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computer networks Ongoing development of computer network technology requires new communication protocols on all layers of the protocol stack to adapt to and to exploit technology specifics. The performance of new protocol implementations has to be evaluated before deployment. Computer network emulation enables the execution of real unmodified protocol implementations within a configurable synthetic environment. Since network properties are reproduced synthetically, emulation supports reproducible measurement results for wired and wireless networks. Meaningful evaluation scenarios typically involve a large number of communicating nodes. Reproducing the network properties of the medium access control layer can be accomplished efficiently on cheap common off the shelf computers and allows to evaluate network protocols, transport protocols, and applications. However, meaningful emulation scenario sizes often require more nodes than affordable computers. To scale the number of nodes in an emulation scenario beyond the available computers, we discuss approaches to virtualization and operating system partitioning. Focusing on the latter, we argue for virtual protocol stacks, which provide an extremely lightweight node virtualization enabling the execution of multiple instances of software to be evaluated on each physical computer. To connect virtual nodes on the same and on different computers, we design and implement a highly efficient software communication switch. A centralized emulation control component distributes dynamic network property updates which result from node mobility for instance. To handle the large number of nodes and thus increased updates, we propose a hierarchical control where the central component delegates updates to sub-components distributed over the computers of an emulation system. Extensive evaluations show the scalability of our virtualized network emulation system. Virtual nodes executed on the same computer share its limited resources. Hosting too many virtual nodes on the same computer may lead to resource contention. This can cause unrealistic measurement results and is thus undesirable. Discussing different approaches to handle resource contention, we argue for detection and recovery. We define quality criteria that allow the detection of resource contention. In order to observe those quality criteria during emulation experiments, we propose a highly lightweight monitoring approach. Our monitoring is based on instrumenting an operating system kernel and observing basic resource scheduling events. This enables the detection of even peak resource usage within a split second. Thorough evaluations demonstrate the effectiveness of quality criteria and monitoring as well as the negligible overhead of our monitoring approach.  

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