edge detection method

edge detection method

An Analog VLSI, Scale Invariant Method for Edge Detection
FREE DOWNLOAD A simple technique for detecting adjustable contrast in a visual scene is presented. The circuit elements can be used to detect contrast in any array of sensors or processing elements where spatial relationships among neighboring elements define contrast or the

A method of edge detection using small world cellular neural network
FREE DOWNLOAD M Nakano , Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its ,nlab.ee.tokushima-u.ac.jp ABSTRACT A few years ago, Tsuruta et al. have proposed Small World Cellular Neural Networks (SWCNN). SWCNN is the system that shortcut connections are introduced into the original CNN and can be applied to some image processing tasks. We have investigated

Inverse scattering and edge detection: the threshold problem for the linear sampling method
FREE DOWNLOAD  from unige.it ABSTRACT The linear sampling method is a fast inversion technique for visualizing the profile of a scatterer from measurements of the far-field pattern. The mathematical result at the basis of this method is that, given a spatial grid of points covering the scatterer, for each grid

Edge detection method by Tikhonov regularization
FREE DOWNLOAD  from graphicon.ru ABSTRACT Image restoration is one of the classical inverse problems in image processing and computer vision, which consists in recovering information about the original image from incomplete or degraded data. This paper presents analytical solution for onedimensional

Detecting Object Using Combination of Sharpening and Edge Detection Method
FREE DOWNLOAD  from eepis-its.edu ABSTRACT Object detection is one of the most important preprocessing steps in object recognition and identification systems. This can be done by searching and indexing still image or video containing object in various size, position and background. This paper

A speed adaptive ego-motion detection system using edge-histograms produced by variable graduation method
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT An ego-motion detection system has been developed, where edge features are extracted from an image and analyzed to detect any motion from the camera holder instead of using the conventional method of comparing pixel intensities. Such edge-based feature

FREE DOWNLOAD  from unitbv.ro ABSTRACT In this paper we present a method for detecting edges in grayscale images. The method is based on the use of a fuzzy classifier. The difference between our method and other similar methods is the use of a morphological operation to thin the obtained edges.

A Cellular Automatic Method for the Edge Detection of Images This paper present a cellular automaton (CA) based diffusion model and its application in the edge detection of images. The CA-based diffusion model consists of a regular lattice of cells with local state. These cells interact with their neighbors subject to a uniform rule

A novel method for pushing the limits of line edge roughness detection by scatterometry
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Fluctuations in the line edge of lithographic features, termed line edge roughness (LER) always exist. At 32 nm line width (and below), LER can be a significant fraction of the feature dimensions. LER can be simply detected by AFM or SEM techniques

New method for fast image edge detection based on subband decomposition
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT A new method of detection the edges of an image is presented in this article. The method uses a kind of twodimensional subband spectrum analysis (2D-SSA) filter that is based on subband decomposition, and it is very convenient to get the edge frequency

Scene Break DetectionClassification of Digital Video Sequences Using the Method ofEdge Detection
FREE DOWNLOAD G GORMLEY ,csce.uark.edu ABSTRACT This document describes the edge detection algorithm developed to detect shot boundaries in digital video sequences using the method of edge detection. It details the operation of the algorithm, the extent to which the program is working, test results, all

Edge Detection Method for Image Segmentation–A Survey of Soft Computing Approaches
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT soft Computing is an emerging field that consists of complementary elements of fuzzy logic, neural computing and evolutionary computation. Soft computing techniques have found wide applications. One of the most important applications is edge detection for

A New Edge Detection Method for Oil Slick Infrared Aerial Image
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Edge detection technology of oil spills image on the sea is one of most key technologies to monitor oil spills on the sea. This paper presents a new method to detect continuous and closed edges of oil slick infrared (IR) aerial images on the sea. The

A New Edge Detection Method Based on Threshold Binarization
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT The most fundamental features of a digital image are the edges of objects. The edge detection method s reliability and accuracy will affect directly on the comprehension machine vision system. Several edge detectors have been developed in the past decades

A new image edge detection method inspired from biological visual cortex
FREE DOWNLOAD Page 1. A New Image Edge Detection Method Inspired from Biological Visual Cortex ZUOJIN LI College of Electronic and Information Chongqing University of Science and Technology Chongqing University City, Shapingba District, Chongqing People s Republic of China


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