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Security Issues in Grid Computing
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M Likhinin, B Speed ,2003
Due to increasingly complex problems in technology, science, and data analysis, the need
in computing power grows in geometric progression. Even though computer processors,
data storage, and communications continue to improve at a rapid pace, there is a growing 

 An Overview of Data Grid & Grid Computing: The Next Generation Distributed Computing
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J Govil, J Govil, N Kaur, H Kaur
Abstract-The first generation technologies and architectures has formed the basis of grid
computing, and presently there is explosion of commercial and scientific interest in the grid.
Grid computing addresses the need of its study in depth because the integration of 

 Redefining Capacity Planning for Grid Computing
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M Cismas ,CMG-CONFERENCE-, 2005 ,
Grid Computing is an emerging concept that will change the way we use and think about
technology. The Grid is an inevitable path of technological evolution. This paper will explore
the questions such as how the role of Capacity Planning will change in respect to the rise 

 Wolfgang Gentzsch, Director Grid Computing, Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto, USA
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DG Computing ,Informatik bewegt, 2002 ,
Abstract: The Grid is a distributed computing architecture for accessing Computing, data
resources and scientific instruments over the Internet, in much the same way that electricity
is delivered over thePower Grid today. It is the next logical step, from Internet, to 

 Can Intelligent Optimisation Techniques Improve Computing Job Scheduling In A Grid Environment? Review, Problem and Proposal
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Within this context, the Grid computing paradigm originated as a new infrastructure to address
these problems and is now an established technology for large scale resource sharing and
distributed integration within both science and industry setting [1]. As one of the most 

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A Singh ,International Journal of Engineering Science, 2011
Abstract The development of Grid Computing technologies, dynamic resource sharing is
becoming an increasingly important issue in the area of distributed, heterogeneous network.
In this paper, an approach for dynamic runtime load balancing based on mobile agents is 

 Improvement and Performance of Mobile Environment using Cloud and Grid Computing
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A Vijay, JS Yadav, K Agrawal, P Gupta ,
Abstract-This paper Introduction of Web OS for the Improvement and Performance of Mobile
Environment using Cloud and Grid Computing aims at providing users an efficient way of
accessing an Operating System Stored on a remote server. The users can access it from 

 Security Mechanisms in Grid Computing
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M Jayawardena12, S Holmgren ,Innovations for a Knowledge Economy, 2006
Abstract. Security is an important element in grid computing. This is specially true for
applications. So far, grid computing has not been used much outside experimental systems,
since security considerations have not been satisfactorily handled by developers and 

 Developing a Secure Grid Computing Environment Shell Engine
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Abstract We describe the design and features of our Grid Computing Environments Shell
system, or GCEShell. We view computing Grids as providing essentially a globally scalable

that exposes low level programming APIs. From these system 

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N DiFrancesco, BL Kirk ,mathematicsandcomputation.
ABSTRACT With the proliferation of varied hardware architectures from personal computers
(PCs) to massively parallel systems, computing has become an intrinsic part of the daily
work environment. In spite of the workload that is borne by computers in a typical office, 

 A Dynamic Load Balancing Strategy for Parallel Association Rule Mining in Grid Computing
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ABSTRACT. Parallélisation approach is a good technique to enhance the performance of
sequential data mining algorithms. However, parallelizing these algorithms is not a trivial
task and is facing many challenges including the workload balancing problem.

Research and Application of Distributed Fusion System Based on Grid Computing
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Y Su, H Zhao, W Su, G Wang, X Zhang ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer
Grid computing is used to realize the connection of distributed, heterogeneous computing
resources through grid, assist in accomplishing computing task. Focusing on the weakness
of centralized information fusion, put forward the disturbed fusion model utilizing grid 

 Towards the GRID—Adoption of a campus-wide High Throughput Computing Infrastructure
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C Parker ,2007 ,
 becoming infeasible for large scienti?c problems. T-herefere, /ii GRID computing
in?astmcture~ enable_§logically separate entities to migrate local cluster-bsed
computatiop to pa? la’: __he’§%gogSne0us, scalable and ubiquitous 

 eSports: Collaborative and Synchronous Video Annotation System in Grid ComputingEnvironment
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Abstract We designed eSports—a collaborative and synchronous video annotation platform,
which is to be used in Internet scale cross-platform grid computing environment to facilitate
Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) in education settings such as distance 

 A Dynamic Load Balancing Strategy for Parallel Association Rule Mining in Grid Computing
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TRS Yahya
ABSTRACT. Parallelisation approach is a good technique to enhance the performance of
sequential data mining algorithms. However, parallelizing these algorithms is not a trivial
task and is facing many challenges including the workload balancing problem.

 Real-time surveillance of influenza/pneumonia deaths: new strategies using grid computingand natural language processing
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K Davis, C Staes, R Price, J Duncan, S Igo , using information in , 2011 ,
ABSTRACT Real-time surveillance of influenza/pneumonia deaths: new strategies using grid
computing and natural language processing K Davis1, C Staes1, R Price2, J Duncan3, S
Igo1, 2, and JC Facelli1, 2 1Department of Biomedical Informatics, Salt Lake City, UT, 

 Grid Computing-Challenges Confronted and Opportunities Offered
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G Kaur, I Chopra
Abstract Grid Computing is a successor the distributed computing and in many ways has
successfully redefined the era of global computing. By this, we mean that Grids involve the
actual networking services and connections of a potentially unlimited number of 

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DM Badea, D Vlad, C Petre ,
Abstract–In this paper are presented some more important issues from GRID computing
history, the development at worldwide and European level and also in Romania, a short
description and the connection with the application GRID–BENCHMARKING. The GRID 

 An Evolutionary Approach to Grid Computing Agents
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Y Bernard, L Klejnowski, D Bluhm, J Hähner ,
Abstract. The Organic Computing initiative aims at introducing new, self-organising
algorithms in order to cope better with the complexity of today’s systems. One approach to
self-organisation is the introduction of agents which are able to continuously adapt their 

 Transactions for grid computing
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AS Puimedon ,
Abstract In the computing reality of this first decade of the XXI century, such as in about all
other aspects of reality, the defining word is globalization, which in computational terms
translates the traditional inhouse supercomputer clusters of yesteryear into grids of 

 Evaluation of Job-Scheduling Strategies for Grid Computing Volker Hamscher1, Uwe Schwiegelshohn1, Achim Streit2, and Ramin Yahyapour1 1 Computer
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Abstract. In this paper, we discuss typical scheduling structures that occur in computational
grids. Scheduling algorithms and selection strategies applicable to these structures are
introduced and classified. Simulations were used to evaluate these aspects considering 

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VP Koutras, AN Platis, GA Gravvanis ,The International Journal of , 2009
Abstract: Grid computing uses geographically distributed resources for solving large-scale
problems by providing heterogeneous resources. A grid-computing environment with a star
topology is modeled in this paper, in which software rejuvenation is performed in order to 

Performance evaluation of a grid computing architecture using realtime network monitoring
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YS Jeong, CZ Xu ,Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications, 2005 ,Springer
This paper integrates the concepts of realtime network monitoring and visualizations into a
grid computing architecture on the Internet. We develop a Realtime Network Monitor (RNM)
that performs realtime network monitoring in order to improve the performance of the grid 

 A Study on Application of Grid Computing to Medical Data Analysis
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S Date ,
Summary Recently, the lack of computational power for analyzing scientific data has
become a major problem in all scientific fields. The rapid development of measurement
technologies provides scientists and researchers with a large amount of scientific data. 

Tasks assignment for Grid computing
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M Meddeber, B Yagoubi ,International Journal of Web and Grid , 2011 ,Inderscience
A grid computing environment involves cooperation and sharing resources among
distributed machines. Users may dispatch their tasks to remote computing resources instead
of just computing locally. Hence, task assignment is an important issue in a grid computing 

 Middleware and Programming Technology for Grid Computing
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C Varela ,2004 ,
The growing demand for computational power from researchers in diverse scientific fields
and the comparatively low cost/performance ratio of modern computer processors has
propelled the need for viewing computer networks as computational grids. This new 

 Five Layer Security ArchitecturePolicies for Grid Computing System
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MK Singh, S Pal
Abstract-In this paper we described four layer architecture of Grid Computing System,
analyzes security requirements and problems existing in Grid Computing System. This
paper presents a new approch of five layer security architecture of Grid Computing System