fuzzy logic research papers 2012 section 11

 Design and Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Load Frequency Control of Power System
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S Bhat, J Khatib, S Chincholi, R Pai
Abstract—Intelligent Process Control methods such as fuzzy logic control have shown great
success, there is a significant need to evaluate their real time performance relative to
conventional control approaches, particularly in an experimental setting. Such evaluations 

 Pattern Characterization in Multivariate Data Series using Fuzzy Logic
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Abstract: The application of classic models to represent and analyze time-series imposes
strict restrictions to the data that do not usually fit well with real-case scenarios. This
limitation is mainly due to the assumption that data are precise, not noisy. Therefore, 

 An Efficient Direct Torque Control Based on Fuzzy Logic
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J Zhao, H Wang ,elrond.informatik.tu-freiberg.de
Abstract-Conventional Direct Torque Control (CDTC) system of Induction Motor (IM) faces
the problem of high torque ripples, and has difficulty in improving the performance of
dynamic torque response and controlling flux locus at very low speed. In this paper, a DTC

 Fuzzy Logic Systems Design for Engineering and Applications
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SA Deo ,ijainn.uacee.org
Abstract-Fuzzy logic system design has rapidly become one of the most successful of today’s
technologies for developing sophisticated logically designs system. Fuzzy logic addresses
such applications perfectly as it resembles human decision making with an ability to 

 Fuzzy Logic on a Polygenic Multi-Agent System for Steganalysis of Digital Images
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S Azevedo, R Rudson, L Gonçalves ,cdn.intechopen.com
Digital cryptography has being a solution for protecting transmission of data in applications
such as electronic commerce (Luciano 2003), electronic vote (Kofler 2003), and digital
Television (Macq 1995). However, an interceptor monitoring network flow could easily 

 Design of Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Simple Furnace System
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ST Salim
ABSTRACT Model uncertainty and robustness have been a central theme in the field of
automatic control. Many control techniques are used to reduce the effects of uncertainty
which may appear in different forms as disturbances, dynamic delays or as other 

 Fuzzy Logic Control of Clutch for Hybrid Vehicle
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VT Minh ,egdk.ttu.ee
Abstract—This paper provides a design of an automatic clutch controller for hybrid electrical
vehicle (HEV) using fuzzy logic. The use of fuzzy logic can reduce the difficulty of
mathematical modeling of complex systems since fuzzy logic can deal with uncertain and 

 Design Space Exploration Of Mamdani And Sugeno Inference Systems For Fuzzy LogicBased Illumination Controller
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ABSTRACT Models of an efficient illumination controller using Mamdani and Sugeno
models are presented in this paper. The inference engines are modelled using the FIS editor
of Fuzzy Logic toolbox, a part of MATLAB. The fuzzy logic controller (FLC) controls the 

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A AbuBaker
ABSTRACT This paper proposes a novel fuzzy logic method which aims to enhance the
performance of Radiologists by automatically enhancing the microcalcifications in the
mammogram images. In this approach, the image intensities are fuzzified using three 

 A Mathematical Study of Fuzzy Logic Techniques in Software Engineering Measurements
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EK Aseri
Abstract—Estimation models in software engineering are used to predict some important
attributes of future entities such as software development effort, software reliability and
programmer productivity. Estimation by fuzzy logic techniques is one of the most attractive 

 A Novel Harmonics-Free Fuzzy Logic based Controller Design for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive
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A Rajendran, KS Jayakumar ,irphouse.com
Abstract This paper describes the new technique for harmonics elimination in switched
reluctance motor with 48 pulse converter with fuzzy logic controller to control the speed of
the motor to a reference speed. By using this technique we can achieve the better speed 

 Synthesis and VHDL Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) Goals in Digital Processors
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HR Pourshaghaghi, JDE Escobar, JP de Gyvez ,cdn.intechopen.com
The concept of power consumption is becoming the primary concern in modern high
performance processors, and in digital circuits and system on chips (SoCs). While CMOS
technology has been scaling towards smaller feature sizes, the performance of digital 

 Wireless network effect on PI and type-2 fuzzy logic controller
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M Blaho, M Urban, P Fodrek, M Foltin ,w.naun.org
Abstract—With usage of data networks in control new area of research known as networked
control systems was presented. Many communication medias and protocols can provide
new possibilities in practical implementation. Professional solutions like PROFINET or 

 Prediction of concrete compressive strength in buildings that would be reinforced by fuzzy logic
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M Uzunoglu, E Özgan, T Kap ,akademikpersonel.duzce.edu.tr
In this study, core samples were taken from column or reinforced wall in order to make
reinforcement or restoration. The effect of the element height and volume of voids of these
samples to the compressive strength were investigated. C25 type ready to use concrete 

 On Fuzzy Logic based Model for Irrigation Controller using Penman-Monteith Equation
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VS Rahangadale, DS Choudhary
ABSTRACT In this paper design for fuzzy logic based irrigation controller using penman-
Monteith equation is proposed. The irrigation requirement for any crop is the amount of
water that must be applied to meet the crop’s evapotranspiration (ET). The amount of (ET) 

 Control of Cascade Multilevel Inverter Using Fuzzy Logic Technique
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RH Thejel, SM Salih ,uobasrah.edu.iq
Abstract Cascade multilevel inverter is a power electronic device built to synthesize a
desired ac voltage from several levels of dc voltages. Such inverters have been received
increasing attention in the past few years for high power application. A small total 

 Tuning Fuzzy-Logic Controllers
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TK Dao, CK Chen ,cdn.intechopen.com
The classical proportional-derivative (PD) control is relatively easy to design, but useful for
fast response controllers by combining proportional control and derivative control in parallel.
However, as PD control is linear, it is not able to be used to deal with non-linear plants. An 

 Fuzzy Logic Control Technique in Li-Ion Battery Charger
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SH Houshyar Asadi, A Kaboli, A Mohammadi
Abstract—In this paper the previous Li-Ion battery charger techniques of the past years are
reviewed and compared and the fuzzy logic battery charging method is proposed to optimize
and improve the battery charger performance. Additionally, we have used optimal Li-ion 

 Fuzzy Logic Control for Multiresolutive Adaptive PN Acquisition Scheme in Time-Varying Multipath Ionospheric Channel
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RM Alsina-Pages, CM Segura, JCS Carrié, P Bergada ,cdn.intechopen.com
Communication with remote places is a challenge often solved using satellites. However,
when trying to reach Antarctic stations, this solution suffers from poor visibility range and
high operational costs. In such scenarios, skywave ionospheric communication systems 

 Application of speed control of permanent magnet synchronous machine with PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller
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M Dogan, M Dursun ,akademikpersonel.duzce.edu.tr
Abstract Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), so that the production of high
power density and high torque for industrial applications, more and side with a wide range of
applications. In this study was presented in the MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation 

 Fuzzy Logic Controller for Mechatronics and Automation
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MM Rashid, MA Hussain ,cdn.intechopen.com
Conventional car suspensions systems are usually passive, ie have limitation in suspension
control due to their fixed damping force. Semi-active suspension system which is a
modification of active and passive suspension system has been found to be more reliable 

 Fuzzy Logic Approach for Boiler TemperatureWater Level Control
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A Shome, SD Ashok
Abstract—Boiler is the main component in generating steam in thermal power generation
units and its control is very important in many applications. In present situation conventional
PID control is being used for this purpose. These conventional controllers in power plants 

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S Malik, R Saroha, R Anand
ABSTRACT Reducing blocking artifacts encountered in highly compressed images is a very
active research area in image processing. Coding artifacts are very annoying in these highly
compressed images. Most of the artifact reduction techniques blur the details of the