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New architectures of an image-processing pipeline based on nonlinear image decomposition
T Saito, D Yamada, H Aizawa ,Proceedings of SPIE, the , 2009
ABSTRACT This paper presents two new architectures of an image-processing (IP) pipeline
for a digital color camera, which are referred to as a prior-decomposition approach and a
posterior-decomposition approach. The prior-decomposition approach firstly decomposes 

MR Travel to scan image processing for real-time liver identification
SPM Dries, D Bystrov, V Pekar, H Heese ,Proc 17th Annual , 2008 ,
Continuously moving table whole body MR1, 2, 3, 4 survey scanning can be performed
uninterruptedly while the patient is moved into the system until the organ or other region of
interest arrives in the iso-center (travel-to-scan). For the purpose of subsequent automated 

An approach to estimate moisture content of apple with image processing method
F Vesali, M Gharibkhani, MH Komarizadeh ,Aust J Crop Sci, 2011 ,
Abstract Moisture content is an important quality feature that directly influences storability of
fruits and vegetables. The main goal of the present study was to estimate moisture content of
one variety of apple fruits (Golden Delicious) with image processing method. In five weeks 

Implementing image processing algorithms on FPGAs
CT Johnston, KT Gribbon ,Proceedings of the , 2004 ,
Abstract: FPGAs are often used as implementation platforms for real-time image processing 
applications because their structure is able to exploit spatial and temporal parallelism. Such
parallelisation is subject to the processing mode and hardware constraints of the system. 

Estimation of the fibre-composition of Verhoff-stained fascia using colour-image processing
  AK Pandey, P Kumar ,International Journal of , 2011 ,Inderscience
This paper reports the results of our work on assessing the composition of abdominal fascia
based on microscopic images of specimen stained by Verhoff’s method, using colour-image 
processing. Verhoff’s method of staining results in collagen fibres appearing red, and 

Detection of Greening in potatoes using image processing techniques
E Ebrahimi, K Mollazade ,Journal of American Science, 2011 ,
Abstract: Quality is one of the important factors in marketing of agricultural products. Grading
machines have great importance in the quality inspection systems. Most of the current
grading machines operate based on machine vision systems to detect blemishes and 

Spatial Data Exploring by Satellite Image Distributed Processing
VD Mihon, V Colceriu ,EGU General , 2012 ,
 computation resources. The research concerns with experiments on solutions of
using the flexible and visual descriptions of the satellite image processing over
distributed infrastructures (eg Grid, Cloud, and GPU clusters). This 

Image processing by a coupled non-linear oscillator system
N Kurata, H Mahara, T Sakurai, A Nomura , technical conference on , 2008
Abstract: A new algorithm of image processing based on the appropriate solutions of a
spatially discrete non-linear oscillator system is presented. This is based on the onset of
pattern formation arising in the FitzHugh-Nagumo system with weak-coupled activation 

The Scanning of Colour and B&W Film and Photographs for Image Processing, Analysis and Archiving-On a Tight Budget
KJ Morris ,2008 ,
Despite the advent of the new PC based digital camera era, there is still a vast archive of
film. The obvious thing to do is to scan film optically using a high resolution film scanner and
to convert the image into a digital file for digital distribution, PC archiving, and image 

Digital image processing for quality ranking of saffron peach
A Esehaghbeygi, M Ardforoushan ,Int. Agrophys, 2009 ,
A bstrac t. A machine vision system was introduced for the evaluation and classification of
the Iranian saffron peach. Physical features such as size and colour were measured to
categorize peaches into three quality classes of red-yellow, yellow-red, and yellow. The 

Remotely Sensed Image Processing Service Automatic Composition
X Yang ,ICSOC/ServiceWave 2009 PhD Symposium, 2009
Abstract: Aiming at the correctness, quality and efficiency of remotely sensed image 
processing service composition for geospatial applications, a remotely sensed image 
processing service composition approach is proposed. It includes three main algorithm:(1) 

Research on a processing method for standardizing brain MR image
S Mao, J Yang, J Tian, F Wei, C Liu ,Proceedings of SPIE, 2009
 multidisciplinary and span cross. Medical (especially Anatomy, Neurology) knowledge,
the concept of physical, mathematical methods and computer programs design blend
in the study of medical image processing. A variety of 

Antifungal Activity Assessment of Cotton Fabrics Using Image Processing and Analysis
S Strnad, M Paš, A Fabjancic ,FIBRESTEXTILES in , 2010 ,
Abstract An investigation into the antifungal activities of anti-microbially, hydrophobically and
oleophobically finished cotton fabrics designed for tents and marquees was performed
according to the AATCC 30-1999 (IV) test method. The growth of test moulds (Aspergillus 

Image Processing Algorithms Incorporating Textures for the Segmentation of Satellite Data based upon the Finite Element Method
K Hertel ,2009 ,
Abstract In image processing, automated segmentation is a complex task requiring the use
of advanced algorithms. One major issue with identifying distinguishing features of visual
segments and finding the right balance between important and unimportant features in a 

Combining a modified vector field histogram algorithm and real-time image processing for unknown environment navigation
K Nepal, A Fine, N Imam, D Pietrocola ,Society of Photo- , 2009
ABSTRACT Q is an unmanned ground vehicle designed to compete in the Autonomous and
Navigation Challenges of the AUVSI Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC). Built on
a base platform of a modified PerMobil Trax off-road wheel chair frame, and running off a 

GIS and Image Processing
D Klimešová ,transformation, 2011
Abstract- The paper discusses the contribution of image processing techniques to improve
cognitive processes, acquire vector data and support decision making. Also the problem of
knowledge management is addressed and the different ways of knowledge integration is