face recognition 2019

Face recognition is a method of identifying or verifying the identity of an individual using their face. Face recognition systems can be used to identify people in photos, video, or in real-time.

Autonomous Learning for Face Recognition in the Wild via Ambient Wireless Cues
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Facial recognition is a key enabling component for emerging Internet of Things (IoT) services such as smart homes or responsive offices. Through the use of deep neural networks, facial recognition has achieved excellent performance. However, this is only

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In this paper, we present the introduction and significance of spectral signature and recognition of skin from hyperspectral face imagery for Face Recognition (FR). In the acquisition step, hyperspectral cameras are used to capture multispectral or hyperspectral

A Review on Different Face Recognition Techniques
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Face recognition has been a quickly developing, testing and intriguing region progressively applications. An extensive number of face recognition calculations have been produced in a decade ago. In this paper an endeavor is made to survey an extensive variety of techniques

Photo Sleuth: Combining Human Expertise and Face Recognition to Identify Historical Portraits
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Identifying people in historical photographs is important for preserving material culture, correcting the historical record, and creating economic value, but it is also a complex and challenging task. In this paper, we focus on identifying portraits of soldiers who participated

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In face recognition , one of the most important problems to tackle is a large amount of data and the redundancy of information contained in facial images. There are numerous approaches attempting to reduce this redundancy. One of them is information aggregation

Multimodal Face and Iris Recognition with Adaptive Score Normalization using Several Comparative Methods
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Objectives: To combine several biometric methods used for face and iris simultaneous recognition of an individual in order to enhance the performance. Methods/Analysis: For every methodology, four approaches are used for features extraction: discrete wavelet

Face Recognition Method Based on Improved Gabor Wavelet Transform Algorithm.
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A face recognition method was proposed based on the improved Gabor wavelet transform algorithm. Firstly, the optimized SSR algorithm was used to carry out the preprocessing on face images. Then the Gabor wavelet transform and the discrete cosine transform (DCT) are

Face Recognition Using HOG and Different Classification Techniques
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Face recognition based unimodal biometric system is developed in this work. The face features are extracted by Histograms of Oriented Gradients (HOG). For person identification of KVKRG face database several techniques were used. In this experiment total, 500 images

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Now a days biometric is a currant topic for the research community. Biometric is used for security purpose for its real time applications. Face recognition is one of the challenging issues in biometrics. These issues in our mind, we are focusing on the face recognition

IoT based Real Time Face Recognition Door Lock System using Neural Network
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Face recognition is one of the most popular and challenging topics in the fields of pattern recognition and computer vision. In this system, Raspberry Pi is used for face recognition . Histogram of Oriented Gradients HOG, Principal Component Analysis PCA and Back

PPCU Sam: Open-source face recognition framework
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Abstract Machine learning has become ubiquitous in our daily lives as technology leaders have started to enhance the user experience with personalized content and adaptive products. Successful enterprises possess resources of data and compute power multiple

Face Recognition using Content Based Image Retrieval for Intelligent Security
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This paper try to construct an intelligent security system based on face recognition . The data used in this research are frontal face images and without obstacles, and facial images with obstacles. In this research, we used Content Based Image Retrieval or CBIR method

An Elementary Study on Various Techniques Involved in Face Recognition Systems: A Review
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Face recognition has now become one of the interesting fields of research and has received a substantial attention of researchers from all over the world. Face recognition techniques has been mostly used in the discipline of image analysis, image processing, etc. One of the

Application of Face Recognition and Location-Based System for Locating Culprit in the Philippines
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Abstract The Philippine National Police (PNP) keep pace on the current developments in IT to enhance their administrations in locating the culprits [10]. However, a timely identification of culprits by the police force is critical to the wellbeing and security of offices and overall

Calculation of the Rate of Taking Lessons Based on Face Recognition and Head Pose Estimation
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Classroom is a place for students to acquire knowledge. However, students attention is easily distracted by various multimedia devices, resulting in the low raise-head rate. In order to create a sound learning atmosphere in the future, it is particularly important to study the