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Roboethics in biorobotics: discussion of case studies
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we focus on the research activities carried out in our laboratories ARTS (Advanced Robotics Technology and Systems) and CRIM (Center for Research in MIcroengineering) of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, in Pisa, Italy. We present some of

Of rats and robots: A new biorobotics study of Norway rat pups
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Abstract We describe a new biorobotics research programme conducted at the University of California, Davis using Norway rat pups. The study is meant to inform both animal behavior and autonomous robotics. The animals we study are Norway rat pups ages 7 to 10 days.

Biorobotics: Optimized biosignal classification using mother wavelet matrix
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a new technique to optimally classify forearm electromyographic (EMG) measures using proposed mother wavelet matrix (MWM) for biorobots. Among 324 mother wavelet candidates, a MWM including 15 potential mother

A mobile electrophysiology board for autonomous biorobotics
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Neuromorphic engineering is a research area that has been inspired by biology to create artificial systems that are successful to a certain extent but that are still outperformed by target tracking or collision avoidance. Overall,

Artificial Intelligence and Biorobotics: Is an Artificial Human Being our Destiny
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ABSTRACT A classification of an artificial intelligence and robotics is presented in this paper. An overview of the state of the art in biorobotics is pointed out firstly. It follows the discussion about pro and contra arguments for a creation of an artificial human being. From this

Fish biorobotics
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Fishes as model systems for understanding aquatic propulsion28,000 species of fishesHalf of all vertebrates are fishesFishes are 550 million years oldTremendous opportunity for selection to act on propulsive systems Multiple fluid control surfaces Propulsor flexibility
This book is derived from my master's thesis through which I have achieved the degree 'Master of Science'in the study course Bionics/Biomimetics. The basic idea for it came up during a semester innovation project in 2011. Back then, my fellow student Adam Braun

Modeling and Analysis of the Biorobotics Mechanism
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Abstract. The paper is intended to provide innovation learning texts for technical subjects in regards to biorobotics. The innovation is concerned with making learning texts electronic and supplementing the modulus specialized for other biorobotics mechanisms, including a simulation and

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Researchers in biorobotics are developing structural models of biological systems on robotic hardware. These models offer the potential for gaining insight into biological mechanisms through the process of physically implementing biological theories in hardware. Further,

At the Biorobotics Laboratory of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering Marine Technology of Delft University researchers have succeeded in building a first
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In 1881 Hendrik Willem Mesdag painted his world famous Panorama of the fishing village of Scheveningen. The panorama covers a cylinder 14 metres high with a circumference of 120 metres. It is in fact an early form of virtual reality, giving the viewer the illusion of

Harvard BioRobotics Laboratory Technical Report
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ABSTRACT This paper describes new computer-assisted technologies to improve efficiency, efficacy, and safety in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Although these techniques will be applicable to many arenas of robotically-assisted surgery, these

Modeling rodent head-direction cells and place cells for spatial learning in bio-mimeticrobotics
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Abstract We propose a computational model which is consistent with several neurophysiological ndings concerning biological head-direction cells and hippocampal place cells. The model consists of two separate neural systems providing directional and

Towards morphological flexibility: modular robotics and bio-inspired control
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Abstract. As a contribution to the efforts towards robotic systems of higher flexibility we present our concept of morphologically dynamic robots. Within the projects SYMBRION and REPLICATOR, that focus on modular robotics, we have developed bio-inspired control

Design of a Bio-Inspired Wearable Exoskeleton for Applications in Robotics.
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ABSTRACT In this paper we explain the methodology we adopted to design the kinematics structure of a multi-contact point haptic interface. We based our concept on the analysis of the human arm anatomy and kinematics with the intend to synthesize a system that will be

Visual Behaviour Based Bio-inspired Polarization Techniques In Computer Vision andRobotics
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Polarization is the phenomenon that describes the oscillations orientation of the light (or other radiation) waves which are restricted in direction [1]. Light's vector orientation can be weekly detected by some humans with their naked eyes, but humans need the help of

Bio-Inspired Robotics
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Page 1. 2010 University of Maryland Bio-Inspired Robotics SK Gupta Director, Maryland Robotics Center These techniques enable us to develop novel robot designBio inspired robotics course can be taught at the undergraduate level to Mechanical Engineering students

Bio-Inspired Technique to Produce Strong Competitors for Studies in Artificial-life and Evolutionary Robotics
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In both Artificial-Life (A-Life) studies and in Evolutionary Robotics (ER) the use of bioinspired evolutionary computation methods is wide. The majority of such studies either use knowledge-base aggregate fitness, or some game definition, to drive the selection. Often

Robot Deception and Squirrel Behavior: A Case Study in Bio-inspired Robotics
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Abstract A common behavior in animals and human beings is deception. Deceptive behavior in robotics is potentially beneficial in several domains ranging from the military to a more everyday context. In our research, novel algorithms were developed for the

Master Internship 2015 Bio-inspired Vision for Mobile Robotics
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The aim of this internship is to be inspired by biological systems to induce realistic camera movements on a robotic platform. Indeed, complex eye strategies are at work during the observation and navigation in animals and humans [1, 2]. These strategies can be

The Next Challenges in Bio-inspired Robotics.
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Page 1. The Next Challenges in Bio-Inspired Robotics! Fumiya Iida! Bio-Inspired Robotics Lab ! Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems ! ETH Zurich! 3. Behavioral Diversity! 4. Adaptive Mechanics! Challenges of Bio-Inspired Robotics Page 22. Energy Efficiency Page 23.

Nano Micro Robotics and its Application to Bio Science and Technology
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ABSTRACT The cloning is one of the most promising biotechnologies today. The project aims to automate every process required in the cloning, ie supplying, cutting, removing, filtering, assembling and fusing, on the basis of micro robotics technology. The processes are

Fibre Probe Based Raman Spectroscopy Bio-sensor for Surgical Robotics
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Many surgical procedures are conducted nowadays with the assistance of robotic systems. Ashok et. al.[1] have developed a Raman probe based system to complement current standard diagnostic techniques such as histological examination. In their design a Raman

Modeling Rodent Head-direction Cells and Place Cells for Spatial Learning in Bio-mimeticRobotics
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Abstract We propose a computational model which is consistent with several neurophysiological findings concerning biological head-direction cells and hippocampal place cells. The model consists of two separate neural systems providing directional and Free download research paper Stability Analysis of Mobile Robot Teleoperation with Variable Force Feedback Gain , Proc. of Eurohaptics 2010,


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