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A High Performance SOAP Engine for Grid Computing
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N Wang, M Welzl, L Zhang ,Networks for Grid Applications, 2009 ,Springer
Web Service technology still has many defects that make its usage for Grid computing
problematic, most notably the low performance of the SOAP engine. In this paper, we
develop a novel SOAP engine called SOAPExpress, which adopts two key techniques for 

Dynamic and fine-grained authentication and authorization architecture for grid computing
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The Globus Toolkit makes it very easy and comfortable for grid users to develop and deploy
grid service. As for the security mechanism, however, only static authentication and coarse-
grained authorization mechanism is provided in current Globus Toolkit. In this paper we 

 Enhancing e-Infrastructures with Advanced Technical Computing: Parallel MATLAB on the Grid
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AJ Chakravarti, SG Freilich, E Laure, M Jouvin ,2008 ,
 Abstract MATLAB® is widely used within the engineering and scientific fields as the language
and environment for technical computing, while collaborative Grid computing on e-Infrastructures
is used by scientific communities to deliver a faster time to solution. 

Distributed computing grid experiences in CMS data challenge
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A Fanfani ,2004 ,
Page 1. 2nd GGF School on Grid Computing – July 2004 – n° 1 A.Fanfani INFN Bologna ?
Introduction about LHC and CMS ? CMS Production on Grid  in CMS Data Challenge Page 2.
2nd GGF School on Grid Computing – July 2004 – n° 2 A.Fanfani INFN Bologna Introduction 

 NeuroGrid:Collaborative Neuroscience via Grid Computing
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abstract Advances in neuroimaging have already led to breakthroughs in the clinical
management of neurological disorders, with current developments holding comparable
promise for neuro-psychiatric disorders. There are, however, key problems to be 

 Use of grid computing for debian quality assurance
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Abstract Many quality assurance tasks require a lot of computing power, especially when
applied to large GNU/Linux distributions such as Debian. We used the french Grid’5000
experimental computer grid to work on such tasks. After describing the QA tests we 

 Parallelizing geospatial tasks in grid computing
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S Werder, A Krüger ,GIS Science. v3, 2009 ,
Abstract The available number and amount of geospatial data are increasing. So is the
complexity of performed calculations on these datasets. This leads to the need for efficient
parallelization of geospatial tasks. Another aspect that plays an important role in 

 A Statistical Approach for the Assessment of QOS and Performance in Grid ComputingEnvironment
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K Jahangir, S Farhan ,International Journal of , 2011
Abstract Grid computing enables resource sharing and dynamic allocation of distributed
heterogeneous computational resources while minimizing the associated ownership and
operating cost. In grid computing there is no matter where data located is or which 

 Ad hoc Grid: An Adaptive and Self-Organizing Peer-to-Peer Computing Grid
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INTRODUCTION Computing grids provide the means to harvest computing resources spread
over a geographical area, and in some cases spanning different administrative domains [2]. There
are many grid computing architectures [3], but this work focuses only on peer-to 

 A Sustainable Business Model Approach for Grid Computing–And a Life Sciences Example
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S Scholz, MH Breitner, M Blaurock ,Multikonferenz , 2008 ,
Abstract: The amount and shared use of digitalized data in scientific and business
communities have increased. Several software applications require higher computing power
and more sophisticated network solutions. Grid computing tackles these requirements by 

Agent-based resource selection for grid computing
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Agent technology is critical in providing solutions to grid computing, including resource
selection. Traditionally, agent deliberation offers a deductive process whose deliberation
cost is very high and also difficult to measure. We consider the use of Multi-Agent Systems 

 Improving the fault tolerance level within the GRID computing environment-integration with the low-level checkpointing packages
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G Jankowski, R Januszewski, R Mikolajczak, J Kovacs ,2008 ,
Abstract The advantages of utilizing the checkpointing functionality are obvious; however so
far the Grid community has not developed a widely accepted standard that would allow the
Grid environment to consciously utilize lowlevel checkpointing packages. Therefore, such 

 Self-gridron: Reliable, autonomous, and fully decentralized desktop grid computing system based on neural overlay network
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E Byun, H Kim, S Choi, S Lee, YS Han , on Parallel and , 2008
Abstract-Although desktop Grid computing has been regarded as a cost-efficient computing
paradigm, the system has suffered from scalability issues caused by its centralized structure.
In addition, resource volatility generates system instability and performance deterioration.