effect of use of solar powered plant

Solar desalination with humidification–dehumidification cycle: Review of economics
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S Al-Hallaj, S Parekh, MM Farid, JR Selman ,Desalination, 2006 ,Elsevier
 m 3 d –1 . Applying the proposed model, distillate costs for a solar powered plant along the 
Enhanced heat transfer coefficients were found only with entrance region effects and not used
in the  be reduced by using less expensive fuels, higher GOR values, and the use of solar 

Potential of solar desalination in Israel and in its close vicinity
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D Sagie, E Feinerman, E Aharoni ,Desalination, 2001 ,Elsevier
 Coast and in the Middle East choose to use RES to generate electricity first, and then use this
electricity  The effects of storage and fuel cost are presented  Applying the present model distillate
cost for such a solar powered plant along the Red Sea coast is about $1.2/m 3 for solar 

Economic feasibility of alternative designs of a PV-RO desalination unit for remote areas in the United Arab Emirates
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 Nevertheless, this cost can be reduced through incentives to encourage the use of solar  Powered
plant – Scenario #1 Fully diesel – Powered plant – Scenario # 2 Fully solar – Powered plant –
Scenario # 3  powered reverse osmosis in a remote area of Table 5 Effect of interest 

Surface reflectance and conversion efficiency dependence of technologies for mitigating global warming
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 The overall effects of feedback may be accommodated by including a feedback multiplier, F, in
the equations for dT S . Thus  E /e. Here the waste heat exhausted in the cooling towers and the
heat resulting from end uses of the  For a solar powered plant only the last term is used. 

Wastewater aerosols and health risks
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DV Feliciano ,Journal (Water Pollution Control Federation), 1979 ,JSTOR
 Hexachlorocyclopentadiene is considered to be toxic and has been shown to have liver, kidney,
and brain effects on animals. In a related situation, Elia from the University of Cincinnati described
a spill from a manufacturer that produces and uses several chlorinated organic 

The successful use of VRLA batteries in solar telecommunications applications
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JM Hawkins, LO Barling , Energy Conference, 1997. INTELEC , 1997
 Provision of solar-powered plant is now considered a mature technology and is capable of
providing the  the context of the trial, a level of confidence about the beneficial use of selected  0
This approach provides a means to help gauge the effect of the more regular intervention 

 Solar application of TopSpool gas turbine concept
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JSE Carmona ,kth.diva-portal.org
 cycle currently provides the highest efficiency of thermal power generation with efficiencies of
up or close to 60%, making the most use of the  This aspect makes it very difficult for a combined
cycle to serve totally solar powered plant because the idea of a combined cycle is to 

Performance characteristics of packed bed thermal energy storage for solar thermal power plants
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KG Allen ,2010 ,scholar.sun.ac.za
 rocks were also thermally cycled 125 times in an oven without breaking apart, and may
be suitable for use as thermal  schematic of proposed SUNSPOT cycle (Fluri, 2009; partly
based on Quaschning et al., 2002).2 Figure 2: Effect of stone size 

Raising Risk: Desalination as a Maladaptive Climate Strategy in the Water Sector
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J McEvoy, M Wilder ,icid18.org
 supply system, it is important to note the environmental impacts including the direct impact of
the  Once the decision to use desalinated water is taken, an urban growth limit and/or  with both
coal and nuclear powered desalination, the option of a solar-powered plant should be 

 Evapotranspirative Tree Caps: Research prototype results, full-scale case histories, and possible future designs
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PE Louis Licht, SA Rock ,ww.w.ecolotree.com
 Such a forthcoming design will use all the technology and past experience to craft a  cover,
including making repairs to the cover as necessary to correct the effects of settlement  The solar
powered plant pumps reduce electrical power needs, the mature phyto site will require no