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AgentTeamwork: Coordinating grid-computing jobs with mobile agents
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M Fukuda, K Kashiwagi, S Kobayashi ,Applied Intelligence, 2006 ,Springer
Abstract AgentTeamwork is a grid-computing middleware system that dispatches a
collection of mobile agents to coordinate a user job over remote computing nodes in a
decentralized manner. Its utmost focus is to maintain high availability and dynamic 

OpenMolGRID: Using automated workflows in GRID computing environment
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S Sild, U Maran, M Romberg, B Schuller , in Grid Computing-EGC , 2005 ,Springer
Quantitative Structure Activity/Property Relationship (QSAR/QSPR) model development is a
complex and time-consuming procedure involving data gathering and preparation. It plays
an important role in the drug discovery pipeline, which still is mostly done manually. The 

 A task scheduling algorithm based on pso for grid computing
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L Zhang, Y Chen, R Sun, S Jing ,International Journal of , 2008 ,
Abstract: Grid computing is a high performance computing environment to solve larger scale
computational demands. Grid computing contains resource management, task scheduling,
security problems, information management and so on. Task scheduling is a fundamental 

 PBS Pro: Grid computing and scheduling attributes
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Abstract The PBS Pro software is a full-featured workload management and job scheduling
system with capabilities that cover the entire Grid computing space: security, information,
compute, and data. The security infrastructure includes user authentication, access control 

 An obs architecture for pervasive grid computing
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E Van Breusegem, M De Leenheer ,The IEEE Global , 2004 ,
Abstract Grid computing offers high levels of computational, storage and network capacity by
bundling and sharing resources through a uniform interface. In its current form, Grids are
restricted to only a small application area, and deployment proceeds mainly for specific 

Towards standards-based processing of digital elevation models for grid computing through web processing service (WPS)
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S Lanig, A Schilling, B Stollberg, A Zipf ,Computational Science and Its , 2008 ,Springer
Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and 3D spatial data plays an important role in typical earth
science applications. Numerous simulations, eg flood modeling, and spatial analysis,
requires very exact terrain data. During the acquisition of these data, for an example by 

A low-cost rescheduling policy for dependent tasks on grid computing systems
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A simple model that can be used for the representation of certain workflows is a directed
acyclic graph. Although many heuristics have been proposed to schedule such graphs on
heterogeneous environments, most of them assume accurate prediction of computation 

Resource allocation in grid computing
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Abstract Grid computing, in which a network of computers is integrated to create a very fast
virtual computer, is becoming ever more prevalent. Examples include the TeraGrid and
Planet-lab. org, as well as applications on the existing Internet that take advantage of 

Quattor: Tools and techniques for the configuration, installation and management of large-scaleGrid computing fabrics
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This paper describes the quattor tool suite, a new system for the installation, configuration,
and management of

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Computer systems are rapidly changing. Over the next few years, we will see wide-scale deployment of dynamically-scheduled processors that can issue multiple instructions every clock cycle, execute instructions out of order, and overlap computation and cache misses

s and application software for computing fabrics. At
present Unix derivatives such as Linux and Solaris are supported. Quattor is a powerful, 

 Accessing Grid computing resources with g-Eclipse platform
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P Wolniewicz, N Meyer, M Stroinski , Methods in Science , 2007 ,
Abstract: In the paper we present how g-Eclipse can be used for easy running computation
on Grid resources. The g-Eclipse project is an EU-founded project that aims to build an
integrated workbench framework to access the power of existing Grid infrastructures. The 

 Scheduling framework for bandwidth-aware job grouping-based scheduling in grid computing
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NW Keat, AT Fong, LT Chaw ,Malaysian Journal of , 2006 ,
ABSTRACT In recent years, Grid computing has emerged as an evolution from the existing
distributed computing systems for delivering information, resources and services to users.
This new computational infrastructure offers a remarkable increase in the number of 

Grid computing for the masses: An overview
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K Amin, G Von Laszewski, A Mikler ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer
The common goals of the Grid and peer-to-peer communities have brought them in close
proximity. Both the technologies overlay a collaborative resource-sharing infrastructure on
existing (public) networks. In realizing this shared goal, however, they concentrate on 

Alice: A scalable runtime infrastructure for high performance grid computing
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This paper discusses a Java-based grid computing middleware, ALiCE, to facilitate the
development and deployment of generic grid applications on heterogeneous shared
computing resources. The ALiCE layered grid architecture comprises of a core layer that 

A user-centric cluster and grid computing portal
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The HPC2N Grid portal is a user-centric environment that provides a homogeneous
interface to a set of heterogeneous High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources from
standard web-browsers. The interface includes support for most everyday activities, such 

 What is grid computing
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IBMG Computing ,
28th April 2005 Grid Computing 4 Why Grid Computing ? Various architectural enhancements
exist for increasing computer as well as network speeds and storage capacity 

 DRIC: dependable grid computing framework
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SUMMARY Grid computing presents a new trend to distributed and Internet computing to
coordinate large scale resources sharing and problem solving in dynamic, multi-institutional
virtual organizations. Due to the diverse failures and error conditions in the grid