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Classification of Esophagitis using Image Processing Techniques
SS Saraf, GR Udupi ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Esophagitis is a condition of inflammation of the esophageal mucosa, which is
also called as acid reflux disease. The cause maybe be due to slackness of the lower
esophageal sphintcer which allows acidic contents of the food from stomach to esophagus 

BrainIACS: a system for web-based medical image processing

ABSTRACT We describe BrainIACS, a web-based medical image processing system that
permits and facilitates algorithm developers to quickly create extensible user interfaces for
their algorithms. Designed to address the challenges faced by algorithm developers in 

DSP image processing of temperature field in laser molten pool
X Yang, H Zhang ,Proceedings of SPIE, 2009
ABSTRACT It is very important for testing of temperature field in laser processing. A new
CCD camera based on DSP for measurement of temperature field in laser molten pool is
presented in this paper. It uses a DSP as the main CPU without the computer to process 

Multichannel image processing by use of median M-type L-filter
A Toledo-Lopez, FJ Gallegos-Funes ,Proceedings of the , 2009
ABSTRACT In this paper, we introduce the Vector Median M-type L (VMML)-filter to remove
impulsive and Gaussian noise from color images and video color sequences. This filter
utilizes vector approach and the Median M-type (MM) estimator with different influence 

Analysis and Simulation for Lunar Image Transmission and Processing
YU Jia ,Journal of Astronautics, 2011 ,
 On the other hand, some image processing algorithms are also considered.  Key words; Lunar
image transmission; Charge coupled device; Virtual reality; Image processing; Link budget CLC
munber; V474 Document code; A Article ID; 1000-1328(2011)01-0172-07 DOI; 10. 

A Novel Scheme for Mutual Authentication and Cheating Prevention in Visual Cryptography using Image Processing
B Padhmavathi, PN Kumar ,2010
Abstract—Visual cryptography (VC) is a method of encrypting a secret image into shares
such that stacking a sufficient number of shares reveals the secret image. Shares are usually
presented in transparencies. Each participant holds a transparency. In this paper, we 

Design and implementation of visual and multilevel remote sensing image processingworkflow customization system
L Feng, K Sun, G Ma ,Proceedings of SPIE, 2009
ABSTRACT Currently, the need for professional fast batch processing of remote sensing
images becomes more and more urgent. Production and application units of remote sensing
data require the processing software not only to process images by operating menu, but 

Application of singular value decomposition in image processing
RA Jadav ,Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 2010
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to study an important application of Singular Value
Decomposition (SVD) to image processing. The idea is that by using the smaller number of
vectors, one can reconstruct an image that is closer to the original. The clarity of the image 

New demosaicing algorithm especially for measurement of geometries by image processing
M Correns, M Schumann, H Weissensee , IMEKO XIX World , 2009
Abstract- Most cost-effective colour cameras have single image sensors with a fixed
repeating pattern of colour filters with transmission spectra analogous to the human eye. To
reconstruct a full colour image a process often referred to as demosaicing is necessary. 

Advances in Image Processing Techniques for Drusens Detection and Quantification in Fundus Images
  P Vieira ,Emerging Trends in Technological , 2010 ,Springer
Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) is considered the leading cause of irreversible
blindness in developed countries. One of its risk factors is the presence of drusens, which
are retina abnormalities appearing as yellowish spots in fundus images. In this article a 

Application of image processing on analyzing the structure of TiO 2 nanocrystals
S Liu, Y Kang ,Proceedings of SPIE, 2009
ABSTRACT In this work, we present some practical methods for analyzing and processing
the TEM (transmission electron microscope) images with Matlab, among which including
adjusting the images,adumbrating the units,filtering the noise in the images, and so 

Solid transport measurements through image processing
A Radice, S Malavasi ,Experiments in fluids, 2006 ,Springer
Abstract The paper describes a novel technique which enables evaluation of sediment
fluxes on the upper layer of a granular bed by means of separate measurements of
concentration and velocity of the moving particles. Specific elaboration techniques based 

Automatic Construction of Accurate Image Processing using AdaBoost
J Ando ,2009 ,
Abstract—Image processing and recognition technologies are required to solve various
problems. We have already proposed the system which automatically constructs image 
processing with Genetic Programming (GP), Automatic Construction of Tree-structural 

the Performance of Various Relaxation Processes on the Surface Regularity and Dimensional Properties of Plain Knitted Fabrics Using the Image Processing 
HR Sanjari, D Semnani ,FibresTextiles in Eastern , 2011 ,
Abstract The main objective of this paper was to develop a more advanced finishing
treatment for the stitch shape regularity and dimensional properties of knitted fabrics. In our
previous work, we presented a novel definition of knitted fabric regularity. In the present 

Octahedral Filters for 3D Image Processing}
R Lenz ,Proceedings SSBA 2009}, 2009 ,
Abstract—The octahedral group is one of the finite subgroups of the rotation group in three-
dimensional Euclidean space and a symmetry group of the cubic grid. We demonstrate
filtering of three-dimensional volumes as application examples of its representation theory 

On the use of logarithmic image processing models in total hip prostheses x-ray visualization and analysis
C Florea, C Vertan, L Florea ,Proceedings of the Medical , 2008 ,
Abstract. It has been proven that Logarithmic Image Processing (LIP) models provide a
suitable framework for visualizing and enhancing images acquired by digital photography of
analog scenes. To the well-known existing models, we add a new one and, by means of