuous 

Independent-Trajectory Thermodynamic Integration: a practical guide to protein-drug binding free energy calculations using distributed computing.
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Abstract The Independent-Trajectory Thermodynamic Integration (IT-TI) approach for free
energy calculation with distributed computing is described. IT-TI utilizes diverse
conformational sampling obtained from multiple, independent simulations to obtain more 

Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems
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M Gerla, FG Tinetti, SG Ziavras ,2012 ,journal.info.unlp.edu.ar
Purpose Exploring parallelism and concurrency is an efficient way of sharing interconnected
processing and data resources to speed up time critical computation, lower costs of design
and production, increase profit, create a better business environment, and improve 

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The distributed computing area includes henceforth mobile systems (ie, cellular and ad-hoc
networks, peerto-peer systems, mobile virtual reality and cooperative robotics). The classic
models and solutions are not adapted to mobile world’s hence new models; new problems 

Advancements in Distributed Computing and Internet Technologies: Trends and Issues
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Includes bibliographical references and index. Summary:This book compiles recent
research trends and practical issues in the fields of distributed computing and Internet
technologies, providing advancements on emerging technologies that aim to support the 

 Stone Age Distributed Computing
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Networks are at the core of many scientific areas, be it social sciences (where networks for
instance model human relations), logistics (eg traffic), or electrical engineering (eg circuits).
Distributed computing is the area that studies the power and limitations of distributed 

 The Study On Load Balancing Strategies In Distributed Computing System
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MF Ali, RZ Khan ,2012
ABSTRACT A number of load balancing algorithms were developed in order to improve the
execution of a distributed application in any kind of distributed architecture. Load balancing
involves assigning tasks to each processor and minimizing the execution time of the 

 Large-scale distributed computing systems Lecture 3
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J Montagnat ,2012 ,anubis.polytech.unice.fr
In push mode (eg Condor), the scheduler has to be able to open communication with the
pilot jobs (or use a com. broker) Security is tricky (whose job is ran by the pilot?) System
administrators do not like pilots so much (although users just love them)

Simulated annealing with coarse graining and distributed computing
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A Pedersen, JC Berthet, H Jónsson , Parallel and Scientific Computing, 2012 ,Springer
EON is a software package that uses distributed computing, systematic coarse graining and
bookkeeping of minima and first order saddle points too speed up adaptive kinetic Monte
Carlo simulations. It can be used to optimize continuously differentiable functions of a 

 Reliable Clustering Model for Enhancing Processors Throughput in Distributed ComputingSystem
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A Raii, V Kapoor ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT A distributed computing system is the system architecture that makes a
collection of heterogeneous computers, workstations, or servers act and behave as a single
computing system. In such a computing environment, users can uniformly access and 

 Computer Architecture and Algorithms for High Performance Computing through Pa-rallel and Distributed Processing
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PVS Reddy ,2012 ,sites.google.com
Abstract—There is a very high need of High Performance Computing (HPC) in Many
applications like space science to Artificial Intelligence. HPC shall be achieved through
Parallel and Distributed Computing. In this paper, Parallel and Distributed algorithms are 

 Efficient Clustering Model for Utilization of Processor’s Capacity in Distributed ComputingSystem
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A Raii, V Kapoor ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT Distributed Computing System (DCS) computing plays an important role in
computing world where processing load is distributed for computational efficiencies. DCS
are designed to facilitate the sharing of resources as well as to reduce communication 

 Duplication based List Scheduling in Heterogeneous Distributed Computing
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RS Singh, AK Tripathi, S Saurabh ,IJCA Proceedings on , 2012
ABSTRACT Whenever tasks of an application are scheduled in Heterogeneous Distributed
Computing environment, idle slots on processors are efficiently utilized to minimize the
overall running time. Since task assignment problem has been proved to be NP-complete 

Fast Layout Processing Methodologies for Scalable Distributed Computing Applications
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C Kang, J Shin, B Durvasula ,Proceedings , 2012 ,proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org
ABSTRACT As the feature size shrinks to sub-20nm, more advanced OPC technologies
such as ILT and the new lithographic resolution by EUV become the key solutions for device
fabrication. These technologies leads to the file size explosion of up to hundreds of 

 The Parallel Expectation Maximization Algorithm: Novel Ideas in Distributed Iterative StatisticalComputing
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G DePalma, S Srivastava, C Liu ,2012 ,stat.purdue.edu
Abstract Modern distributed computing architectures that facilitate storage of massive data
(distributed data) on multiple machines are becoming increasingly prevalent. In these
distributed computing environments, the statistical algorithms and procedures can access 

Distributed computing with prokaryotic immune systems
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Summary: We propose the in vivo/vitro use of prokaryotic adaptive immune systems for
distributed learning. In the coming years synthetic biologists will learn to control, program,
and modify such systems. We design an enhancement to CRISPR-Cas immune systems 

 A distributed computing framework for mobile devices based on SCALA actors.
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PAMR Cherix ,2012 ,isi.hevs.ch
Abstract With the processing power available on modern mobile devices, it becomes
increasingly interesting to harvest this power for distributed computations. In this context, we
developed a programming framework based on SCALA actors that runs on the Android 

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M Kozlovszky, K Karoczkai, I Marton, A Balasko ,Computer , 2012 ,csci.agh.edu.pl
Abstract Solving workflow management system’s Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI)
incompatibility and their workflow interoperability issues are very challenging and complex
tasks. Workflow management systems (and therefore their workflows, workflow developers 

 A Priority based Dynamic Load Balancing Approach in a Grid based Distributed ComputingNetwork
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S Kumar, N Singhal ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT Load balancing in grid based distributed computing environment increases the
availability and scalability of entire system. Dynamic load balancing has the potential to
perform better than static load balancing, but they are inevitably more complex. The 

 Research program:Theories of computations for continuous systems. Applications to models of computations, to distributed computing, and to algorithmic
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first present theories of computations for continuous systems, and their various motivations.
I then present some examples of systems on which I already worked. I then describe some
results of my own going in the direction of this research program. Finally, I present four 

 Home assignment VT 2012: Distributed Computing, Peer-to-Peer and GRIDS-ID2210
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Task Four: Optimize the construction of your overlay in T-Man or Scribe by using a library
that gives you the following services: given 2 IP addresses, it will return the average distance
between those IP addresses in number of Autonomous Systems (AS) hops. For example, 

 Review of the Distributed Computing and EMR: Can EDI Solve the Problem?
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PB Kalode, S Khan ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT The impact of distributed computing in healthcare is just beginning to be
realized. The goal of wide scale integration of electronic medical records while meeting
stringent security, confidentiality and privacy requirements for the patient is a grand- 

Achieving Real-Time in Distributed Computing: From Grids to Clouds
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DP Kyriazis, TA Varvarigou, K Konstanteli ,2012 ,users.ntua.gr
ABSTRACT With the advent of Service Oriented Architectures, more applications are built in
a distributed manner based on loose coupled services. In this context, Workflow
Management Systems play an important role as they are the means to both define the 

 Task Allocation for Minimizing Cost of Distributed Computing Systems Using Genetic Algorithms
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AY Hamed ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract The problem of the task allocation in distributed computing system is to need to
allocate a number of tasks to different processors for execution. In this paper we present a
genetic algorithm, considering DCS with heterogeneous processors in order to achieve