grid computing research papers 33

Metadata management and grid computing within the eMinerals project
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RP Tyer, PA Couch, TV Mortimer-Jones ,Proceedings of UK All , 2007
Abstract We report a pragmatic approach for metadata management developed by the
eMinerals project and which enables non-intrusive automatic metadata harvesting from
gridenabled simulation calculations. The framework, called the RCommand framework, 

 Application Specification Language (ASL)–A Language for Describing Applications in Grid Computing
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E Afgan, P Bangalore ,The 4th International Conference on , 2007 ,
Abstract. Grid computing is the computing infrastructure of the next century where unlimited
hardware and software resources are delivered to user? s fingertips. Much of the power
delivered by grid computing is realized through application software made readily 

 Enabling Large Scale Scientific Computations for Expressed Sequence Tag Sequencing over Grid and Cloud Computing Clusters
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This paper provides the motivation for this research, the architecture of the Swarm framework,
and a performance evaluation of the system prototype. Keywords: Grid computing, cloud
computing, bioinformatics, scientific computing, high throughput computing Page 2. 

 A grid-computing based multi-camera tracking system for vehicle plate recognition
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ZB Musa, J Watada ,KYBERNETIKA-PRAHA-, 2006 ,
There are several ways that can be implemented in a vehicle tracking system such as
recognizing a vehicle color, a shape or a vehicle plate itself. In this paper, we will
concentrate ourselves on recognizing a vehicle on a highway through vehicle plate 

 An integrated processor allocation and job scheduling approach to workload management on computing grid
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KC Huang, HY Chang , of the 2006 International Conference on , 2006 ,
Page 1. An Integrated Processor Allocation and Job Scheduling Approach to Workload
Management on Computing Grid*  1. INTRODUCTION In addition to cluster computing [2,3], grid
computing [1] has recently become a promising trend in the high performance computing field. 

 An optical network infrastructure suitable for global Grid computing
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D Simeonidou, R Nejabati, MJ OMahony ,TERENA Networking , 2004 ,
Abstract This paper presents a novel Grid network scenario based on an optical
infrastructure using optical burst switching. The functional blocks required are identified as
Core Router the Grid User Network Interface and the Grid Resource Network Interface. 

Trusted delegation for grid computing
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We have developed a novel architecture for grid computations (refer to Figure 1) that
provides strong security functions backed by trusted computing mechanisms. Virtualisation
is used to create strong isolated compartments. Grid jobs are run within virtual machines 

 Solving nonlinear wave equations in the grid computing environment: an experimental study
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In this paper we are interested in studying the development of parallel algorithms to solve
nonlinear wave equations. Both synchronous and asynchronous algorithms contexts are
considered. The solver is based on the multisplitting Newton method that provides a 

DHT-based security infrastructure for trusted internet and grid computing
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We designed a distributed security infrastructure with self-defence capabilities to secure
networked resources in Grids and internet applications. This paper reports new
developments in fuzzy trust management, game-theoretic Grid models, security-binding 

 Towards a top-down approach to teaching an undergraduate grid computing course
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B Wilkinson, C Ferner ,SIGCSE BULLETIN, 2008 ,
ABSTRACT Early undergraduate Grid computing courses generally took a bottom-up
approach to Grid computing education starting with network protocols, client-server
concepts, creating Web and Grid services, and then progressing through the underlying 

 Applications of grid computing in power systems
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ABSTRACT Grid computing is an infrastructure that involves the integrated and collaborative
use of computers, networks, databases and scientific instruments owned and managed by
multiple organizations [1]. Currently, Grid computing is effectively used in scientific 

 Efficient job scheduling in grid computing with modified artificial fish swarm algorithm
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S Farzi ,International Journal of computer theory and , 2009
Abstract—one of the open issues in grid computing is efficient job scheduling. Job
scheduling is known to be NP-complete, therefore the use of non-heuristics is the de facto
approach in order to cope in practice with its difficulty. In this paper, we propose a 

 An implementation of interactive jobs submission for grid computing portals
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H Xiao, H WU, X CHI, S DENG, H ZHANG , Workshop Grid Computing , 2005 ,
Abstract The Globus Toolkit has been widely used as middleware in Grid computing 
environments. Java CoG, Web Service and Portlet help to build Grid computing portals
easily and productively. Many Grid Portals can provide a customizable interface allowing 

 Construct a Grid Computing Environment on Multiple Linux PC Clusters
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CL Lai, CT Yang ,Tunghai Science, 2003 ,
Abstract Internet computing and Grid technologies promise to change the way we tackle
complex problems. They will enable large-scale aggregation and sharing of computational,
data and other resources across institutional boundaries. And harnessing these new 

 Grid Security: An Evaluation of Authorisation Infrastructures for Grid Computing
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AJ Stell ,MSo Dissertation, University of Glasgow, 2004 ,
Abstract This project is an evaluation of three authorisation software packages to be used
within a Grid environment. The packages compared are Permis, the Community
Authorisation Service (CAS) and the Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI). Permis and CAS 

 Grid computing in Buffalo, New York
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ML Green, R Miller ,Annals of the European Academy of Sciences, 2003 ,
Abstract A computational and data grid developed at the Center for Computational Research
in Buffalo, New York, will provide a heterogeneous platform to enable scientific and
engineering applications to run in a Buffalo-centric grid-based setting. A proof-ofconcept 

 A simple user authentication scheme for grid computing
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Abstract The security issue has become an important concern of grid computing. To prevent
the grid resources from being illegally visited, the strong mutual authentication is needed for
user and server. In this paper, based on the elliptic curve cryptosystem, we would like to 

 Machine learning applications in grid computing
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Abstract The development of the World Wide Web has changed the way that we think about
information. Information on the web is distributed, updates are made asynchronously and
resources come and go online without centralized control. Global networking will similarly 

 Prospects for Grid-Computing in Future Power Network’s
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M Irving, G Taylor ,2003 ,
The word ‘Grid’in Grid-computing was chosen by analogy with the electrical network. The
idea is that computational resources should be as readily available as electrical energy by
simply ‘plugging in to a Grid’. This short article is intended to alert the power system 

 Grid computing for energy exploration
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D Bevc, SE Zarantonello, N Kaushik , on Grid Computing for , 2004 ,
Abstract 3-D seismic imaging is the most computationally intensive task in the oil and gas
industry. It is a key technology that has allowed the success ratio of exploratory wells to
increase from 20% to 80%. The objective of this paper is to give an overview of a Grid- 

 Improving Grid computing performance prediction using weighted templates
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A Goyeneche, G Terstyanszky, T Delaitre ,Conf. Proc. of the UK e- , 2007
Abstract Understanding the performance behavior of Grid components to predict future Job
submissions is considered one of the answers to automatically select computational
resources to match users’ requirements maximizing its usability. Job characterization and