motor fault detection

A Case Study of Fault Detection and Protection of Three-Phase Induction Motor
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Induction motors are used in many industrial applications as they have simple constructed and have low production costs. Induction motors are used more due to their certain advantages such as versatility, dependability and economy, good self-starting capability

Microprocessor based Digital Motor Protection Relay Model for Different Fault Conditions
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This paper presents the modeling of an motor protection relay hardware circuit. The relay has the features of instantaneous, time definite and inverse definite minimum time (IDMT) characteristics and this motor protection relay model is incorporated in the test case. The

Fault Detection and Protection of Induction Motor by Real Time Monitoring and Controlling of the Motor Parameters
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In this study, an fault detection and protection system is developed for the driver parameters of three phase asynchronous motors by using SCADA and PLC. As the fundamental units in the developed system, as asynchronous motor , frequency converter, PLC (Programmable

Protection Method against Induction Motor Single-Phasing Fault
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The purpose of this paper is to derive the working induction motor equation with sudden single-phasing condition and to offer a solution to this problem. A review of dynamic equation of the induction motor in the stationary reference frame was done, and from these This issue of IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS is available on the World Wide Web. Access will be limited to members of the IEEE Industry Applications Society and other subscribers. Members may subscribe to the traditional printed copy of

Reviews on Methods of Fault Detection and Protection of Induction Motor
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Fault detection for induction motors is a wide subject of research. Several fault detection methods have been developed and effectively applied to detect machine faults at different stages by using different machine variables, such as current, voltage, speed, temperature

Fault Detection, Indication Protection of Induction Motor by Several Modified Techniques
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The main aim of this paper is to detect, indicate and protect the 3 phase induction motor from various faults using some technique. The circuit will control the 3 phase induction motor and it will first detect faults of motor like over voltage, under voltage, over current, under current