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Industrial Automation Enters the Internet Era
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KD Schwartz ,Electronic Business, 2002 ,
College students have one less excuse to hide dirty laundry under the bed. A new Web-
enabled control system, based on IBM Corp. technology, is being installed on 9,000
washing machines and dryers at campuses nationwide. The machines will offer students 

Relation-based clustering of particle measurements for industrial automation
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The objective of this work is to automate intelligently the analysis process of machine
particle measurements using a relation-based classification of particle attributes. This is
enabled through integration of process information obtained through an image processing 

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Texas Instruments-Industrial Automation (TI/IA) is located in Johnson City, Tennessee
(upper-east Tennessee). Growing from a plant of 500 employees at the close of its first year,
it is now Johnson City’s largest private employer, with approximately 1,500 employees. TI/ 

 New Trends in Wireless Sensor Networking for Industrial Automation
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Z Shelby, R Jantti ,MST NEWS, 2007
In this article, the most recent trends in wireless networking for industrial automation are
considered. The possible gains offered by ubiquitous wireless systems aiding in control and
business systems are immense. However, up until the past few years the technologies 

 Real-Time Networks in Industrial Automation
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Each organization specifies a different wiring plan and their own application interface, and
are therefore not interoperable. Many of these differences are being discussed in standards
committees within the ISO (International Standards Organization), but the result is 

 ZigBee Based Industrial Automation Profile for Power Monitoring Systems
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AR Raut, LG Malik ,International Journal, 2011
Abstract—Industrial automations which are mostly depend upon the power systemswhich
requires distance controlled and regulated systems. Mostly voltage and current equipped
parameters along with power and energy management system forms the industrial 

 Tailor-made applications in industrial automation with factory user port for Controller PSM
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RS BASIC ,Power ,
In many cases this simple application (Application Notes 1CMAN19 and AN20) makes an
external IEC/IEEE-bus multimeter superfluous; it demonstrates DC voltage or DC current
measurements. Sampling every 100 ms (in the VisualBASIC example) means that slowly 

 Analysis of Methods and Tools for Industrial Automation Engineering
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M Müür, E Pettai ,Interfaces ,
Abstract Today’s manufacturing operations are faced with the need to reduce cost and be
more competitive with as small resources as possible. Therefore, engineers need to use
high level methodologies and software to facilitate the development, maintenance, and 

 Game Solving for Industrial Automation and Control
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CH Cheng, M Geisinger, H Ruess, C Buckl, A Knoll ,
Abstract—We present our ongoing effort to achieve automatic control synthesis for industrial
automation systems from high-level specifications. For this, we create a game between two
players control and environment by using contracts to specify basic abilities (for control) 

Injecting service-orientation into multi-agent systems in industrial automation
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Service-oriented architecture and multi-agent systems are used in the research of novel
control systems for industrial automation. This work presents the advance of service-
orientation into multi-agent system in industrial automation. An overview of the concept of 

 Integrated RFIDs and WSNs and Optimization of Industrial Automation in Dairy Maintenance Warehouse
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BK Taleghani, S Mohammadi, I Naser ,
Abstract-Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are
two important components of pervasive computing, since both technologies can be used for
coupling the physical and the virtual world. Each of them has separate research and 

Automation & Industrial Communication
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IP Scharf ,University of Siegen ,
ECTS Brochure for the International Graduate Studies in Mechatronics 12 Automation & Industrial
Communication Part 1 Applications of Manufacturing Automation Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter
Scharf Learning objectives: It is aim of this lecture to introduce tasks and approaches to 

 Industrial automation systems and integration—Integration of lifecycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities—Part 7: Implementation
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Modelling and Monitoring Industrial Automation Systems: With IEC 61346 and SFC
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Abstract The modelling of a manufacturing enterprise is not an easy task. A manufacturing
enterprise is a complex system where technical knowledge is as important as management
abilities. For taking more accurate management decisions and for these decisions to have 

 Industrial Automation
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 A Real-Time Control Operating System for Industrial Automation
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B MAAREF, M ABID, ENI de Sfax ,1999 ,
MS (Manufacturing Message Specification) is an OSI application layer protocol that enables
remote applications (called clients) to control and supervise various heterogeneous
industrial devices (called servers). MMS is a part of the Manufacturing Automation 

 Network Calculus: Application to an Industrial Automation Network
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S Kerschbaum, KS Hielscher, U Klehmet ,MMBDFT , 2012 ,
Due to company-wide information processing, in recent years the office and automation
world have increasingly merged (office meets factory). Processes in industrial automation
plants often require hard deadlines. Classical performance modeling approaches, eg 

 Utilizing Lego Mindstorms as a Teaching Platform for Industrial Automation
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C Oates, A Zoitl ,
Abstract—Industrial control systems are taught best using real systems. Such systems can
be expensive, dangerous, and may break easily. In the other side simulations often do not
react like the real system. IEC 61499 automation standard supports the current control 

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C Dechelette, S Zanetti ,
The ATLAS LHC experiment will use Muon Chambers around the central detector for
precise measurements of muon trajectories. A special apparatus, named tomograph, has
been installed at CERN to test the geometrical and electrical characteristics of each muon