grid computing research papers 99

Security in Grid Computing
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TL Wu ,
Abstract Over last 10 years, security one of the important issue within the field computer
science. Meanwhile, Grid computing has been rapidly growing with its powerful
computational feature. As a result, researcher starts to deploy security within Grid 

 Improving Performance in Load Balancing Problem on the Grid Computing System
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KS Prabhat, G Sonu, SY Dheerendra ,International Journal of , 2011
Abstract Load Balancing is a technique to improve resources, utilizing parallelism, exploiting
throughput managing and to reduce response time through proper distribution of the
application. Load balancing strategies is always used for the emergence of Distributed 

 Fuzzy Inference System Based Reputation Model for Grid Computing
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B Sinha, PS Kumar ,
Abstract: Development of grid computing enforces the implementations of economic and
efficient models, though the assumptions are there that both transaction parties are honest
and trustworthy. In reality there is serious information asymmetry between transacting 

Parallel discrete event simulation on desktop grid computing infrastructures
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A Park, RM Fujimoto ,International Journal of Simulation and Process , 2009 ,Inderscience
In contrast to traditional Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (PDES) systems using dedicated
machines, an alternative master/worker approach for high throughput execution on shared
computing platforms is proposed. Master/worker systems offer potential advantages over 

 Reliability and Performance Modeling and Analysis for Grid Computing
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Abstract Grid computing is a newly developed technology for complex systems with large-
scale resource sharing, wide-area communication, and multi-institutional collaboration. It is
hard to analyze and model the Grid reliability because of its largeness, complexity and 

 Extending Grid Computing in Canada: Federating Grid Canada and LCG
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A Dimopoulos ,2003 ,
Abstract New high energy physics experiments are requiring computing resources many
times larger than those in existence. To meet their needs, they are turning to an emerging
technology called computational grids which link many distributed computers together. 

 Enhancing Cartographic Generalization Processing with Grid Computing Power
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The generation of readable maps at a specific scale by means of automated generalization
is a long standing challenge (Mackaness, Ruas,Sarjakoski, 2007; WeibelDutton, 1999).
This so-called cartographic generalization is considered to be an optimization problem ( 

 Minimization of Security Alerts under Denial of Service Attacks in Grid Computing Networks
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Abstract—Grid computing networks aggregate huge computing power that they need for
solving different scientific problems. This power can be used for attacking the grid’s
components as well as outside computers. Attacks such as the Denial of Service (DoS) 

7.4 Examples of Companies Related to Grid Computing
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XS NetApp, D GigaSpaces ,GRID; Study of ICT Grid interoperability gaps; , 2008 ,
Amazon is one of the leading companies for e-commerce. The headquarters are located in
Seattle, Washington and the company was founded in 1995 by Jeff Bezos. Since 1995 the
range of products has been continuously expanded and worldwide logistic and customer 

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E Mudnic, L Vickovic, S Celar ,Advances in Production Engineering , 2010 ,
Abstract: This paper presents the simulation results of a novel Grid computing workload
management scheme based on job-pull operational mode and weighted random matching.
Large scale Grid computing system as one used in the CERN-ALICE experiment has 

 An Adaptive Scheduling System for Computational Grid using Autonomic Computing
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E Aghaei, MS Abadeh ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
 ABSTRACT Grid computing provides an environment to be share software and hardware
resources.Ontheonehand, environmentofGridcomputingis inherently large, complex,
heterogeneous and dynamic and its state changes over time, on the other hand, incoming job 

 Grid Computing Middleware Survey
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Abstract—This research presents a survey on grid computing middleware. The relevance of
this work grows with cloud computing and its relation to grids. Firstly, a study among some of
these middlewares is done, showing details about their respective environments. 

 Real-Time Image Guided Neurosurgery Using Distributed and Grid Computing
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N Chrisochoides, A Fedorov, A Kot, N Archip, P Black ,
Abstract Neurosurgical resection is a therapeutic intervention in the treatment of brain
tumors. Precision of the resection can be improved by utilizing Magnetic Resonance
Imaging (MRI) as an aid in decision making during Image Guided Neurosurgery (IGNS). 

 Peer-VM: A Peer-to-Peer Network of Virtual Machines for Grid Computing
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A Agrawal ,
Abstract This proposal discusses details about Peer-VM which is a peer-to-peer (P2P)
networking system allowing users to share the virtual machines (VM) in a P2P fashion for the
purpose of Grid Computing. Peer-VM allows for the on demand addition of the virtual 

 Algorithm analysis for the pipeline computing in Grid GIS
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 application belong to their studying objects. 1.2 Grid GIS Grid GIS, which is GIS research
and realization under the grid computing conditions, is a new technology field and a
contemporary hot research issue. And Grid GIS is a spatial 

 Grid Computing Visualization
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L Weitzman ,2008 ,
Abstract Grid computing is a new way to access and take advantage of the distributed
computational resources that the web has made available. Currently the grid is almost
exclusively used by the scientific community for specialized applications. In the future, it is