mems-micro electro mechanical system research papers 2012

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ABSTRACT A novel RF MEMS switch design and fabrication in broad frequency band for
reconfigurable circuits like Phase Shifters, tunable antennas, filters, switching matrix and
Phased array applications has been presented in this study. This switch was designed for 

 Positioning of a MEMS Linear Motor Utilizing a Thin Film Permanent Magnet
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R Fujiwara, T Shinshi, M Uehara ,Proceeding of 16TH , 2012 ,
Abstract—A high performance Nd2Fe14B/Ta thin film permanent magnet, which not only has
a high remnant flux density and a high coercive force similar to those of a conventional
sintered Nd2Fe14B magnet, but also has a high heat tolerance, was developed. Using the 

A new S-shaped MEMS PZT cantilever for energy harvesting from low frequency vibrations below 30 Hz
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H Liu, C Lee, T Kobayashi, CJ Tay, C Quan ,Microsystem technologies, 2012 ,Springer
Abstract In this paper, a new S-shaped piezoelectric PZT cantilever is microfabricated for
scavenging vibration energy at low frequencies (< 30 Hz) and low accelerations (< 0.4g).
The maximum voltage and normalized power are 42 mV and 0.31 µW g- 2, respectively,

 Estimating MEMS Gyroscope G-Sensitivity Errors in Foot Mounted Navigation
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JB Bancroft, G Lachapelle ,Nonlinearity (ppm), 2012 ,
Abstract—Errors in gyroscope measurements due to linear accelerations are often
overlooked in foot mounted navigation systems. Accelerations of foot mounted IMUs can
reach 5 g while walking and 10 g while running, but vary depending on the sensors 

 Analysis of RF MEMS Capacitive Switch based on a Fixed-Fixed Beam Structure
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D Verma, A Kaushik ,Analysis, 2012
ABSTRACT RF MEMS has evolved over the past decade and it has emerged as a potential
technology for wireless, mobile and satellite communication and defence applications. RF
MEMS provides an opportunity to revolutionize the wireless communication. This paper 

Measurement of Rheological Fluid Properties using MEMS
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I Dufour, A Darwiche, E Lemaire, B Caillard ,Nanospain , 2012 ,
Abstract The classical way to measure the rheological properties of fluids is either to use a
viscometer (involving a falling or rolling ball) or a rheometer (utilizing the rotational motion of
a cone/plate or Couette flow). Whereas viscometers can only characterize the viscous 

Theory and design of a MEMS-enabled diffraction limited adaptive optical zoom system
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MEL Jungwirth, DV Wick ,Proceedings of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) deformable mirrors are known for
their ability to correct optical aberrations, particularly when the wavefront is expanded via
Zernike polynomials. This capability is combined with adaptive optical zoom to enable 

 Optical Interrogation of a Pressure Sensor Fabricated Using MEMS Technology.
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B Dhingra, K Thyagarajan, S Chandra , International Workshop on , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT An optical MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) pressure sensor fabricated
using bulk silicon micromachining techniques and tested using single wavelength
interrogation technique is presented here. The sensor described here was designed for 

 MEMS Deformable Mirrors: Technology and Applications
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A Gupta, R Singh, MCS Kumar, AK Meena ,16th International Workshop , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The micromachined deformable or adaptive mirrors are being used in modern
optical systems for astronomical imaging, laser-based communications and biomedical
imaging. Deformable mirror fabricated using MEMS technology is a low cost, compact 

Design and simulation of a thermo transfer type MEMS based micro flow sensor for arterial blood flow measurement
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KK Mistry, A Mahapatra ,Microsystem technologies, 2012 ,Springer
Abstract Thermo transfer type MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) based micro flow
sensing device have promising potential to solve the limitation of implantable arterial blood
flow rate monitoring. The present paper emphasizes on modeling and simulation of MEMS 

 A clean sweep for MEMS-VCSELs
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V Jayaraman, GD Cole, M Robertson ,Electronics , 2012 ,
MEMS-VCSELs have been reported in this issue of Electronics Letters by collaborating
researchers in the US. Optimised specifically for swept-source optical coherence
tomography (SS-OCT) applications, these MEMS-VCSELs can also be continuously tuned 

Polyimide/SU-8 catheter-tip MEMS gauge pressure sensor
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W Hasenkamp, D Forchelet, K Pataky, J Villard ,Biomedical , 2012 ,Springer
Abstract This paper describes the development of a polyimide/SU-8 catheter-tip MEMS
gauge pressure sensor. Finite element analysis was used to investigate critical parameters,
impacting on the device design and sensing characteristics. The sensing element of the 

A high-speed, bimodal, CMOS-MEMS resonant scanner driven by temperature-gradient actuators
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ABSTRACT This work reports the experimental validation of a novel one-dimensional
microscanner. The composite cantilever device implements thermoelastic resonant
actuation using temperature gradients induced across two frequency-selective directions 

 Design and characterization of a 3D MEMS VOA driven by hybrid electromagnetic and electrothermal actuation mechanisms
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Abstract By using a CMOS compatible process technology, a MEMS variable optical
attenuator (VOA) is characterized in terms of actuation mechanisms. A dual-fiber collimator
is aligned perpendicularly to the micromirror in a three-dimensional (3D) free space 

 Design and mathematical model of a ZnO-based MEMS acoustic sensor
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ABSTRACT The paper presents the design and mathematical model of a ZnO-based MEMS
acoustic sensor. The structure consists with a 3.0 µm thick piezoelectric ZnO layer
sandwiched between a pair of aluminum electrodes on a 30 µm thick silicon diaphragm. 

 Microscopy and Spectroscopy Analysis of Mems Corrosion Used in the Electronics Industry of the Baja California Region, Mexico
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GL Badilla, BV Salas, MS Wiener, CRN González ,2012 ,
MEMS are very important devices used in the electronic industry of the northwest of Mexico
where are located Mexicali as arid zone and Tijuana as marine region. In boths enviroments
the humidty and temperature are factors which have influence in the operation of these 

 Tailoring diffraction-induced light distribution toward controllable fabrication of suspended C-MEMS
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H Long, S Xi, D Liu, T Shi, Q Xia, S Liu, Z Tang ,Opt. Express, 2012 ,
Abstract: A simple and controllable method is proposed to fabricate suspended three-
dimensional carbon microelectromechanical systems (CMEMS) structures by tailoring
diffraction-induced light distribution in photolithography process. An optical model is set 

 Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) Technology
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SR Karumuri, KG Sravani ,Archives of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Over the last decade Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) have evoked
great interest in the scientific and engineering communities. They are formed by integration
of electronic and mechanical components at micron level. They have several substantive 

 FEA in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Applications: A Micromachined Spatial Light Modulator (µSLM)
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H Ren, J Yao ,2012 ,
Since the Nobel Prize winner, Richard Feynman gave the presentation there is plenty of
room at the bottom[1], a variety of micromachined sensors, actuators, and systems have
emerged and made encouraging progress in the past 50 years, based on technological 

 High-Q integrated CMOS-MEMS resonators with deep-submicrometer gaps and quasi-linear frequency tuning
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WC Chen, W Fang, SS Li ,Journal of microelectromechanical , 2012 ,
Abstract—Integrated CMOS-MEMS free–free beam resonators using pull-in mechanism to
enable deep-submicrometer electrodeto-resonator gap spacing without interference in their
mechanical boundary conditions (BCs) have been demonstrated simultaneously with low 

 Performance Study of RF MEMS Ohmic Series Switch
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S Jain, D Chechi, P Chawla ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract: Most of the MEMS switch designer uses different software tools such as COMSOL,
ANSYS, COVENTORWARE etc. for electromechanical modeling of these switches. The
various results for RF MEMS resistive series switches using software tools Coventorware 

 Design of MEMS Accelerometer based Acceleration Measurement System for Automobiles
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KA Venkatesh, N Mathivanan ,MEASUREMENT SCIENCE , 2012
Design of an acceleration measurement system using a MEMS accelerometer to measure
acceleration of automobiles in all the three axes is presented. Electronic stability control and
anti-lock breaking systems in automobiles use the acceleration measurements to offer

 Integrated MEMS: OpportunitiesChallenges
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PJ French, PM Sarro ,2012 ,
For almost 50 years, silicon sensors and actuators have been on the market. Early devices
were simple stand-alone sensors and some had wide commercial success. There have
been many examples of success stories for simple silicon sensors, such as the Hall plate 

Design and Simulation of RF MEMS SPST shunt and SPDT shunt-shunt switches for X-band and Ku-band applications
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MK Lenka, A Sharma, J Sharma ,Proc. of SPIE , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT This paper describes the design and simulation of RF MEMS SPST shunt and
SPDT shunt-shunt switches with modified coplanar waveguide (CPW) configuration for X-
band and Ku-band applications exhibiting high isolation and low insertion loss. By