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Real-Time Air Pollutants Rendering based on Image Processing
D Wang, Y Huang ,International Journal of Information , 2011 ,
Abstract—This paper presents a new method for realistic real-time rendering of air pollutants
based on image processing. The air pollutants’ variable density can create many shapes of
mist what can add a realistic environment to virtual scene. In order to achieve a realistic 

Nonlinear color-image decomposition for image processing of a digital color camera
T Saito, H Aizawa, D Yamada ,Proc. of SPIE-IS&T , 2009
ABSTRACT This paper extends the BV (Bounded Variation)-G and/or the BV-L1 variational
nonlinear image-decomposition approaches, which are considered to be useful for image 
processing of a digital color camera, to genuine color-image decomposition approaches. 

Primary transmitter discovery based on image processing in cognitive radio
L Bolea, J Pérez-Romero, R Agustí ,The Internet of the Future, 2009 ,Springer
The subject of secondary spectrum usage has been a hot research topic for some time now.
Secondary users should be able to detect available primary frequency bands and use these
spectrum opportunities without causing any harmful interference to primary users. The aim 

Design and Application of an Image-Processing-Based Fuzzy Autopilot for Small-Boat Approaching Maneuvers
SD Lee, CY Tzeng, YZ Kehr, CK Kang ,Journal of Marine , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT This paper presents an image-processing-based fuzzy autopilot scheme for
accomplishing small-boat approaching maneuvers in a harbor environment. In the proposed
approach, two canvas targets are arranged in cascade on the quayside to form a leading 

An easy setup for parallel medical image processing: Using Taverna and ARC
  HealthGrid’09, 2009 ,
Abstract. Medical image processing is known as a computationally expensive and data
intensive domain. It is thus well suited for Grid computing. However, Grid computing usually
requires the applications to be designed for parallel processing, which is a challenge for 

Investigation of Fractures Hydrodynamics by reconstructing the rock surface using Image processing
A Rabbani ,2011 ,
A bstract Fractures are the vital arteries of the reservoir. In the low permeability formations
such as tight carbonates and shale gases, fracture conductance plays an undeniable role. In
the present study a computational method in rock surface reconstruction has been 

Discrete Implementation of Biologically Inspired Image Processing for Target Detection
  Intelligent , 2011 ,
Abstract—In nature, systems which visually process the world around them, in
computationally efficient manners, have evolved over millions of years. The brain of an
insect, which is smaller than a grain of rice, and with less than a million neurons, can 

Applications of Image Processing Technique in Porous Material Characterization
M Gan ,2012 ,
Nondestructive testing (NDT) provides safe operation to engineering components–it
eliminates the risk of damage during operation, and does not require specific sample
preparation. It has been widely used to detect and evaluate defects, or measure properties 

Efficient Autonomous forest fire detection
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Forest fire detection is a very important issue in the pre-suppression process. Timely detection allows the suppression units to reach the fire in its initial stages and this will reduce the suppression costs considerably. The autonomous forest fire detection principle is

Forest Fire Modeling and Early Detection using Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Early detection of forest fires is the primary way of minimizing their damages. We present the design of a wireless sensor network for early detection of forest fires. We first present the key aspects in modeling forest fires according to the Fire Weather Index (FWI) System which is

Techniques for reducing false alarms in infrared forest fire automatic detection systems
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This paper presents techniques to reduce false alarms in forest fire detection systems based on infrared cameras. Several software components to implement these techniques are discussed. The components are based on thresholds, oscillation detection , matching of

Image processing based forest fire detection
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A novel approach for forest fire detection using image processing technique is proposed. A rule based color model for fire pixel classification is used. The proposed algorithm uses RGB and YCbCr color space. The advantage of using YCbCr color space is that it can separate

Wireless sensor networks and fusion information methods for forest fire detection
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Research in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has experienced a significant growth in recent years. One topic of special interest is the use of WSNs in the detection of forest fires. In this paper, we propose two algorithms for forest fire detection . The proposed algorithms

Integrated systems for early forest fire detection
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This paper presents a scheme of multi-sensorial integrated systems for early detection of forest fires. Several information and data sources have been used, including infrared images, visual images, data from sensors, maps and models. An implementation of an

Efficient forest fire detection system: a spatial data mining and image processing based approach
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The drastic ascent in the volume of spatial data owes its growth to the technical advancements in technologies that aid in spatial data acquisition, mass storage and network interconnection. Thus the necessity for automated detection of spatial knowledge from

An improved algorithm for forest fire detection using HJ data
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Using the characteristics of the environment and disaster monitoring and forecasting small satellite constellation (HJ), the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) forest fire detection contextual algorithm was improved to adapt the HJ-infrared sensor (HJ Forest fires can be the cause of serious environmental and economic damages. For this reason considerable effort has been directed toward forest protection and fire fighting. The means traditionally used for early fire detection mainly consist in human observers

Forest fire detection based on MODIS satellite imagery, and Comparison of NOAA satellite imagery with fire fighters Information
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Impacts of boreal forest fires have absorbed intensive attention because of huge fires in these years in Alaska as well as Siberia. To reduce impacts of forest fire in boreal forest area, the early fire detection is one of essential components in firefighting activity because of

Forest fires prevention in Portugal using GIS to help improving early fire detection effectiveness
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Forest fires and burnt area in Portugal have been increasing in the last decades, contrarily to other southern European countries, although more resources are being allocated to prevention, detection and fire fighting. To minimize the probability of wildfires occurrence, it

A method for forest fire detection using uav
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This software provide functions on processing UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) aerial image data according to the requirements of forestry area application on UAV platform. It gives a real-time and remote watch on fire in Greater Xingan Mountains, simultaneously the UAV is

An agent-based algorithm for forest fire detection
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For remote sensing image analysis, it is necessary to use spatial information surrounding pixels, in addition to spectral information of them. Several works have been done in this field. On the other hand, autonomous agents, a newly explored area of research in image

Forest fire detection through wireless sensor network using type-2 fuzzy system
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Fire detection is always been a crucial challenge for human, moreover detecting fire using automated sensors definitely requires efficient and accurate ways. Since fire depends on more than one physical/environmental condition simultaneously, so in this paper we have

Forest Fire Detection for Near Real Time Monitoring Using Geostationary Satellites
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Forest fires are an important component of the savanna, tundra and boreal forest ecosystems. The increasing rate of the occurrence of fires however has increased the concern over their impacts on climate change and fragile ecosystems. This requires efficient

Forest fire detection and monitoring by means of an integrated MODIS-MSG system
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This work presents the MSG-SEVIRI sensors capacity for the detection of forest fires and the subsequent fire monitoring. The Remote Sensing Laboratory of the University of Valladolid has a receiver system in real time as well as an operating fire detection system, also in real

An agent-based approach for regional forest fire detection using MODIS data
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In this study, we propose an agent-based approach for adaptive regional forest fire detection using MODIS data. It utilizes the tests used in MODIS version 4 contextual fire detection algorithm to determine agent behavioral responses. To do so, initially, a collection of

Multi-sensor based forest fire detection system
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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have become hot topic in field of research in recent days. In day to day life we come across many problems which left unresolved by humans, so at that time we think of collaborating human knowledge with technology to eradicate the

A comparative study of three algorithms for forest fire detection in Iran
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Fire as a natural disaster plays a major role in deforestation; is a major source of trace gases, aerosols and carbon fluxes. Approximately 7 percent of Iran area is covered by forests/and wooded lands. According to the ECE/FAO database on forest /other wooded land

Forest fire detection solution based on UAV aerial data
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This software provides functions on processing UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) aerial image data according to the requirements of forestry area application on UAV platform. It gives a real-time and remote watch on fire in Greater Xingan Mountains, simultaneously the UAV is
system: a spatial data mining and image processing based approach

K Angayarkkani ,International Journal of , 2009 ,
Summary The drastic ascent in the volume of spatial data owes its growth to the technical
advancements in technologies that aid in spatial data acquisition, mass storage and network
interconnection. Thus the necessity for automated detection of spatial knowledge from 

Effect of alternative splitting rules on image processing using classification tree analysis
M Zambon, R Lawrence, A Bunn , engineering and remote , 2006
Abstract Rule-based classification using classification tree analysis (CTA) is increasingly
applied to remotely sensed data. CTA employs splitting rules to construct decision trees
using training data as input. Results are then used for image classification. Software 

Implementation and Optimization of Image Processing Algorithms on Handheld GPU
  Conference on Image Processing ( , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT The advent of GPUs with programmable shaders on handheld devices has
motivated embedded application developers to utilize GPU to offload computationally
intensive tasks and relieve the burden from embedded CPU. In this work, we propose an 

Image processing in amateur astro-photography
A Garg ,Resonance, 2010 ,Springer
The contribution by amateurs to research in the field of observational astronomy has been known
from several centuries, which is a motivation for amateurs of today to get into research. In the
recent times sophisticated techniques have caused a revolution in photography. In this 

Parallel quadratic programming for image processing
M Brand  Image Processing (ICIP), 2011 18th IEEE International , 2011
Abstract Many image processing and computer vision problems can be solved as quadratic
programs in the nonnegative cone. This paper develops a provably convergent
multiplicative update that has a simple form and is amenable to fine-grained data 

Technical Note: How image processing facilitates the Rising Bubble Technique for discharge measurement
KP Hilgersom ,Image, 2011
Abstract In this article, we rehabilitate the integrating rising bubble technique as an effective
means of obtaining discharge measurements. Since S argent (1981, 1982a), the technique
has not been applied widely, mainly as a result of practical difficulties. We hypothesize 

Automating PACS Quality Control with the Vanderbilt Image Processing Enterprise Resource
ML Esparza, EB Welch ,Proceedings of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Precise image acquisition is an integral part of modern patient care and medical
imaging research. Periodic quality control using standardized protocols and phantoms
ensures that scanners are operating according to specifications, yet such procedures do 

Nonlinear image processing and filtering: a unified approach based on vertically weighted regression
E Rafajlowicz, M Pawlak ,International Journal of Applied , 2008 ,Versita
A class of nonparametric smoothing kernel methods for image processing and filtering that
possess edge-preserving properties is examined. The proposed approach is a nonlinearly
modified version of the classical nonparametric regression estimates utilizing the concept