electrical vehicle charging


Reactive power support of electrical vehicle charging station upgraded with flywheel energy storage system
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Electrical vehicles (EVs) are presenting increasingly potential to replace the conventional fossil fuel based vehicles due to environmental friendly characteristic. Accordingly, Charging Stations (CS), as an intermediate between grid and large numbers of EVs, are supposed to

Computational dosimetry for wireless charging of an electrical vehicle
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Recent advances in wireless power transmission have enabled various new applications, one of which is wireless charging of an electrical vehicle . In this application, electric power is wirelessly transmitted using strong electromagnetic fields from a coil located on the ground

A Development of Electrical Vehicle Charging System Using Wireless Power Transfer
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Wireless power transfer is a method of transferring electrical energy from power source to electrical load without any wire connections. It is used to supply the power on electrical devices without any physical connection except air as the medium transfer. In this paper, the

Smart grids as common-pool resources: managing electrical vehicle charging through evolving institutions
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Urban population is responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Consequently, citizens hold the key to mitigate these emissions. The mitigation strategy that citizens are increasingly becoming involved in, is the adaption of renewable energy sources

Electrical vehicle wireless charging technology based on Energy Internet application in China
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In response to global climate change as well as seeNing for sustainable development, Electrical Vehicle (EV) is growing fast these years. During the new Energy Internet development era, EV will develop as one of the most important linN between power system

Overview of currently used wireless electrical vehicle charging solutions
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This article describes the current systems for wireless electrical vehicles charging available for use and ideas how to improve efficiency of them, differences between active and passive (static) contactless charging and also institutions and companies which work on

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LEVEL 1 Level 1 chargers are smaller units that plug directly into standard 120- volt receptacle outlets. These types of chargers typically require a longer period of time to recharge a vehicle . If the receptacle outlet used to plug in the Level 1 charger is existing, building permits

Optimal Decentralized Protocol for Electrical Vehicle Charging
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A value-filling charging profile is optimal (Proved) Optimal charging profiles exist if feasible charging profiles exist (Proved) Valley filling is not always achievable (deep valley of D (t), different EV deadlines) There can be a class of optimal charging profiles, independent of

Control of Flywheel Energy Storage Systems in Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations
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Growing environmental awareness and strong political impetus have resulted in plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) becoming ever more attractive means of transportation. They are expected to have a significant impact to the overall loading of future distribution networks

Ideal site selection of fast electrical vehicle charging stations within urban environments: A GIS-AHP approach
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An Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Monitoring Embedded Design
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With the growing use of Electrical Vehicles (EV), the need for an efficient way of charging EVs is necessary. Although more companies and stores are equipping their parking areas with charging stations there is a necessary charging infrastructure needed as more EV

Electrical Vehicle Charging Under Two Types of Steering Signals With a Lower Bound
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The increasing use of electrical vehicles and other large electric loads these days is causing a substantial increase of power consumption within the local distribution grid. Conventional reinforcements are expensive, so to alleviate the expected problems within the distribution

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ABSTRACT In This Paper various methods of non contacting Plug-In Electric Vehicle charging types are discussed. They are either under development or now deployed as flexible aftermarket options in the Light-Duty automotive market. Wireless power transfer

Charging series hybrid electrical vehicle Traction battery with design of DC/DC converter
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This paper presents the design of DC to DC converter for charging the traction battery of the series hybrid electrical vehicle . To design a Dc to DC converter for high power applications size, losses and cost of the components are very important. Considering this factors, a

Modeling of a DC-DC converter Interfacing Ultra-capacitor in Electrical Vehicle , operating in charging mode and power management
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Thi s paper is di vi ded int wo part s Several. The first part presents a novel modeling of dual active bridge converter interfacing ultracapacitor in electrical vehicle , operating in charging mode, using the eteady state equations. The optimal energy control is studied and si ul at ed