Survey on MyHelper (IOT based Bridge Monitoring System)

Prof.Ansari.M.B1, Pranjal Adhav2 ,Pooja Gaikwad3 ,Sushama Nadavade4,Pooja Kale5.

Dept. of Computer Engg, Bhivrabai Sawant Polytechnic wagholi, Pune, India1,2 ,3 ,4,5.

ABSTRACT:In this paper we propose a system implementing bridge monitoring system using Internet of Things (IOT). This system detects the water pressure, water level and load of vehicles.If the water pressure, water level and vehicle load cross its threshold value then it generates the alert and auto barrier. Bridge monitoring system is significant to health diagnosis of bridges and flyovers. Lots of bridges in the cities built on the river are subject to deterioration as their lifetime is expired but they are still in use. These bridges are dangerous to use for people. Due to high water level, water pressure, heavy rains, heavy load of vehicles, these bridges may get collapse which in turn leads to disaster. That’s why these bridges are requiring to continuous monitoring using Internet of things.So I am proposing a system which consists of a water level sensor, vibration sensor, IR sensor,tilt sensor, NodeMCU microcontroller, and android mobile application.
Keywords: IOT, Android Application, NodeMCU Microcontroller, IR Sensor, Alert Generation, Water Level Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Tilt Sensor.

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Dept. of Computer Engg, Bhivrabai Sawant Polytechnic wagholi,
Pune, India

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