FPGA Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controller For Elevator Group Control System

This paper concerns on implementation of a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) on a Field-programmable Gate Array (FPGA) system for intelligent control of elevator system. The search for an intelligent group controller that can satisfy multicriteria requiements of an elevator group control system has become a great challenge for researchers. This proposed approach is based on algorithm which is developed to reduce the amount of computation required by focusing only on the relevant rules and ignoring those which are irrelevant to the condition for better performance of the group of elevator system. Simulation was carried out by considering two inputs i.e. elevator car distance and number of stops. Based on these data the Fuzzy Controller can calculate the Performance Index (PI) of each elevator car. And the car which has maximum PI gives the answer to the hall calls. This would facillitate reducing the average waiting time (AWT) of the passenger.

In control engineering analysis and design, FPGA based Fuzzy logic control (FLC) for elevator group system, has been attractive because it offers a compromise between special purpose ASIC hardware and general purpose processors. This purposed FPGA based Fuzzy Logic Controller for elevator group system can reduce the design development cycle, simplify the design complexity, and also improve the control performance that simplifies implementation and reduces the hardware costs. Many researchers have reported about Fuzzy Logic Controller for group control of elevator system[2]. They described the validation of five dispatching algorithms for elevator system that were implemented on spartan-3 FPGA based board in an integrated approach reducing the area and improving performance. The overall system is composed of several LCS, which implement the dispatching algorithm. The EGCS-based Fuzzy Logic (FEGCS) runs on a PC and under different traffic situation determines the best algorithms to be run in each LCS in order to reduce the avergae waiting time of passenger and also reduces the power consumption. Elevator group controller based Fuzzy Logic Framework with self tunning scheme for reducing the average waiting time (AWT) of passenger is presented in the literature[1]. Fuzzy Controller described in [1], has evaluated six set of rule and each rule set consists of a different number of rules (between 12 and 14). Hence fuzzy computation time is large for response to hall call even if it is a self tuning fuzzy controller. In the present investigation we present a conventional FLC that uses reduced number of rules that facilitates reduction of computation time of the FLC. In this work, Simulation was carried out by consider

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