Dimension Handling in Databases

A database array algebra for spatio-temporal data and beyond
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A unifying formal framework for general array handling of image, sensor, statistics, and OLAP dataThe resulting array has the same number of dimensions, spatial domain, and base type Concepts for an intuitive, symbolic treatment of dimension hierarchies are currently under

DIMENSIONS: Why do we need a new data handling architecture for sensor networks
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It provides unified view of data handling in sensor networks incorporating long-term stor- age, multi3.3 Long-term Storage Long term storage is provided in DIMENSIONS by exploiting the fact thatwe draw from significant research in in- formation theory [5, 6, 17], databases [7, 14

Specifications for efficient indexing in spatio temporal databases
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In this paper, we study the specific issues that arise when handling spatiotemporal (ieTable 1: Classification of spatio temporal databases (with respect to the time dimensions supported)In the context of spatio temporal databases, the temporal dimension invalidates all previous

A knowledge-based theory of the firm to guide in strategy formulation
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Lack of standards and poor taxonomies reduce the value of document handling systemsAirlines spends at least one day every quarter as a baggage handler, ticket agentExamples: Adding a knowledge dimension to traditional dollar-based sales and revenue reporting, enables

Towards on-line analytical mining in large databases
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MOLAP and ROLAP techniques, the integration of data cube methods with dimension relevance analyHowever, when the cube has a large number of dimensions, it becomes verywhen handling medium-sized cubes/cuboids and high scalability when handling large databases

Multidimensional data modeling for complex data
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The combination of dimensions values that characterize the facts of a fact set is not a key for thevalues, in the sense that several facts may be characterized by the same combination of dimension values.3.2 Handling Time We proceed to build temporal support into the model

Fast similarity search in the presence of noise, scaling, and translation in time series databases
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structure was proposed for fast similarity searches over time-series databases, assuming that scan each sequence from beginning to end, extracting and normalizing the !-dimension point correspondingThe index structure should be capable of handling dimensions in this range

starER: a conceptual model for data warehouse design
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Support of many-to-many relationships between facts and dimensions. Handling d@erent levels of granularity at summary properties.For example, the repayment amount of Figure 3.8 can be summarized per year, following the granularity of the time dimension. .

Deduction and deductive databases for geographic data handling
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Page 1. Deduction and Deductive Databases for Geographic Data Handling AI Abdelmoty, MH Williams and NW PatonSpace Fig. 2. Different dimensions of geographic data Time Page 5. 447 The space dimension is concerned with the location and spatial extent of an object.

Spatial SQL: A query and presentation language
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In the context of spatial data handling, a query language is seen as being broader than only a solution for the retrieval of data.These specifica- tions are dimension independent and, therefore, apply to any two objects of arbitrary dimensions. Fig. 2 shows prototypical

Handling database updates in two-dimensional temporal logic
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formulae are completely orthogonal, in a sense that an historical operator provokes no change in the transaction dimensions and that a Handlingdatabase updates 211A two-dimensional model projected into the historical dimension with respect to [HTML]

An intelligent information fusion system for handling the archiving and querying of terabyte-sized spatial databases
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has developed an Intelligent Information Fusion System (IIFS) for testing approaches to handling the archiving and querying of terabyte-sized spatial databases.subsequent construction of fast indices for organizing the data along various search dimensions; and the

Handling big dimensions in distributed data warehouses using the DWS technique
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the selective loaded version and the distributed version of the Orders Large Dimension tableload developed to overcome the limitation of the DWS technique in handling big dimensions of a DWS system when processing queries in data warehouse scheme with big dimensions.

Handling evolutions in multidimensional structures
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The first one lays down bases for handling evolutions in multidimensional structures, whereas thewe divide possible evolutions into schema evolution and evolution on instances of dimensions. may occur on a multidimensional schema: Creation and deletion of a dimension.

Adding a temporal dimension to a logic system
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We refer to this method as "adding a temporal dimension to L" or ju st"temporalising Lfirst-order logic, and a comparison is made with other first-order approaches to the handling of timeKey words: logic, temporal logic, temporal reasoning, historical databases, database updates

Tracking body and hands for gesture recognition: Natops aircraft handling signals database
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In current databases this is sufficient to distinguish gestures, and this in turn limits anfor body and hand tracking, Section III describes the NATOPS aircraft handling signals database This simplified model only mimics shoulder movement in one-dimension, up and down, but

Wavecluster: A multi-resolution clustering approach for very large spatial databases
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Another important issue is the handling of noise or outliers.The first step of WaveCluster algorithm is to quan- tize the feature space, where each dimension i in the d-dimensionalIf we assume that mi is equal to m for all the dimensions, there would be md units in the feature

On-line analytical processing on large databases managed by computational grids
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based on BESS with the difference that the bits used for each dimension are keptraw measures and also get index entries within the index database within the appropriate dimensions. Connection handling is the network interface which al- lows user interaction with the system

A survey of schema versioning issues for database systems
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Schema versioning and schema evolution offer a solution to the problem by enabling intelligent handling of any temporal mismatchPredictions and challenges for database systems in the year 2000.Conf. on Very Large Databases, Dublin, Ireland, Morgan-Kaufmann (1993), pp



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