grid computing research papers 34

 Distributed parallel resource co-allocation with load balancing in grid computing
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N Nehra, RB Patel, VK Bhat ,IJCSNS, 2007 ,
Summary Resource Co-allocation is one of the crucial problems affecting the performance of
the grid. In addition to this if the system load in each of nodes is nearly equal; it indicates
good resource allocation and utilization. It is well known that load balancing is a key factor 

 Iktara in ConCert: Realizing a certified grid computing framework from a programmer’s perspective
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Abstract With the vast amount of computing resources distributed throughout the world
today, the prospect of effectively harnessing these resources has captivated the
imaginations of many and motivated both industry and academia to pursue this dream. We 

 CNGrid software 2: service oriented approach to grid computing
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Abstract In China, CNGrid software is one of the first middleware level grid software aiming
at distributed resource sharing and application integration. It is built by SOA technology and
composed by Vega GOS, GriShield and GriDaEn, which are responsible for resource 

 Re-factoring grid computing for usability
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B Beckles ,Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting, 2005
Abstract In this paper the author analyses the grid computing paradigm and attempts to
show how the established principles of usability engineering, interaction design and other
user-centred design methodologies can be applied to this paradigm to re-factor it so that 

 Benefits of grid computing for flood modeling in service-oriented spatial data infrastructures
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S Kurzbach, E Pasche, S Lanig ,GIS , 2009 ,
Abstract: In 2007, the European Commission has passed the Flood Directive(2007/60/EG)
dealing with the identification of inundated areas and the creation of flood risk maps. The
basis for flood modeling is provided by computationally and storage-intensive flow 

 Trust Models and NetShield Architecture for Securing Grid Computing
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Abstract: Highly shared resources in computing grids make insecurity and privacy abuse
major obstacles hindering the grid applications. A scalable grid system demands the
allocation and release of resources dynamically in response to the variations in workload, 

 Building distributed language resources by grid computing
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F Tamburini ,Proceedings of the 4th International Conference , 2004 ,
Abstract The increasing demand for linguistic resources consisting of substantial amounts of
data, such as large corpora, presents the challenge of building computational infrastructures
capable of handling unprecedented amounts of information. One possible solution is the 

 Grid middleware for effectively utilizing computing resources: CyberGRIP
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VAAVY Kadooka ,FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J, 2004 ,
 Grid Middleware for Effectively Utilizing Computing Resources: CyberGRIP V Akira Asato V
Yoshimasa Kadooka (Manuscript received September 6, 2004) Various research and development
activities regarding Grid computing technology have recently been promoted. 

 A grid computing diagnosis model for tolerating manipulation attacks
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F Martins, M Maia, RM de Castro Andrade , on Systems Science , 2006 ,
Abstract The performance and dependability of grid computing can be affected by
manipulation of jobs results by malicious nodes. To assure correctness of applications the
grid environment needs to detect and isolate these kinds of nodes, self-organizing the set 

 Regulatory issues for mobile grid computing in the european union
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Abstract While regulatory issues on telecommunications and data handling have been
established in a generic and service-neutral manner, typically independent of detailed
technical applications or application domains, the uprise of new technology and new 

 Autonomic grid computing
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Autonomic Grid Computing Manish Parashar The Applied Software Systems Laboratory
ECE/CAIP, Rutgers University  Page 2. Outline • Autonomic Grid computing – motivations and
overview • AutoMate: A framework of enabling autonomic applications 

 Web-based dynamic scheduling platform for grid computing
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O Kang, S Kang ,International Journal of Computer Science and , 2006 ,
Summary In this paper, we designed and presented a web-based grid scheduling platform,
which can model a system and simulate a scheduling method in grid computing. The
presented web-based scheduling platform utilized GridSim, a grid scheduling toolkit in 

 Components for Grid Computing
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M Morel ,2006 ,
Computer chips performance follows Moore’s law, storage capabilities are also increasing
exponentially, access to computers and electronic equipments has generalized in
industrialized countries, and the Internet and wireless technologies provide worldwide 

 Grid-One: An IPv6-QoS-aware Grid Computing Architecture
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R Banerjee ,EuroIndia 2004 Summit, 2004 ,
? In the first phase, it is building a medium-sized campus-wide grid involving several Server-
class systems, about 1000 PCs used inside the institute’s laboratories and faculty chambers,
large number of student-owned PCs in their hostel rooms and many of the staff-owned 

 Design of SOA-based Grid Computing with Enterprise Service Bus
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AM Riad, AE Hassan, QF Hassan ,International Journal on , 2010
Abstract Due to great advantages that Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) offers to its
adopters in almost all fields, many studies tried to leverage it in grid computing. These
studies focused on enabling easy access and flexible management to underlying grid 

 Developing distributed computing solutions combining grid computing and public computing
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CU Søttrup, JG Pedersen ,Departamento de Ciência da Computação da , 2005 ,
Abstract As modern research relies more and more on computers, computer cycles are
becoming a scarce resource for research projects, as well as a large part of the cost. Some
projects try to solve this problem by relying on computer resources donated by the public. 

Parametric optimization of a model-based segmentation algorithm for cardiac MR image analysis: a grid-computing approach
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Abstract. In this work we present a Grid-based optimization approach performed on a set of
parameters that affects both the geometric and grey-level appearance properties of a three-
dimensional model-based algorithm for cardiac MRI segmentation. The search for optimal 

The implementation of the genetic optimized algorithm of air craft geometry designing based ongrid computing
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X Sun, X Lu, Q Deng ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer
Genetic Optimized Algorithm Grid System is a network computing system based on Grid
technology. It is composed by a group of Grid services, which described by WSDL. In this
system, the computational resources are provided to the clients in the form of services and 

 Enterprise grid computing: State-of-the-art
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The term grid as used today means many different things to different people. It is often used
to refer to various forms of distributed systems, such as Cluster-based systems, P2P
networks, wide-area distributed storage solutions, and the like. To add to the confusion,