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EUREKA: Physics and Engineering

EUREKA: Physics and Engineering scientific journal whose main aim is to publish materials allowed to see new discoveries at the intersection of sciences.

EUREKA: Social and Humanities

EUREKA: Social and Humanities – scientific journal whose main aim is to publish materials aimed at the study of society and human relations in society as well as economic relations. A distinctive feature of the manuscripts submitted to the journal, is the emphasis on the use of system analysis techniques, allows to see new discoveries at the intersection of different fields of knowledge.

EUREKA: Health Sciences

EUREKA: Health Sciences – scientific journal, whose main aim is to publish materials focused on ways to preserve health, prevent diseases, technologies and means of treatment of diseases and the use of synthetic drugs. A distinctive feature of the manuscripts submitted to the journal is a component that allows see the new discoveries in the field of health preservation, involving knowledge of the different branches of science.

EUREKA: Life Sciences

EUREKA: Life Sciences – scientific journal whose main aim is to publish materials allowed to see new discoveries at the intersection of life sciences.

The aim of the journal ScienceRise is familiarization of the scientific community and the community of specialists in various fields of activity with new knowledge and data obtained by researchers in the following areas: Physical Sciences and Engineering, Health Sciences, Social Sciences.
The multi of the journal, which includes 3 different scientific fields, is justified by the skeleton of the idea underlying the concept of the journal. This concept is presented as follows.


influence of fine additives and surfactants on the strength and permeability degree of concrete
improving the performance reliability and service life of aviation technology products based on the innovative vacuum plasma nanotechnologies for application of avinit functional coatings and surface
neurydynamic features of young people with different duration of vestibular illusion
methods for determining the characterization of mashes with fiber for semi finished products on the milk protein base
development of the new production method of healthful cryofrozen nanoadditives of chlorophyll containing vegetables using cryomechanical processes
study of microbial polysaccharides impact on organoleptic and physical chemical parameters of protein free and gluten free floury products
probation of the improved vacuum evaporative apparatus for producing concentrated fruit berry semi products
investigation of influence of technological factors on consumption properties formation in milk cherry smoothie
study of the effective viscosity of gelatiniized starch dispersions based on physically modified starches depending on technological factors
antibacterial activity of fomitopsis betulina cultural liquid
change of indices of the amino acid composition of rats hearts at artificial hypobiosis
research of wheat drying in a microwave and combined filter microwave dryer
research of quality indicators of protein fat mixture from flax and sesame seeds for nutrition of athletes
decrease of repeated contamination of packed deli cious meat products
improvement of the method of comparative study of milk whey proteins enzymatic hydrolysis
investigation of the influence of flaxseed meal on the biochemical processes of the wheat test
application of co bioprocessing techniques enzymatic hydrolysis and fermantation for improving the nutritional value of wheat bran as food functional ingrediens
fermentation of multigrain dough an approach to reduce glycemic index for healthy bread
investigation of salicylic acid induced change on flavonoids production under cadmium toxicity in buckwheat fagopyrum esculentum moench plants
research of sensomotor reaction memory and attention indicies under sensory deprivation
research of rational concentration of oilseed crops meals in the sandy dough semi finished product
study of main quality and safety parameters of structured olives and their change under the influence of technological factors
determination methods of food fibers characteristics in milk mixtures with the modified fat composition
features of determining the quality of ethnic sourdoughs and ways of using them in baking and catering business
determination of safety indicators in the developed muffins with non traditional raw materials
study of quality and safety parameters of liver pastes with aubergine powder
study of the influence of buckwheat flour and flax seeds on consumption properties of long stored bakery products
establishment of the efficiency of animal breeding premises disinfection by modern disinfectants
development of new method of production of healthful cottage cottage cheese desserts with using vegetable additives in the form of cryopast%d0%b5s and extracts
scientific substantiation of the methodology of preparation of quince japanese for analysis and investigation of consumer properties of the products of its recycling
investigation of technological properties of four type triticale seed of different fractions
development of the recipe of corn sticks based on sugar corn grain and determination of their quality parameters
research of quality and competitiveness of tomato juices
the analysis of existing experience for the ethnobotanical information system
ifluence of aqueous extract from feijoa leaves on thyroid function in rats with experimental hypothyroidism
characteristics of subclonal structure in thyrocyte population in radioiodine refractory metastases of papillary thyroid cancer
investigation of using natural aromatizers of lemon essential oil in ayurvedic culinary
identification of the content of biologically active substances in nut shots
improving the technique of scrambled desserts using the food supplement magnetofood
obtaining of %ce%b2 lactoglobulin by gel filtration of cow milk whey
study of the influence of savinaseevity16l enzyme on biofilms formation of staphylococcus aureus on stainless steel with different roughness
development of technological sour milk desserts enriched with bifidobacteria
determination of honey geographic origin according to its elemental composition by the method of x ray fluorescence
study of mass losses of cauliflower at storage depending on a packing way
research of consumer properties of developed biscuits based on organic raw materials
research of organoleptic parameters of dutch cheese produced from milk of cows of different breeds
investigation of the expedience of modification of the carbohydrate composition of rice flour in the technology of gluten free bread
probation of the apparatus for low temperate processing of meat culinary products by ir radiation
investigation of the influence of cryopowders broccoli and laminaria on quality parameters of cheese masses of different fat
investigation of the dynamics of the viscosity of model systems of the croquette mass based on flour at hydrothermal processing
study of the influence of the ripeness degree of parsnip roots and storage method on their preservation
entoparasites encountered in some fruit trees region of south albania
influence of activated carbon on physical and chemical indicators of cheddar cheese
the study of low lactose milk whey structure and model systems on its basis
investigation of the conservation of vitamins and microelements during storage in boiled smoked sausages with enriched leguminous flour
investigation of the influence of the rosemary extract on the oxidizing stability of fats of semi smoked sausages with peking duck meat
technology of culinary frying fats
spectrum and frequency of nk cell receptor genes among cystic fibrosis patients
commodity study of developed cupcakes of organic raw materials
estimation of oxidative stability of the lipid complex of creamy shaken candies with chia seeds at storage
investigation of the intensive technology of food sprouts using organic acids
substantiation of the choice of fillers for cottage cheese masses
investigation of safety and quality parameters of granulated fillers
electrogmyographic features of muscles soleus in people with the increased sensitivity of the vestibular analyzer
the effect of n stearoylethanolamine on the adipocyte fatty acid composition of different age rats with obesity induced insulin resistance
genetic diagnostics and clinical features of wilsons disease in children
investigation of the influence of glycerin on rheological characteristics of marzipan pastes with dry mineralized whey
study of the influence of meals of wheat and oat germs and wild rose fruits on the fermenting microflora activity of rye wheat dough
use of non traditional vegetable raw materials in the technology of floury confectionary products for restaurant economy enterprises
investigation of the emulsifying capacity of snack paste based on fatless cottage cheese
quality investigation of frozen garden strawberries at partial dehydration before freezing
cytological characteristics of postoperative metastases of papillary thyroid cancer during the development of secondary radioiodine refractoriness
results of analysis and forecasting of the main financial indicators of the health insurance market development in ukraine
swot analysis of models of organization of provision of primary health care in the united territorial communities
magnetic resonance imaging with diffuse weighted imaging and computed tomography with intravenous contrast in staging of disseminated ovarian stomach colorectal cancer
changes in the hemostatic system against the background of various treatment regimens in patients with atherosclerosis of lower extremities
possibilities of using miniinvasive catheter technologies in the treatment of lung bleeding
clinical characteristics of men and women in young and middle age with arterial hypertension at different galectin 3 plasma levels according to the result of linear regression analysis
evaluation of pain syndrome and efficiency of pain management in lumbar spine surgery
effect of combined oral ferrotherapy with l carnitine on exercise tolerance of patients with chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction of left ventricle with concomitant iron deficiency ane
dental caries prognosis by neural network computer technologies
use of meldonium in the treatment of patients with coronary artery disease and concomitant arterial hypertension
blood zinc level in children with combined gastroesophageal reflux disease and chronic gastroduodenal pathology
prospective biological active compounds among 7 substituted of 3 benzyl 8 propylxanthines for treatment of metabolic syndrome pathologies
topicality of implementation of mobile medical applications within the framework of electronic health in ukraine the experience of leading countries of the world
analysis of the creation of a modern pharmaceutical support system in ukraine in a retrospective development of the state and civil society relations
methodology for assessing the logistics potential of the foreign economic activity of a pharmaceutical company
the influence of vaginal suppositories melanizol on the system of lpo aos in condition of model of a nonspecific vaginitis in rats
experimental study of antimicrobial properties and acute toxicity of the peo based combined suppositories
predictors of weight loss in patients with chronic heart failure and redused left ventricular ejection fraction
the method of forecasting of the indicators for drug reimbursement to patients with cardiovascular diseases in ukraine
experimental approval of the efficacy of the combined composition rectal cream new test samples in the conditions of acute complicated anal fissure in rats
muscle spasticity and its interaction with myofascial system of children with central paresis
determination of molecular genetic markers in prognosis of the effectiveness of treatment of malignant intracerebral brain tumors
use of platelets rich plasma as a factor of the reduction of the risk of early postoperative complications in patients with postoperative ventral hernias
peculiarities of tlr 2 arg753gln and tlr 4 asp299gly polymorphism prevalence in patients with acute brucelleis and cardiovascular system diseases
concentrations of cysteinyl leukotrienes in various biological fluids of children with bronchial asthma atopic dermatitis and food protein induced enterocolitis
development of preventing means for rabbits coccidiosis
method of stimulation of pharmacy workers involved in the government program available medicines
frequency analysis of medicinal prescripts at pharmacotherapy of bronchial asthma in children
development of hplc ms method of voglibose and quercetin quantitation in hypoglicemic action tablets
selection of a filler for tablets manufactured with direct compression method containing dry ginger extract
influence of novumedical equipment on non specific resistance of the organism taking into account adaptation reactions
evaluation of the internal picture of health in patients with acute coronary syndrome in presenting without st segment after percutaneous coronary interventions and in the process of rehabilitation
management of postoperative peritonitis in low resources services
microbiological study of a perspective hepatoprotective agent based on dry extract from prunus domestica fruits
determination of the bioadhesion indicators of vaginal gel with resveratrol and hyaluronic acid
diagnostics of supernumerary teeth in orthodontic relapse
evaluation of the systemic and regional antibiotic therapy effectiveness as part of complex therapy in patients with locally spread breast cancer
evaluation of centrifuging regimes for the purpose of optimizing the platelet rich plasma harvesting protocol
pollen food allergy syndrome among children with sensitized to spring trees
clinical specificity of adaptation disorders in students
medical genetic counseling of women with congenital heart diseases of fetus
transformation of structural components of masticatory muscles of immature animals in different stages of mercazolilum induced hypothyroidism
diagnostic value of morphological changes in gastroesophageal reflux disease in biopsy material of the distal esophagus in adolescents sickly with acute respiratory diseases
minimally invasive urological interventions in outpatient clinic on the example of prostate biopsy
original effective safe technique of obtaining platelet rich plasma by centrifugation of the blood plasma in modified syringe containers
resistance of s aureus atcc 25923 e coli 055k59 no 3912 41 and p aeruginosa 27 99 to the wash disinfectant milkodez
st2 plasma level in patients with acute myocardial infarction without st elevation and different clinical characteristics
morphological and structural changes in myocardium lipid and carbohydrate metabolism during different outcomes of chronic heart failure in patients with ischemic heart disease and diabetes mellitus t
a multi marker model for predicting decompensated heart failure in patients with prior acute myocardial infarction
peculiarities of state of protection and aggression factors in patients with diabetes mellitus type ii and gastroesophageal reflux disease
dynamics of functional condition and quality of life in patients with asthma copd overlap and concomitant arterial hypertension against the background of complex therapy
phenotypical characteristics of the biological properties of staphylococci withdrawn from patients with allergic dermatitis
liver abscesses a 10 year vinnytsya university study
early complications after radical operations in breast cancer patients
iaroslav kisera yulya martyniv ivan klishch abstract during the course of microspores on the skin the balance between the species of saprophytic microorganisms and hypersensitivity as an integral
research on the selection of excipients as the rationale for the composition of the tablets with dry extract of sanguisorba officinalis
selection of flavour additives and method of their introduction in the composition of compressed medicated chewing gums
uterine fibroids impact on fertility and pregnancy outcome
preoperative endobronchial sanitation as preparation for thoracic interventions
experimental rationale of the use of cell therapy for the treatment of glaucoma optical neuropathy
influence of the acute inflammation and endothelial dysfunction on the retinal vein occlusion formation after cardio surgical interferences with the use of cardiopulmonary bypass
correlation analysis of gstp1 gene polymorphism with morbidity of primary metastatic colorectal cancer
comparing of faecal calprotectin levels in patients with osteoarthritis taking nsaid treatment and patients without nsaids therapy
immune status of patients with lung tuberculosis and alcohol consumption
gastroesophageal reflux disease and bronchial asthma mechanisms of comorbid formation and course
institutional approaches to the organization of complex self governing social and economic systems
test monitoring of the speech competence of students of modern higher education institutions
pedagogical conditions of education of tolerance in students of pedagogical colleges in out of course activities
analysis of the technical regulation state of cosmetic products turnover in ukraine
the use of neuro fuzzy models in expert support systems for forensic building technical expertise
organization of environmental monitoring in the caspian sea
cultural value of the literature translation in migrant integration processes
e learning education systems efficiency rating model
analysis of psychological aspects of collective and social learning of cadets of national guard of ukraine
studying the instructive and concert etudes as the basis of forming students technical skills in the piano class
system analysis of prevention of man made emergency situations in consequence of fire in the premises of the object
main concepts of the document management system required for its implementation in enterprises
analysis of main requirements for electronic document management systems
development of methods of optimization and promotion of web site in search systems
study of the properties of drill cuttings at their use as technogenic raw materials for the production of building ceramics
modified hexanit cutters for knurling of cylindrical shaft sections
marketing analysis of the assortment of drugs for the treatment of herpes viral diseases at the pharmaceutical market of ukraine
determination of optimal extraction conditions of phenolic compounds from acorus calamus leaves
orthodontic treatment with nd fe b magnets
genetic rapd pcr variability of staphylococcus aureus strains extracted from locus morbi and intakt skin of patients with allergodermatosis
changes in the structural characteristics of platelets and leukocytes in patients with arterial hypertension under the influence of a hydrogen sulfide donor
development of primary open angle glaucoma and deletion polymorphism of the glutathione s transferase genes
hemorrhagic progression of contusion in patients with mild traumatic brain injury on the routine repeat head computed tomography
clinical and microbiological features of early onset neonatal sepsis in preterm infants
prospects for increasing the efficiency of treatment of patients heaving of locally distributed breast cancer
a unique case of bilateral vocal fold paralysis following spinal anaesthesia
media stereotypes and muslim representation world after jyllands posten muhammad cartoons controversy
the content and structure of social education of student youth in christian denominations of the peoples of the northern azov region
a comparative analysis of the professional competence level of future teachers of fine art of the zaporizhzhia region in the conditions of the concept of a new ukrainian school
the issue of legal subjectity of management bodies and structural units of a legal entity
analysis of peculiarity of usage of austrian german in sociolinguistic aspect
multi scale model elaboration for creditworthiness diagnostics of export production enterprises of the agricultural trade market
improvement of the digital transformation strategy of business on the basis of digital technologies
geoeconomic strategies in the modern global economic space
characteristic of factors that influence the formation of the humanistic pedagogical position of future speech therapists
the essence and main characteristics of national patriotic upbringing theoretical aspect
influence of emotional determinants on the food choices of the portuguese
corporate social responsibility analysis of theories and models
marketing studies of consumption preferences at developing dietary products
role of the civil society for economy
training of social workers in the innovative educational environment of a university conceptual ideas and innovation mechanisms
the indian community and its economic activity in zanzibar during the 19th century
on the evaluative connotations of phraseological zoonyms in a contrastive perspective based on french and georgian phraseological units
linguocultural peculiarities of german and georgian phraseological units contrastive analysis
on the origins of some english idioms and the adequacy of their definitions in the georgian dictionaries ii part
estimation of the overall tax burden on the economy in ukraine
improvement of the model of using analytical procedures at internal auditing of a bank
the current standing and future prospects of arts and culture in ethiopia
entropy informational approach to analysis of self ogranization of banking system
conceptual ideas and orientators of the nothern american model of adult education
importance of education and training of young novice drivers
the impact of knowledge management on sustainable activities of higher education institution
social work with a depressed client
elaboration of main methods of using coloristics at creating the ecological interior space including artworks
nomadism as a way of being of the immigrants and internally displaced persons
identification of gaps in spatial awareness development tests and means of their elimination
notion tendencies milestones principles of criminalistics
logistics sector in azerbaijan economy structural improvements and orientations strategic development
analytical and comparative study of change in functional purpose of some archaeological and historical architectures in cairo during the 19th and 20th centuries
iraqi womens situation at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century
the university digital library as a center for increasing the digital competences of students
actualization of methodological systems separate forms and methods of native theory and practice end of %d1%85%d1%96%d1%85 beginning of %d1%85%d1%85 century as to organization of teaching
shaping of the public discourse on refugees in social media refugees welcome lithuania
estimation of resilience of ukrainian industry to shock influences comparative analysis
institutional stimuli of economic sustainability and development financial concept and anticorruption effects
evolution of the background system of integration of domestic enterprises into the world economy theoretical problems
hofstedes culture values survey in albanian private hospitals
the establishment of the professional christian music in the early medieval time
360 degree evaluation review applied in top level education
alternative activities during a pandemic period in the sphere of cultural institutions
the importance of social networks as a tool for employer branding from the viewpoint of slovak consumers
the name ukraine and its variability in ukrainian prose about the national liberation movement of the first half of the twentieth century
elements of visual identification in brand presentation
psycholinguistic features of imagination as a component of ludic competence 2
education of the value attitude in younger pupils in the project technology the tree of life the tree of genus
organization of the educational process of universities of technical specialties in the country of trends of the solution of the humanitarian cultural environment among student youth
christian education of the ruler in the visigothic kingdom
psycholinguistic features of imagination as a component of ludic competence
behavioral components in relationships of economic agents example of the ukrainian car market
promotion and quality of service with interests to visit tourist objects sistematic search
philosophical bases of improvement of paradigm development methodologies
analysis of the results of experimental research of stage culture formation of future teachers of music art in the vocal training process
a correlation coefficients analysis on innovative sustainable development groups
priorities for the distribution of interbudgetary transfers under the conditions of fiscal decentralization in ukraine
methodological approaches to modeling information architecture of the organization in the conditions of digital economy
determination of consumer preferences of different groups of food
macroeconomic tools for ensuring resilience of the financial corporations sector
hr crisis management at trade enterprises
managerial accounting as an element of information resources management of an enterprise
cycloidal gait with double support phase for the nao humanoid robot
dynamic problem of formation of securities portfolio under uncertainty conditions
implementation of innovative technology for evaluating high speed rail passenger transportation
modeling the heat transfer process in refrigeration units used in the oil industry
application of a convolutional neural network to create a detector of technical analysis figures on exchange quotes charts
optimal alternative selection models in a multi stage decision making process
scratch language of programming vs english language comparing mathematical and linguistic features
development of the city public service model on the basis of integrated transport flow indicators
inventory management design for a rapid disaster relief towards internet of things iot potential
determination of formation regimes for bilayer cobalt dysprosium intermetalic surface alloy
investigation of photoelectric converters with a base cadmium telluride layer with a decrease in its thickness for tandem and two sided sensitive instrument structures
investigation of the heating processes and temperature field of the frequency controlled asynchronous engine based on mathematical models
methodology of experimental investigations of valve operation
evaluation of the prospects for preliminary cooling of natural gas on main pipelines before compression through the discharge of exhaust heat of gas turbine units
modelling water exchange between coastal elongated lagoon and sea influence of the morphometric characteristics of connecting channel on water renewal in lagoon
method for detecting shilling attacks in e commerce systems using weighted temporal rules
formation analysis of multi frequency signals of laser information measuring system
development of a self adjusting method for calculating recurrent diagrams in a space with a scalar product
electrochemical reducing of terbium and holmium ions in the sodium and potassium chlorides melt with equimolar composition
investigation of the dynamic loading of a body of passenger cars during transportation by rail ferry
transportation management in a distributed logistic consumption system under uncertainty conditions
special mechanism of conduction type inversion in plastically deformed n si
method of protecting specially important objects based on the application of the bistatic radiolocation technique
control automation of maritime unmanned complex with a group of autonomous underwater vehicles
hierarchical clustering of seismic activity local territories globe
method of forming recommendations using temporal constraints in a situation of cyclic cold start of the recommender system
methods for fuzzy demand assessment for it specialties
the principles of developing a management decision support system for scientific employees
development of a potentiometric sensor sensitive to polysorbate 20
development of a method for determining the optimal control trajectory for the periodic processes
determination of dynamic characteristics of heat fire detectors
improvement of technical supply of projects of robotized monitoring of underwater conditions in shallow water areas
theoretical and experimental investigation of the efficiency of the use of heat accumulating material for heat supply systems
effect of flow steering angle toward the hydrokinetic turbine performance
the method of constructing recommendations online on the temporal dynamics of user interests using multilayer graph
development of the optimization model of the interface of multimedia edition
analysis of dynamic loading of improved construction of a tank container under operational load modes
development of the metal rheology model of high temperature deformation for modeling by finite element method
generalized method of designing unmanned remotely operated complexes based on the system approach
formulation of design tasks of towed underwater vehicles creation for shallow water and automation of their motion control
assessment of surface downwelling shortwave radiation in 2021 2050 in laayoune %e2%88%92 sakia el hamra region morocco
experimental investigations of the method of determination of optimal controller settings
eureka physics and engineering open journal systems %d0%bf%d0%be%d0%bc%d0%be%d1%89%d1%8c %d1%8f%d0%b7%d1%8b%d0%ba %d0%b2%d1%8b%d0%b1%d1%80%d0%b0%d1%82%d1%8c %d1%8f%d0%b7%d1%8b%d0%ba russian %d1%80
modeling of the intellectual systems work for supporting decisions making on technical regulation in building under uncertainty conditions
the geological structure and the analysis of the regularity of the change in the reservoir properties of the neft dashlari deposit
modelling self similar traffic of multiservice networks
clarification of aqueous suspensions with a high content of suspended solids in rapid sand filters
experimental study the performance of ram water pump
capacity assessment of the system of gas pipelines receiving and transporting gas of inland production
development of proactive method of communications for projects of ensuring the energy efficiency of municipal infrastructure
a study of spring water quality and its suitability for different uses in the area of bartella eastern mosul
optimization of floccular cleaning and drainage of thin dispersed sludges
mitigating the influence of dense oil fires on free space optical communication
enhancing efficiency of using energy resources in heat supply systems of buildings with variable operation mode
improving the reliability of the hydraulic part of the oilfield pump taking into account the selection of material for the seal assembly
method of constructing explanations for recommender systems based on the temporal dynamics of user preferences
information technology of problems solutions support in a complex system management
creation of a neural network algorithm for automated collection and analysis of statistics of exchange quotes graphics
mathematical model of the system of active protection against eavesdropping of speech information on the scrambler generator
isomorphic signal ensembles and their application in async address systems
synthesis and characterization of greener ceramic materials with lower thermal conductivity using olive mill solid byproduct
research of magnetic field distribution in the working area of disk separator taking into account an influence of materials of permanent magnets
evaluation of the inter repair operation period of electric submersible pump units
algorithm for solving the inverse problems of economic analysis in the presence of limitations
application of kohonen self organizing map to search for region of interest in the detection of objects
comparison of dt gbdt algorithms for predictive modeling of currency exchange rates
mprovement of project risk assessment methods of implementation of automated information components of non commercial organizational and technical systems
development of methods for determining the contours of objects for a complex structured color image based on the ant colony optimization algorithm
development of basic concept of ict platforms deployment strategy for social media marketing considering tectonic theory
development of information visualization methods for use in multimedia applications
smart pharmacy monitoring system based on mqtt protocol using rfid and raspberry pi
modelling support systems for selecting professions for applicants in the content of personalization of education
crystal structure analysis of k3vf6 compound
alpha emitters radioactivity concentrations in some cosmetics used in iraq using lr 115 detector
hermite numerical method to estimate the radon and radium effects of the soil in bartella region
study of the problem of optimal maintenance of unmanned aerial vehicles in conditions of a shortage of vehicles
development of algorithmic models for research of reliability parameters of trolleybus traction electric motors in the operation process
applied problems of motion of mechanical systems under action of power loads
budget policy of social development
global determinants of the international movement of production factors economic legal and institutional context
scientific route monographs assessment in accounting concept and tools
national brand of ukraine
effectiveness evaluation of steel strength improvement for pyramidal prismatic bunkers
scientific route journals determination of mechanical properties of repair mortars using in situ methods under different curings
scientific route journals
scientific route monographs