gsuite features and benefits

- Electronic learning is a technology learning that plays an important role in modern education and training. Its great contribution lies in the fact that content is available at any place and device from a fixed device to mobile device. Nowadays, education is accessible everywhere with the use of technology. There are several LMS (Learning Management Systems) available. One of the new tool available was released by Google under GSuite. Pangasinan State University is currently subscribed to GSuite for Education, and recently Google introduces Classroom as an eLearning platform for an educational institution. This research aims to evaluate the new product, its functionalities for the purpose of adapting and deployment. The main objective of this paper is to identify the usability and evaluation of the Learning Management System (LMS) Google Classroom, its functionalities, features, and satisfaction level of the students. Based on the result, the respondents agreed that GSuite classroom is recommended. The result of this study will be the proposed e-learning platform INTRODUCTION The electronic learning platform is common nowadays, some users are even using social media in education as a tool. It is also included in NHERA-2 of the Commission on Higher Education provided information on priority research agenda, under Education Management, are institutional development studies [1]. Thus, this study was conducted to support the ongoing development of education at Pangasinan State University, Philippines Technology plays a vital role in education. There are researchers conducted that Social Media contributes to the development of collaborative learning [4], but due to its use, it also provides a distraction to learners. Several LMS (Learning Management System) solve this issue, but the cost of server and maintenance is another problem. Thus Google introduces a new tool that will help the educators to become more effective in learning. In the review of eLearning theories, frameworks and models, Mayes and de Freitas emphasized that it is important to be clear about the assumptions underlying eLearning designs [10], they claim that there are really no specific models for eLearning, only enhancements of existing models of learning which use technology to achieve better learning outcomes. [9] Pangasinan State University is one of the state university in the Philipines that has Open University Systems, despite the presence of the OUS in the institution, there is no pure online instruction done by the institution component. Since the OUS is located in Lingayen Campus, the researchers observe the mode of learning in the Open University and come up with a possible utilization of technology and possible collaboration in the future. based on the benchmarking of the institution in the UP Open University, the pioneer institution uses Moodle as a distance eLearning platform. While Pangasinan State University doesn’t have allocated budget for the implementation of Moodle due to the absence of the budget in the Annual Procurement plan, GSuite eLearning platform provided by Google will be an answer. The institution itself is a recipient of GSuite for Education plan, which is a suite of free productivity tools to help students and teachers interact seamlessly and securely across devices for free . CSE PROJECTS