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The genetic algorithm is a method for solving both constrained and unconstrained optimization problems that is based on natural selection, the process that drives biological evolution. The genetic algorithm repeatedly modifies a population of individual solutions

A Genetic Algorithm for the Dial-A-Ride Problem with private vehicles and privacy settings
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This paper addresses the Dial-A-Ride Problem (DARP) using Private Vehicles and Alternative Nodes (DARP-PV-AN). The DARP aims at defining routes for a fleet of vehicles in order to ensure a set of users pickup and delivery transportation requests, considering a

FIDDLE. Simultaneous Indexing and Structure Solution from Powder Diffraction Data using a Genetic Algorithm and Correlation Functions
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The usual process for crystal structure determination from powder diffraction data consists of (1) indexing of the powder pattern,(2) space group determination,(3) structure solution and (4) structure refinement. Despite the success of methods for powder indexing, there are

Shape Optimization Definiteness using NURBS Curves and Genetic Algorithm
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A Shape Optimization method performed on multi material Topology Optimization results is presented. The approach is based on two major phases, first, parametrization the material boundaries and second, optimizing those boundaries to definite shapes. The

Exploiting the Local Optima in Genetic Algorithm using Tabu Search
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Objectives: To explores the process of selecting retrieval schemes along with their weights, and fusion function for data fusion in information retrieval. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This has been carried out using the hybrid Genetic Algorithm . The fusion function, retrieval

Effort Estimation of Back-end Part of Software using Chaotically Modified Genetic Algorithm
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The focus of Software Development Effort Estimation (SDEE) is to precisely predict the estimation of effort and time required for successfully developing a software project. From the past few years, data-intensive applications with a huge back-end part are contributing to

A Simulated Study of Genetic Algorithm with a New Crossover Operator using Traveling Salesman Problem
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This work shows improvement with a modified form of the existing partially-mapped crossover operator for the traveling salesman problem. This novel crossover approach has been presented to get solutions by order of a list, and permutation crossover operators

Uncertainty Management of Supply Chain Manufacturing Cost using Genetic Algorithm
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Efficient and effective management of production cost is carried out by identifying the uncertainty levels in production plan of a supply chain. Thus the determination of the uncertainty factors at various levels in a supply chain becomes inevitable so as to ensure

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Artificial neural networks have been in the position of producing complex dynamics in control applications over the last decade, especially when they are linked to feedback. Although ANNs are strong for network design, the harder the design of the network, the more

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In this paper, the problem of the distribution path optimization of gas cylinder in urban area is studied. A method of distribution route optimization is proposed, which combines genetic tabu hybrid algorithm and the vehicle routing model with time windows constraint (VRPTW)

Optimal path calculation for virtual networks using genetic algorithm
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With the advent of software-defined networks, network virtualization becomes a key technology to implement softwaredefined networks. Network virtualization requires a path computation element (PCE) to calculate virtual paths to connect virtual network nodes. The

An improved fitness function for automated cryptanalysis using genetic algorithm
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Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a popular desire for the researchers for creating an automated cryptanalysis system. GA strategy is useful for many problems. Genetic Algorithms try to solve problems by using genetic processes. Different techniques for deciding on fitness

Optimal Building Frame Column Design Based on the Genetic Algorithm
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Building structure is like the skeleton of the building, it bears the effects of various forces and forms a supporting system, which is the material basis on which the building depends. Hence building structure design is a vital part in architecture design, architects often explore

Improve Performance of Association Rule-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems using Genetic Algorithm
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Recommender systems that possess adequate information about users and analyze their information, are capable of offering appropriate items to customers. Collaborative filtering method is one of the popular recommender system approaches that produces the best

Solving flexible job shop scheduling problems with transportation time based on improved genetic algorithm
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In the practical production, after the completion of a job on a machine, it may be transported between the different machines. And, the transportation time may affect product quality in certain industries, such as steelmaking. However, the transportation times are commonly

Cost-Aware Clustering of Bug Reports by Using a Genetic Algorithm .
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The inefficient distribution of bugs to developers is increasing the cost of software development and maintenance. In efforts to tackle this issue, various studies have been carried out to recommend suitable developers for specific bugs. These studies often

Cost Optimization of No-Slump Concrete Using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization
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(NSC) is investigated in this study. In this investigation, some restriction for the amount of compressive strength is considered and overall cost of concrete is minimized by designing mixture proportion. Cement, silica fume, water, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and filler

Reliability/Economic/GHG implications of Grid-Connected Wind Energy System Based on Genetic Algorithm
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Greenhouse gas, economic, and reliability issues are becoming more important for the emerging wind markets worldwide. With the interconnection of wind energy system into the electric grid, the fluctuating nature of the energy produced has a different effect on the

Tabu Search and genetic algorithm for production process scheduling problem. LogForum 15 (2), 181-189
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Background: The paper deals with production process scheduling problem. In large companies, the decision-making process about operators work, machines availability and production flow is a very difficult task, which is often being done by employees. Thus, not

Wood Polymer Composites Optimizer with Genetic Algorithm
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Wood polymer composites, or natural fiber composites are basically made up from a combination of plastic and wood flour. Usually, its quality is measured and depended on the mechanical properties that were used as composite materials for product development