fuzzy logic research papers 2012 section 12

 Comments on A Conversation About Fuzzy Logic and Vagueness by Christian G. Fermuller and Petr Hájek
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NJJ SMITH  logic.at
In the spirit of this enlightening conversation and indeed of this entire volume—promoting
mutual understanding and learning between philosophers, logicians and linguists working
on vagueness related issues—I shall in these comments consider three points, which if 

 Fuzzy Logic Based Trained Fault Locating Mechanism in Power Distribution Network
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S Prakash, SC Gupta ,ijetae.com
Abstract-In this paper a noble method of fault locating in a radial power distribution system is
discussed. Fuzzy system will ease the calculation involved. The history associated with fault
occurred in power system can be effectively used as a strong database. This database will 

 Fuzzy Logic at Schools and High Schools?
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I Garcia-Honrado ,ldcp.softcomputing.es
Abstract—The paper is devoted to present some arguments in favor of a positive answer to
its title. It claims for the teaching of Fuzzy Logic in schools and high schools allowing to see
Classical Logic as a ‘degenerate’case of Fuzzy Logic. It is based on the possible concepts 

 Comparative Study of PID Based VMC and Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Flyback Converter
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PR Kumar, SLVS Kumar
Abstract-In this paper performance of flyback converter by using PID controller and Fuzzy
controller are studied, compared and analyzed. The above study is done for 200W, 230V AC
input 48V DC output. Design of fuzzy controller is based on the heuristic knowledge of 

 Adaptive Cruise Control of a Passenger Car Using Hybrid of Sliding Mode Control and Fuzzy Logic Control
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S Thanok, M Parnichkun ,aimagin.com
ABSTRACT This paper focuses on the design of adaptive cruise control (ACC) which was
implemented on a passenger car based on sliding mode control (SMC) of throttle valve
combining with fuzzy logic control of brake pedal. An important feature of the new adaptive 

 Fuzzy Logic Based Handover Decision System
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M Sharma, RK Khola ,International Journal
ABSTRACT With the development of wireless communication technology, various wireless
networks have been deployed. Heterogeneous networks will be dominant in the next
generation wireless networks. In such networks, providing a seamless handoff by 

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V Rabarijaona, A Masuda, DC Hieu, S Shimamoto ,
ABSTRACT We propose a Cooperative Rate Adaptation MAC protocol based on the
standard CSMA/CA protocol used in IEEE 802.11 wireless networks. The main objective of
the proposal is to provide cooperative error recovery while using rate adaptation. The 

 Performance Based Comparison Between Various ZN Tuninng PID And Fuzzy Logic PID Controller In Position Control System Of Dc Motor
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Abstract The objective of this paper is to compare the time specification performance
between conventional controller and Fuzzy Logic controller in position control system of a
DC motor. The scope of this research is to apply direct control technique in position control 

 Fuzzy Logic for Multi-Hop Broadcast in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
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C Wu, S Ohzahata, T Kato ,cdn.intechopen.com
A Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) is a form of mobile ad hoc network in which vehicles
are equipped with wireless communication devices. Vehicular ad hoc networks have been
attracting the interest of both academic and industrial communities on account of their 

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E Jafari, R Sharifian, G Shahgholian, PG Panah ,iotpe.com
Abstract-Recently, numerous researches are dedicated to Direct Power Control (DPC) which
is adopted in both rectifiers and grid-connected inverters to improve the power quality
indices. In this paper, the possibility of using direct power control method for threephase 

 Evaluation of the Current Municipal Slaughterhouse of Babolsar and Locate an Appropriate Site via Fuzzy Logic in GIS for the Future One
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FA Fard, SM Zahraei ,corp.at
1 ABSTRACT In 2010, Babolsar (a city in the northern Iran) with a population of about 47927
residence, consumes 14500 Kg meat per day approximately. The results of the current
situation of slaughterhouse in Babolsar indicate that this location is inappropriate which in 

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RESUMEN: En este artículo se describe un método de clasificación supervisado que es una
modificación del clasificador multidensidad de ajuste de patrones difuso. Se ha demostrado
que este último es uno de los clasificadores más efectivos para clases no convexas. 

 Real Time Based Fuzzy Logic Distance Protection
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MF Al-Kababji ,alrafidain.engineering-coll-mosul.
Abstract This paper presents a new approach to real-time fault detection in power
transmission systems using Fuzzy Logic (FL) based transmission line distance protection
module. The proposed module uses samples of voltage and current signals to calculate 

 A Clinical Application of Fuzzy Logic
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AE Torshabi, M Riboldi, A Pella, A Negarestani ,cdn.intechopen.com
In fuzzy logic, linguistic variables are used to represent operating parameters in order to
apply a more human-like way of thinking [Zadeh, 1965, 1968, 1973, 1988, 1989]. Fuzzy logic
incorporates a simple, IF-THEN rule-based approach to solve a problem rather than 

 Sib Converter with Reduced Harmonic Distortion Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
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N Karthik ,iosrjournals.org
Abstract: An integrated conventional boost converter and a single ended primary inductor
converter (SEPIC) using Fuzzy Logic Controller is presented on this paper. By use of
classical boost converter, it contains insufficient step-up ratio, distribution of voltage stress 

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S Garg, VK Gaur ,ijrst.com
ABSTRACT Fuzzy logic is a form of many-valued logic; it deals with reasoning that is
approximate rather than fixed and exact. In contrast with traditional logic theory, wher e
binary sets have two-valued logic: true or false, fuzzy logic variables may have a truth valu 

 Fuzzy Logic, Knowledge and Natural Language
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G Licata ,cdn.intechopen.com
This is an introductive study on what Fuzzy Logic is, on the difference between Fuzzy Logic
and the other many-valued calculi and on the possible relationship between Fuzzy Logic
and the complex sciences. Fuzzy Logic is nowadays a very popular logic methodology. 

 Using Horn Clauses and Fuzzy Logic to Provide Location Intelligence Services to Mobile Users: an Implementation Account
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A Costanzo, A Faro, C Spampinato ,ict4lifeandsociety.com
Abstract. Current Location Based Services (LBS) don’t take into account the status of the
services neither the real time traffic conditions. Aim of the paper is to show how LBSs may
evolve towards location intelligence services based on Horn clauses expressed in Prolog 

 Phishing Attack Detection, Classification and Proactive Prevention using Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining Algorithm
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RJ Ferolin, CU Kang ,onlinepresent.org
Abstract. This paper presents a design for removing phishing sites or phishing pages that
are hosted probably without the knowledge of the website owner or host server. Initially the
system assesses and classifies phishing emails using Fuzzy Logic and the RIPPER Data 

 Resolution Principle and Fuzzy Logic
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H Habiballa ,cdn.intechopen.com
Fuzzy Predicate Logic with Evaluated Syntax (FPL)(Novák, V.) is a well-studied and wide-
used logic capable of expressing vagueness. It has a lot of applications based on robust
theoretical background. It also requires an efficient formal proof theory. However the most 

 Simulation of Optimal Power Flow incorporating with Fuzzy Logic Control and various FACTS Devices
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DR EaswaraMoorthy Nanda Kumar, SN Kumar ,ijsrp.org
Abstract-This paper presents a novel method for optimal location of FACTS controllers in a
multi machine power system using Fuzzy Controlled Genetic Algorithm (FCGA). Using the
proposed method, the location of FACTS controller, their type and rated values are 

 Fuzzy Logic Applied to Decision Making in Wireless Sensor Networks
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AM Ortiz, T Olivares ,cdn.intechopen.com
This chapter presents a real application of fuzzy logic applied to decision making in Wireless
Sensor Networks (WSNs). These networks are composed by a large number of sensor
devices that communicate with each other via wireless channel, with limitations of energy 

 Finger print Analysis and Matching using fuzzy logic design
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GP LAKSHMI, DR JAChandulal, DRYG KRISHNA ,iosrjournals.org
Abstract: fingerprint authentication is implemented using many algorithms, which are based
either on minutiae analysis or non minutiae analysis. Preprocessing of the fingerprints is
important for better accuracy. Preprocessing includes segmentation and noise removal, 

 Reduction of Ripple in a single phase buck converter by Fuzzy logic control
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NSK Sastry, S Pattnaik, MV Singh
ABSTRACT This paper presents the reduction of ripple by the use of fuzzy logic controller in
a single phase buck converter. In Electrical science ripple means the unwanted residual
periodic variation of the direct current output of a power supply which has been derived