color image processing


Digital image processing for pavement distress analyses
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Local agencies have to collect distress data of their network system for building and implementing pavement management programs. Data collection for the whole network is expensive, time consuming, and dangerous, if pursued by traditional field surveys

Laser cladding process and image processing
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The laser cladding process involves many processing parameters. We present in this paper a low cost system based on two CCD cameras, a standard acquisition card and a Personal Computer which enables the operator to interact with the process and processing The scanning and computerized processing of images had its birth in 1956 at the National Bureau of Standards (NBS, now National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)) . Image enhancement algorithms were some of the first to be developed . Half a century Signal and image processing applications require a lot of computing resources. For low- volume applications like in professional electronics applications, FPGA are used in combination with DSP and GPP in order to reach the performances required by the product

A new class of optimal unitary transforms for image processing
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Unitary transform image coding systems have been shown to be a successful approach to achieve image data compression. However, block transform image coding systems generate artifacts which degrade low bit-rate coded images. The discrete cosine transform (DCT), forABSTRACT Programmable IC architectures for image processing applications are reviewed. Chip sets that can be used for image and video compression and for traditional image processing systems like computer-vision systems, chip designs that can handle all

Measurement of size distribution of blasted rock using digital image processing
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The purpose of this study is to measure the size distribution of blasted rock using the digital image processing software Split-Desktop system in order to evaluate the efficiency of blasting operation. Site of study is a limestone quarry producing limestone for cement

Markov random eld models in image processing ,
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Markov random eld models have become useful in several areas of image processing . The success of Markov random elds (MRFs) can be attributed to the fact that they give rise to good, exible, stochastic image models. The goal of image modeling is to nd an adequate In this paper, we propose a method dedicated to classification between benign and malignant lesions in Dermatology in the aim to help the clinicians for melanoma diagnosis. The proposed methodology reduces the very numerous informations contained in the

Model based image processing
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With a quick glance of the front cover, anyone with normal vision can tell you what has happened. Something has fallen into a liquid, perhaps water, and caused a very symmetric and beautiful splash. What seems like such a simple and natural response hides an

Plastimatch-an open source software suite for radiotherapy image processing
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Free and open source software is playing an increasing important role throughout society. Free software provides a common economic good by reducing duplicated effort, and advances science by promoting the open exchange of ideas. This paper introduces theSignal processing is the means and methodology of handling, manipulating, and converting signals for the purposes of recording, analysis, transmission, and storage. Signals, particularly in the context of the biomedical field, are recorded for the presentation and often

Special computer architecture for pattern recognition and image processing -An overview
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It has been recognized for a long time that a conventional sequential processor is inefficient for operations on pictorial data where relatively simple operations need to be performed on a large number of data elements (pixels). Though many parallel processing architectures for

The Pan-STARRS PS1 image processing pipeline
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ABSTRACT The Pan-STARRS PS1 Image Processing Pipeline (IPP) performs the image processing and data analysis tasks needed to enable the scientific use of the images obtained by the Pan-STARRS PS1 prototype telescope. The primary goals of the IPP are to

Image processing : mathematical methods and applications
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Based on the proceedings of the first IMA Conference on Image Processing : Mathematical Methods and Applications. Organised by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and held at Cranfield University in September 1994 The Evolution of an Image Processing Language

Paper currency verification system based on characteristic extraction using image processing
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Over the past few years, as a result of the great technological advances in color printing, duplicating and scanning, counterfeiting problems have become more and more serious. In the past, only the printing house has the ability to make counterfeit paper currency, but today

Medical image processing overview
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Biomedical image processing has experienced dramatic expansion, and has been an interdisciplinary research field attracting expertise from applied mathematics, computer sciences, engineering, statistics, physics, biology and medicine. Computer-aided diagnostic

An overview of image processing and analysis techniques for morphometrics
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This is a general introduction to methods for image processing and image analysis that are useful in morphometrics. Image processing consists of methods to enhance images, such as contrast enhancement, filtering, edge detection, etc. so that the desired details of the images

A stereo image processing system for visually impaired
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This paper presents a review on vision aided systems and proposes an approach for visual rehabilitation using stereo vision technology. The proposed system utilizes stereo vision, image processing methodology and a sonification procedure to support blind navigation

PASM: A Reconfigurable Multimicrocomputer System for Image Processing .
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As a result of the microprocessor revolution, it is now feasible to build multimicroprocessor systems capable of performing image processing tasks more rapidly than previously possible. There are several types of parallel processing systems. An SIMD (single instruction CSE PROJECTS