edge detection method research papers

Left ventricular ejection and filling rate measurement based on the automatic edge detection method of ECG-gated blood pool single-photon emission tomography
T Higuchi, J Taki, K Nakajima, S Kinuya ,Annals of nuclear , 2004 ,Springer
Abstract The objective of the present investigation was to determine the feasibility of
assessing left ventricular systolic ejection and diastolic filling via the automatic edge
detection method employing ECG-gated blood pool single-photon emission tomography (

A method of coding television signals based on edge detection
B Julesz ,Bell Sys. Tech. J, 1959 ,alcatel-lucent.com
A method is described for transmitting digitalized video signals to reduce channel capacity
from that needed for standard PCM. This method takes advantage of the inability of the
human eye to notice the exact amplitude and shape of short brightness transients. The 

Edge detection method of remote sensing images based on mathematical morphology of multi-structure elements
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H Lin, P Du, C Zhao ,Chinese Geographical Science, 2004 ,Springer
Abstract This paper puts forward an effective, specific algorithm for edge detection. Based on
multi-structure elements of gray mathematics morphology, in the light of difference between
noise and edge shape of RS images, the paper establishes multi-structure elements to 

New method for edge detection and de noising via fuzzy cellular automata
K Mirzaei, H Motameni ,Int. J. Phys. Sci, 2011 ,academicjournals.org
In this article, a new method is presented for eliminating noise and for detecting image
edges through the use of fuzzy cellular automata. The algorithm based on the proposed
method is used for edge detection in Gray level images and for noise elimination in 

One-sided post-processing for the discontinuous Galerkin method using ENO type stencil choosing and the local edge detection method
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R Archibald, A GelbJournal of Scientific Computing, 2006 ,Springer
In a previous paper by Ryan and Shu [Ryan, JK, and Shu, C.-W.(2003).\ hboxMethods Appl.
Anal. 10 (2), 295–307], a one-sided post-processing technique for the discontinuous
Galerkin method was introduced for reconstructing solutions near computational 

Hybrid image thresholding method using edge detection
F Samopa ,IJCSNS, 2009 ,paper.ijcsns.org
Summary The main disadvantage of traditional global thresholding techniques is that they
do not have an ability to exploit information of the characteristics of target images that they
threshold. In this paper, we propose a hybrid thresholding method that combines the P-tile 

A sophisticated edge detection method for muscle biopsy image analysis
P Tzekis, A Papastergiou, A Hatzigaida ,Procedings of 7th , 2007 ,wseas.us
Abstract: Muscle biopsy image morphometric analysis provides valuable diagnostic
information to expert clinicians. Subsequently, there is an indispensable need to support
muscle fiber morphometry with computer-aided automated systems that require no user 

A robust sub-pixel edge detection method of infrared image based on tremor-based retinal receptive field model
K Gao, H Yang, X Chen ,Proceedings of SPIE, the , 2008 ,
ABSTRACT Because of complex thermal objects in an infrared image, the prevalent image
edge detection operators are often suitable for a certain scene and extract too wide edges
sometimes. From a biological point of view, the image edge detection operators work 

Analysis of sea surface temperature fronts in the Taiwan Strait and its adjacent area using an advanced edge detection method
QL Pi ,SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences, 2010 ,Springer
Abstract A morphology-based edge detection method has been used to study sea surface
temperature (SST) fronts in the Taiwan Strait and its adjacent area. The method is based on
mathematical morphology with multi-dimensional and multi-structural elements. Using six 

A method for choosing reference images based on edge detection for video compression
M Benabdellah, M Gharbi, N Lamouri ,Proceedings de The , 2006 ,eurasip.org
Abstract—In this work, we propose carrying out tests on the encoding sequence of a video
sequence to improve data flow and average PSNR. We experiment with the choice of
reference images, in the process of video compression, by using only the intra and 

A phase field method for joint denoising, edge detection, and motion estimation in image sequence processing
T Preusser, M Droske, CS Garbe ,SIAM Journal on , 2008 ,iwi.eldoc.ub.rug.nl
Abstract. The estimation of optical flow fields from image sequences is incorporated in a
Mumford–Shah approach for image denoising and edge detection. Possibly noisy image
sequences are considered as input and a piecewise smooth image intensity, a piecewise