fpga-field programmable gate arrays-research papers-2012 section 2

 Predictive control of a Boeing 747 aircraft using an FPGA
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E Hartley, JL Jerez, A Suardi ,Proc. 4th IFAC , 2012 ,cas.ee.ic.ac.uk
Abstract: New embedded predictive control applications call for more efficient ways of
solving quadratic programs (QPs) in order to meet demanding real-time, power and cost
requirements. A single precision QP-on-a-chip controller is proposed, implemented in a 

 Graduate Course on Embedded System Design Using FPGA with Cryptography Flavor
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C Parikh ,2012 ,people.cst.cmich.edu
Abstract Today, Field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) play a very important role in several
embedded applications used in the area of defense systems, bioinformatics, cryptography,
and many more. As embedded designs are becoming more complex, reconfigurable 

 Introducing Service-oriented Concepts into Reconfigurable MPSoC on FPGA for Coarse-grained Parallelization
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C Wang, XLPCJ Zhang, X Zhou ,Message from the , 2012 ,embedded.cs.uni-saarland.de
ABSTRACT High level programming into hardware is posing significant challenge for
reconfigurable modular embedded systems. In this paper we propose SOREP: a Service-
oriented Reconfigurable Prototype, which introduces service-oriented architecture (SOA) 

 FPGA Implementation of OFDM Transceiver using FFT Algorithm
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S Kaur, R Mehra ,International Journal of Engineering Science, 2012
Abstract-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is the most promising
modulation technique. It has been adopted by most wireless and wired communication
standards. The idea is to utilize a number of carriers, spread regularly over a frequency 

 DesignImplementation of 2D DCT/IDCT Using Xilinx FPGA
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V Kumar, RL Dua ,International Journal of Engineering Science, 2012
Abstract—This paper describes the design of two-dimensional discrete cosine transform
(DCT) architecture for Multimedia communication applications. It is basic transformation for
coding method to transform the image formation from spatial domain to frequency domain 

Efficient communication for FPGA clusters
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Efficient communication between nodes is critical for achieving high performance in a
computer cluster. Based on a dedicated inter-accelerator network, we enhance this
communication with advanced networking functions, such as broadcasting and priority 

 Computational Technique of 3D Reconstruction in Integral Imaging using FPGA Hardware
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A Hussein, S Kishk ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT This paper presents hardware implementation for a computational 3D integral
imaging reconstruction technique. The reconstruction technique is based on a single pixel
extraction from corresponding elemental images of a 3D scene, which is formed using an 

 High Accuracy Speed-fed Grating Angular Acceleration Measurement System Based onFPGA
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H Zhao ,2012
Abstract Shaft angular acceleration is one of the most important parameter of rotary
machines, the error of angular acceleration increased when the shaft speed up. For this
problem, a new high accuracy angular acceleration measurement system is presented, 
<  Evaluation of compact FPGA implementations for all SHA-3 finalists
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B Jungk ,The Third SHA-3 Candidate Conference, 2012 ,csrc.nist.gov
Abstract. Secure cryptographic hash functions are core components in many applications
like challenge-response authentication systems or digital signature schemes. Many of these
applications are used in cost-sensitive markets and thus low budget implementations of 

 FPGA-Based Design and Implementation of a Multi-Gbps LDPC Decoder
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A Balatsoukas-Stimming, A Dollas ,2012 ,fpl2012.project.ifi.uio.no
 FPGA-Based Design and Implementation of a Multi-Gbps LDPC Decoder Alexios
Balatsoukas-Stimming and Apostolos Dollas  Conclusion We presented an FPGA-based LDPC
decoder architecture which: 1 Outperforms the state of the art by: 15.9% at a 0.50 dB lower Eb/ 

 Efficient FPGA Implementation of Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer for Software Radios
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B Kamboj, R Mehra ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT In this paper an efficient approach is presented to design and implement Direct
Digital Frequency Synthesizer (DDFS) with high speed and spectral purity for wireless
applications like Software Defined Radio (SDR). The implementation is based upon 

 Linux on FPGA platforms: control software to connect custom peripherals
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M Kretz, A Kugel ,ACM SIGBED Review, 2012 ,sigbed.seas.upenn.edu
ABSTRACT Accessing custom hardware peripherals from a soft-CPU realized on FPGA
fabric is a common task. We use a Virtex-5 FPGA with a MicroBlaze soft-CPU running a
standard Linux kernel as the core of our embedded system. In order to enable processes 

 FPGA Implementation of MDCT/IMDCT Core in Audio Coding Standards
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Abstract—MDCT is the basic processing component for high quality audio compression. It is
also the most computationally intensive operation in layer III of MPEG audio coding
standards. In this paper, we have presented an efficient kernel structure and FPGA 

 Router Architecture for Network on Chip Using FPGA
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PB Domkondwar, DS Chaudhari ,IJECCE, 2012
Abstract: On Single chip integration of storage and computational block has becoming
feasible due to continuous shrinkage of CMOS technology [1]. Field programmable gate
arrays (FPGA’s) are power efficient devices [3] support more complex design with good 

FPGA-based real time controller for high order correction in EDIFISE
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LF Rodríguez-Ramos, H Chulani ,SPIE Astronomical , 2012 ,spiedigitallibrary.org
ABSTRACT EDIFISE is a technology demonstrator instrument developed at the Institute of
Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC), intended to explore the feasibility of combining
Adaptive Optics with attenuated optical fibers in order to obtain high spatial resolution 

FPGA implementation of robust Capon beamformer
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X Guan, H Zmuda, J Li, L Du ,Proceedings of SPIE, 2012 ,spiedigitallibrary.org
Abstract The Capon Beamforming algorithm is an optimal spatial filtering algorithm used in
various signal processing applications where excellent interference rejection performance is
required, such as Radar and Sonar systems, Smart Antenna systems for wireless 

A High Throughput FPGA-Based Implementation of the Lanczos Method for the Symmetric Extremal Eigenvalue Problem
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Iterative numerical algorithms with high memory bandwidth requirements but medium-size
data sets (matrix size~ a few 100s) are highly appropriate for FPGA acceleration. This paper
presents a streaming architecture comprising floating-point operators coupled with high- 

FPGA paranoia: testing numerical properties of FPGA floating point IP-Cores
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In the early days of computing, hardware platforms were developed independently and
created their own conventions for floating point to suit their underlying hardware
architecture, but this meant computer programmers had to understand these conventions 

Securely sealing Multi-FPGA systems
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The importance of hardware security of electronic systems is rapidly increasing due to (1)
the increasing reliance of mass-produced and mission-critical systems on embedded
electronics, and (2) the ever-growing supply chains that disentangle chip designers and 

An FPGA Noise Resistant Digital Temperature Sensor with Auto Calibration
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BA Brown, TR Andel, Y Kim ,Information Systems, Technology and , 2012 ,Springer
This paper presents a noise resistant, auto calibrated all digital temperature sensor for circuit
protection applications. The sensor uses a variable pulse-based design, allowing one-
temperature-point calibration, significantly reducing time and costs for mass production 

 Performance Evaluation of Multiple-Antenna IEEE 802.11 p Transceivers Using an FPGA-based MIMO Vehicular Channel Emulator
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Abstract The IEEE 802.11 p standard has been optimized for low-delay small-bandwidth
wireless communications to provide vehicular safety services. However, IEEE 802.11 p
transceivers can considerably improve their robustness by incorporating MIMO 

 Survey and Analysis of Hardware Cryptographic and Steganographie Systems on FPGA
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Abstract: Little brooks make great rivers-says a proverb. Infonnation science involves not
only the efforts made for gathering, acquiring or collecting the data that corresponds to the
information but also contains the ways to save it, protect it and preserve it. The meaning of 

 An FPGA-based Parallel Hardware Architecture for Real-time Eye Detection
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Abstract—Eye detection is widely used in applications, such as face recognition, driver
behavior analysis, and human-computer interaction. However, it is difficult to achieve real-
time performance with software-based eye detection in an embedded environment. In this 

 FPGA-Based Combined PWM-PFM Technique to Control DC-DC Converters in Portable Devices
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N Kaabouch, W Chen, P Agnihotri ,J Elec Electron, 2012 ,omicsgroup.org
Abstract In portable devices, DC-DC converters control the amount of power transferred from
the input battery supply to the load. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Pulse Frequency
Modulation (PFM) generate pulses to control the switches in these converters which 

 AUV Localization Process using Computing Cells on FPGA
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Abstract Concurrent processors incorporated on a single chip for performing computations
can be troublesome because as the size of problems increase, the execution time also
increases. In order to make sure that the execution time is reduced, a traditional approach 
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RM Rajulapati, J Nayak, N Sk ,2012
Abstract: Gyroscopes are used for numerous defence and commercial applications. These
include stabilization, guidance, and navigation of torpedoes; ballistic missiles and artillery
shells; inertial navigation and inertial surveying; autopilot, stabilization and navigation of

 Simulation of Switched Reluctance Motor for Performance Analysis Using MATLAB/SIMULINK Enviroment and use of FPGA for its control
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N Prasad, S Jain ,Computer Engineering, 2012 ,researchtrend.net
ABSTRACT: This paper presents modeling, simulation and analysis of Switched Reluctance
motor. A Matlab/Simulink environment to simulate switched reluctance motor is described.
From its linear model, its dynamics is described and discussed in detail. All simulations 

 FPGA-based BASK and BPSK Modulators Using VHDL: Design, Applications and Performance Comparison for Different Modulator Algorithms
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M Sonmez, A Akbal ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,perweb.firat.edu.tr
ABSTRACT This paper presents the simulation results of binary digital modulation schemes.
In this paper, for BASK and BPSK modulation techniques used FPGA algorithm, multiplier
don’t using. If multiplier block is used for multiplication bit stream with carrier signal, used 

 A practical approach to speech processor for auditory prosthesis using DSP and FPGA
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VB Rao, PS Ramaiah, KR Kumar ,ACM SIGBED Review, 2012 ,sigbed.seas.upenn.edu
ABSTRACT Auditory prosthesis (AP) is a widely used electronic device for patients suffering
with severe hearing loss by electrically stimulating the auditory nerve using an electrode
array surgically placed inside the inner ear. The AP also known as cochlear implant (CI)