Grid computing is a processor architecture that combines computer resources from various domains to reach a main objective. In grid computing, the computers on the network can work on a task together, thus functioning as a supercomputer.

Grid computing is a group of computers physically connected (over a network or with Internet) to perform a dedicated tasks together, such as analysing e-commerce data and solve a complex problem. Grids are a form of “super virtual computer” that solve a particular application.

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Genetic load and time prediction technique for dynamic load balancing in grid computing
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ABSTRACT Gird computing is an emerging science in the field of distributed computing which involves coordinating and sharing computing, application, data, storage, or network resources across dynamic and geographically dispersed organizations. Scheduling and

A lightweight application hosting environment for grid computing
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ABSTRACT Current grid computing [1, 2] technologies have often been seen as being too heavyweight and unwieldy from a client perspective, requiring complicated installation and configuration steps to be taken that are beyond the ability of most end users. This has led

Integrating Clinical Trial Imaging Data Resources Using Service-Oriented Architecture and Grid Computing
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ABSTRACT Clinical trials which use imaging typically require data management and workflow integration across several parties. We identify opportunities for all parties involved to realize benefits with a modular interoperability model based on service-oriented architecture and

Why Web Services and Grid Computing will Turn the Travel Industry on Its Head–and Why that sa Good Thing!
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Global travel and tourism–one of the world s largest industries–generates $4.7 trillion in revenue annually, employs 207 million people either directly and indirectly, and supports hundreds of thousands of businesses 1. Despite the fact that travel drives over 30% of all A study of the dependence of the cross section on the rotational energy for the N+ N 2 reaction is presented. Cross sections have been calculated using a time-dependent quantum method and applying the centrifugal sudden approximation. This approximation

G-SDAM–Seamless Semantic Data Interchange for Grid Computing
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ABSTRACT. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is one of the main requirements in a cooperative environment, more so in an environment that is predestined to the cooperation of various companies and enterprises. The challenge to unify the heterogeneous distributed data

Ecosystem: A set of grid computing tools for a class of economic applications
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ABSTRACT Computational grids allow users to achieve high computational power with relatively simple resources. They are comparatively cheap and easy to set up, and pool the assets of potentially weak hardware together to create a superior resource. However,

Folding home: advances in biophysics and biomedicine from world-wide grid computing
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Abstract Simulations of biological molecules offer a lot of promise to complement and extend current experiments in the areas of biophysics and biomedicine. However, there are some serious limitations that must be overcome before computational methods are universally

Technical report tr-08-07: An evaluation of amazon s grid computing services: Ec2, s3 and sqs
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Abstract Amazon. com s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3) and Simple Queue Service (SQS) offer enterprise-class computing, storage and coordination facilities to any organization or individual in the world with a valid credit card. This paper

Grid data farm for petascale data intensive computing
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 Design issues of network enabled server systems for the Grid. Lecture Notes in [5] Hidemoto Nakada, Mitsuhisa Sato, and Satoshi Sekiguchi.

Grid Computing Products and Services
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This IBM Redbook is part of a series of documents related to grid computing that IBM is presenting to the IT community to it and all its players: clients, industry leaders, emerging enterprises, universities, and producers of technology. It is mainly oriented to IT architects

Determination of the Physics Performance of the ALICE Central Barrel using a distributedGRID Computing Environment
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The questions What are we made of? and Where do we come from? have occupied the human mind since the very beginning. Scientists have tracked down the constituents of matter to molecules, atoms, nucleons and, today, to quarks and leptons. Theories evolved

Research on computing grid software architecture
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 business system. Keyword: computing grid, computing source, SA 1 Preface At  computing explicitly. The assembled-logic is realized by specific application implicitly so that it is still complex and difficult to integrate grid computing effectively. It

Embedded Grid Computing
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? A typical product sample is the DIL/NetPC DNP/2110. This modul need a base of just 82 x 28 mm and is using the DIL-64 foot print.? Intel Xscale PXA255 with 400 MHz? Fan-less operation? Up to 32 Mbytes SDRAM? 16 Mbytes Flash (ISP possible)? 1 x 10/100 Mbps

Experience with BXGrid: a data repository and computing grid for biometrics research
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Keywords e-science · Grid computing · Biometrics ·Abstractions  Users must be effective at configuring and using grid computing systems, relational databases, distributed filesystems, and be aware of the many underlying functional constraints and performance interactions.

Achieving Fault Tolerance in Grid Computing System
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ABSTRACT Grid computing is a means of allocating the computational power of a large number of computers to complex difficult computation or problem. Grid computing is a distributed computing paradigm that differs from traditional distributed computing in that it

Failure-Aware Resource Selection for Grid Computing
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Over the past decade, grid computing has been rapidly becoming a promising model for highthroughput computing, distirbuted supercomputing, and data-intensive computing [11]. Grid is defined as a hardware and software infrastructure that enables coordinated

A survey of distributed computing, computational grid, meta-computing and network information tools
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Page 1. A Survey of Distributed Computing, Computational Grid, Meta-computing and Network Information Tools RJ Allan and M. Ashworth Computational Science and Engineering Department, CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory, Daresbury, Warrington WA4 4AD, UK

Grid Computing: A Ten Years Look Back
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Grid Computing: A Ten Years Look Back Mara S. Prez Facultad de Informtica Universidad Politcnica de Madrid  Page 18. 18 Grid Computing ? Grid Computing is based on the philosophy of information and electricity sharing, allowing us to access to another kind of

Java Grid Computing Library (JavaGCL) An Application Framework for Computational Grids
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Abstract. This paper illustrates a Java Grid Computing Library (JavaGCL) that implements a fundamental application framework for Grid computing. The library enables users to rapidly build Grid-based applications using a P2P model. In JavaGCL, anAbstract layer is