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Graph Cuts Image Segmentation in a Hexagonal-image Processing Framework?
WEI Yu, LI Xuemei, CZ Jie WANG ,Journal of Computational , 2012
Abstract Graph Cuts as an advanced image segmentation method has been widely used in
many applications. It is implemented in a hexagonal-image processing framework firstly in
this paper. The new method is called hexagonal Graph Cuts. The core of the method is 

Signal and Image Processing–II
S Korukonda , International Conference on , 2009 ,
Background: Ultrasound elastography visualizes the mechanical properties of soft tissues.
Images of internal tissue strains (ie, strain elastograms) are typically produced by analyzing
pre–and post–deformed radio–frequency (RF) echo frames using the cross–correlation 

Investigation of the mechanism of failure behaviour of wood based materials using acoustic emission analysis and image processing
P Niemz, AJ Brunner ,Wood Res, 2009 ,
 June 30 – July 5, 2008 Venice, Italy Investigation of the mechanism of failure
behaviour of wood based materials using acoustic emission analysis and image
processing *Peter Niemz1, Andreas J. Brunner2 und Olivier Walter1 

Sonorific Toaster: Image Processing COS436/ELE436: HCI Technology Professor Perry Cook January 13, 2009 SchGaDY’s Musical Toaster
M Douglas, D Garbuzov, G Scharf ,2009 ,
Sight and attention are valuable in the kitchen. Using tones to alert the cook is a common
convention in appliance interfaces. A timer alert, however, is not a very informative form of
feedback to receive from an appliance. Color is a better indicator of whether or not the 

A classification system of bamboo based on the digital image processing of its Mesostructure
CS Rodrigues, ODM Gomes, K Ghavami , on Advance Material, , 2009 ,
Abstract–Bamboo has being widely used as building material throughout Latin America and
tropical Asia. From traditional buildings to innovative architectural projects, bamboo has
shown its suitability based on a combined low weight, high strength, beauty and durability. 

Image processing and spatial analysis of satellite imagery for geobiophysical modeling of sources for increased sediment yield in the Greenup Pool of the Ohio
ML Orr ,2008 ,
The study area for this research is the Greenup Pool of the Ohio River, with the Guyandotte
River watershed used as a test case. The watershed passes through southwestern West
Virginia. The objective of this research was to create and validate a model for extraction of 

Astronomical image processing with hadoop
K Wiley, A Connolly, S Krughoff ,in ADASS XX, ASP , 2011 ,
Page 1. Astronomical Image Processing with Hadoop Keith Wiley* Survey Science
Group Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of Washington * Keith Wiley, Andrew Connolly,
YongChul Kwon, Magdalena Balazinska, Bill Howe, Jeffrey 

Image Processing and Visualization
H Dang, L Gu, X Zhuang ,Int J CARS, 2010 ,Springer
Purpose Fast and accurate image registration methods have been in great demand in many
biomedical applications, especially in image guided surgery and therapy. In specific, when
the patient changes pose or has a surgical resection between two samplings (mono- 

Investigation of banana slices shrinkage using image processing technique
MA Ebrahimi, SS Mohtasebi, S Rafiee ,Australian journal of , 2012 ,
Abstract The aim of this study is to use image processing technique for measuring the
variation of banana shape parameters during drying process. Roundness, elongation, area,
thickness, perimeter, density ratio, and foam stability of banana slices were measured 

Measurement of the Wheel-rail Relative Displacement using the Image Processing Algorithm for the Active Steering Wheelsets
MS Kim ,2011 ,
Abstract—The central problem of the active wheelsets steering systems of the railway
vehicles is the measurement of the lateral movements of wheelsets with the noncontact
manner. This paper describes the development of a real-time vision system for active 

Some variational problems from image processing
JB Garnett, TM Le, LA Vese ,preprint, 2009 ,
In this work we are interested in the analysis of a class of variational BV models arising in the
decomposition of an image function f into cartoon or BV component, and a texture or oscillatory
component. This topic has been of much interest in the recent years. We first recall the 

Cellular Neural Network in Gray-scale Video Traffic Image Processing
J Xu ,2009
Abstract—Cellular neural network (CNN) is a large-scale nonlinear analog circuit suitable
for real-time signal and image processing. In this paper, the CNN is applied in order to
detect edges of gray-scale video traffic images. Edges are an important character to 

Mobile Multimedia/Image Processing, Security, and Applications 2009
SS Agaian ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2009
The papers included in this volume were part of the technical conference cited on the cover
and title page. Papers were selected and subject to review by the editors and conference
program committee. Some conference presentations may not be available for publication. 

Vehicle Detection Using Image Processing and Fuzzy Logic
I Jain ,International Journal of Computer Science, 2010
ABSTRACT Vehicles moving on road are of importance because problems like traffic
congestion, economic waste, jamming on the underpasses and over-bridges (if the vehicle
passing through is not of the permissible size) are associated with them. These problems 

A Computer-aided Design Tool with Semiautomatic Image-Processing Features for Visualizing Biological Pathways
SI Ham, SD Yang, CT Thong ,GenomicsInformatics, 2009 ,
Abstract The explosion in biological data resulting from highthroughput experiments
requires new software tools to manipulate and display pathways in a way that can integrate
disparate sources of information. A visual Java-based CAD tool for drawing and 

Digital Image Processing for Quality Control on Injection Molding Products
M Sasso, M Natalini ,2011
The need to increase quality of products, forces manufacturers to increase the level of
control on finished and semi-finished parts, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The
adoption of optical systems based on digital image processing is an effective instrument,