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Europe exceeds US in refining grid computing
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J Markoff, JL Schenker ,The New York Times, November, 2003 ,
When the Swiss-based pharmaceutical giant Novartis needed a new supercomputer for
designing drugs, the company found that it already had one. It was hidden in the unused
computing power the company had available in the thousands of PCs that were already 

 Real-Time Functional MRI Analysis Using Grid Computing
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Real-Time fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) is an evolving technique used for
the immediate analysis of fMRI data with results available within a few seconds after data
acquisition [1]. In an fMRI examination, the subject’s brain is repeatedly scanned while the 

 Scaling-out with Oracle grid computing on Dell hardware
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JC Lowery ,2003 ,
Increasing computing power by adding inexpensive processing and storage nodes to an
existing infrastructure is a concept Dell refers to as scalable enterprise computing or
scaling out. Successful scale-out architectures manage workloads such that component 

 Integration of mobile computing with grid computing: a middleware architecture
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A Kumar, SR Qureshi ,2nd National Conference on Challenges, 2008
Abstract—In this paper we present a proposal of a middleware to integrate mobile
computing with grid computing. We describe the support to be provided by the combination
of the two technologies, propose a middleware to support the development and 

 VGrid: Vehicular AdHoc Networking and Computing Grid for Intelligent Traffic Control
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We must consider that the applications which utilize the grid computing system will operate in
a number of different scopes: ranging from a single car to a platoon of cars that form a peer space,
as discussed by Chisalita and Shahmehri [2]. The platoon scope is important since 

 SAM-Grid: Using SAM and Grid middleware to enable full function Grid computing
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A Baranovsk, I Bertram, G Garzoglio ,Proceedings of the , 2002 ,
Motivation for the work (problems addressed): Many solutions exist for the distributed
production of simulation data for HEP experiments, and subsequent storage to MSS–roughly
1 system per experiment. All such production is characterized by negligibly small input 

Short message service in a Grid-enabled computing environment
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F Xu, H Eres, S Cox ,Euro-Par 2003 Parallel Processing, 2003 ,Springer
 They provide the functions of security, sending and receiving the messages over the Internet
crossing fire- walls. The Globus server enables the message client to be run remotely and safely
in a grid-enabled environment using the Globus grid computing toolkit. 

 Resource Discovery Services for Grid Computing Training
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B Low, D Fergusson, J MacColl ,2007 ,
Resource discovery is a core function of e-learning. While initially confined to library
environments, it has become pervasive, partly due to the advent of web-based searching
and also service-oriented approach. The latter is the focus of this paper as resource 

 Efficient Utilization of Computing Resources Using Highest Response Next Scheduling in Grid
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K Somasundaram, S Radhakrishnan ,Asian Journal of , 2007
 This scheme is adaptive for local jobs and remote jobs without any loss of performance and highly
adaptive for grid environment Key words: FCFS, Highest Response Next Scheduling Algorithm
(HEN), grid computing, efficient utilization, resources INTRODUCTION A 

OBS/GMPLS Interworking Network with Scalable Resource Discovery for Global Grid Computing
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In recent years, Grid computing is more common in the industry and research community
and will open to the consumer market in the future. The final objective is the achievement of
global Grid computing, which means that the computing and networks are flexibly 

 Grid computing-an evolving vision
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IEEE DS-Online• grids are networks for computation–they are thinking, number-crunching
entities. Like a decentralized nervous system, grids consist of high-end computers, servers,
workstations, storage systems, and databases that work in tandem across private and 

 FATOM: An MPI based fault tolerance middleware for Grid computing
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JY Sheen, CH Huang ,Proceedings of the Eleventh , 2005 ,
Abstract: In grid computing networks and distributed systems, parallel applications can run in
distributed heterogeneous sites using MPI message-passing. It is important to enhance the
reliability of the system with fault tolerance. In this paper, we discuss an MPI based 

Supplying instantaneous video-on-demand services based on grid computing
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X He, X Tang, J You ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer
It is impossible to satisfy the infinite rapid-increasing requirements with finite addition of
servers and bandwidth in the traditional VOD (Video-on-Demand) system. In this paper, we
propose a novel hybrid Grid-type architecture to resolve this problem. By taking advantage 

 Satellite image classification by self organized maps on GRID computing infrastructures
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S Arias, H Gómez, F Prieto, M Botón ,Proceedings of the , 2009 ,
1 UTPL, University of Loja, Ecuador {saarias,hfgomez} 2 CETA-CIEMAT, Extremadura
Research Centre for Advanced Technologies, Spain {francisco.prieto,raul.ramos,maria.boton
}@email.address  The present contribution describes the main goals and methodology 

An improved solution to I/O support problems in wide area grid computing environments
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B Wang, P Chen, Z Xu ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer
In wide area Grid computing environments, computation is often performed at a site distant
from data needed and from the user console. Therefore, it necessitates I/O support to run
computation jobs at remote sites. Major Grid software providers have implemented their 

On the definition of access control requirements for grid and cloud computing systems
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Keywords: cloud computing, grid computing, access control, security requirements engineering.
1 Introduction  International Journal of Supercomputer Applications 15 (2001) 2. Foster, I., Zhao,
Y., Raicu, I., Lu, S.: Cloud computing and grid computing 360-degree compared. 

 Experiences from simulating the global carbon cycle in a grid computing environment
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Abstract. We discuss our software development experiences with Grid-BGC, a gridenabled
terrestrial carbon cycle modeling environment. Grid-BGC leverages grid computing
technologies to create a secure, reliable and easy to use distributed computational 

 Scalable Wall-Socket Multimedia Grid Computing
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Abstract Multimedia data is rapidly gaining importance along with recent deployment of
publicly accessible digital television archives, and surveillance cameras in public locations.
In a few years, analyzing the content of multimedia data will be a problem of phenomenal 

 Distributed resource scheduling in grid computing using fuzzy approach
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The assumed multicluster consists of m clusters C1, C2, Cm, and each cluster is
composed of a number of homogenous computational resources, and a scheduler. The
scheduling is done in two levels: global and local. The arrival job could be submitted to 

 Design of Grid Computing Environment for Operative Weather Nowcasting
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G Aloisio, D Conte, GP Marra, F Prodi , on Grid Computing and , 2006 ,
Abstract-Weather nowcasting is a meteorological forecast which alerts civil protection
institutions in case of heavy rain events, tornadoes, fires or heat waves and so on. This
technique needs to process different data in a very short time. This paper, critically 

 Dynamic runtime environments for grid computing
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Abstract In a grid computing context the execution of jobs on remote machines of
collaborating institutes often requires the provisioning of more than mere CPU time. Besides
libraries and utilities distributed with the