Avinit vacuum-plasma technologies in transport machine building

Alex Sagalovych, Vlad Sagalovych, Victor Popov, Stas Dudnik, Oleksander Olijnyk

Transport engineering is one of the areas in which coatings for various functional purposes are widely used. Among the many methods used for coating, the group of vacuum-plasma methods occupies one of the leading directions in the field of obtaining coatings with unique characteristics that make it possible to significantly increase the operational characteristics of machines and mechanisms lay down new design solutions for their improvement. The monograph presents the results of the development and practical implementation of new nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for the deposition of Avinit coatings for various functional purposes. A distinctive feature of the presented developments is the integrated use of various vacuum-plasma and plasma-chemical coating methods (vacuum-arc, magnetron), vacuum-plasma processing and diffuse surface saturation. The experimental and technological equipment created for this – the Avinit vacuum-plasma automated cluster – makes it possible to implement various methods of coating deposition, combined into one technological cycle. In the monograph, much attention is paid to the results of experimental studies of obtaining coatings of various compositions and the study of their tribological characteristics in friction pairs with such coatings, as well as other properties. The issues of stability of characteristics of coatings in time are considered, as well as the criteria for such stability.
Based on the research carried out, a number of experimental industrial technologies for applying coatings for various functional purposes (reinforcing anti-seize, protective) on parts of transport engineering (pistons and rings of internal combustion engines, fuel equipment, etc.) have been developed, examples of the successful application of the developed technologies in mass production are given. aeronautical and other purposes The monograph also discusses the issues of creating highly efficient tools for processing machine parts and mechanisms, including with precision accuracy, and presents the results of developments in this area.
The book is intended for specialists working in the field of ion-plasma modification of the surface of materials and the application of functional coatings on parts of transport engineering and other industries.

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Sagalovych, A., Sagalovych, V., Chepurnova, A., Popov, V., Dudnik, S., Olijnyk, O. (2021). Avinit vacuum-plasma technologies in transport machine building. Tallinn: Scientific Route OÜ, 184. doi: https://doi.org/10.21303/978-9916-9516-7-5