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 A domain-specific language for industrial automation
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S Preuer ,Proceedings of Software Engineering (Workshops), 2007 ,
Abstract: Software development is a complex task and therefore requires professional
programming skills. Restricting the focus to a specific problem domain allows the application
of domain-specific concepts and techniques that enable domain experts to develop 

Usability of multi-agent based control systems in industrial automation
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I Terzic, A Zoitl, M Rooker, T Strasser, P Vrba ,Holonic and Multi-Agent , 2009 ,Springer
A future adaptive and reconfigurable manufacturing system has to address, beside the
requirements for agile and fast reaction to sudden and unpredictable changes in production
demands, also the problem of user acceptance and understanding of such highly 

 Wireless Sensor Networks in Industrial Automation
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M Paavola, K Leiviskä ,Factory Automation. India, InTech, 2010
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are gaining the ground in all sectors of life; from homes to
factories, from traffic control to environmental and habitat monitoring. Monitoring seems to be
the key word. Wireless systems can take control actions, too and in this way they compete 

 Using Matlab to interface industrial robotic and automation equipment
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JN Pires ,IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, 2000 ,
Matlab [1] is a widely used software environment for research and teaching applications on
robotics and automation, mainly because it is a powerful linear algebra tool, with a very
good collection of toolboxes that extend Matlab basic functionality, and because it is an 

 Development of Distributed Industrial Automation Systems and Debugging Functionality Based on the Open Source OOONEIDA Workbench
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W Dai, ACK Shih, V Vyatikin , on Robotics and Industrial Automation, 2006
Abstract The IEC 61499 function block architecture is a new standard proposed to replace
the current PLC technologies. Currently the available function block development tools have
major shortcoming, specifically the lack of a debug function. The OOONEIDA workbench is 

 Automation of performance monitoring in an industrial environment
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Abstract-This paper deals with the automated and plantwide generation of performance
monitoring (PM) functions starting off from the P ID. PM can be reduced to observing
measurement values, functional terms derived thereof and the temporal development of 

Could an agile requirements analysis be automated?—Lessons learned from the successful overhauling of an industrial automation system
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T Aschauer, G Dauenhauer, P Derler, W Pree , Stakeholders’ Needs to , 2008 ,Springer
This paper sketches a recent successful requirements analysis of a complex industrial
automation system that mainly required a talented expert, with a beginner’s mind, who has
been willing to dig into the domain details together with a committed customer and a 

Automation of an industrial fork lift truck, guided by artificial vision in open environments
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Mobile robots capable of moving autonomously in more or less structured environments are
being increasingly employed in the automation of certain industrial processes. Along these
lines, the authors constructed a platform, on the base of a commercial industrial truck, 

Clinical or industrial pharmacy? Case studies of hospital pharmacy automation in Canada and France
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J Novek ,International journal of health services, 1998 ,Baywood
Automated medication dispensing systems for hospital pharmacies, heralded as an
important means of reducing drug errors and improving labor productivity, have also been
seen as a means of furthering the transformation of the pharmacy profession from its role 

 Adaptive software oriented automation for industrial elevator
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M Leba, E Pop, A Badea, M Demiralp , and Computers in , 2009
Abstract:-In this paper the complex automation of an industrial elevator is considered. The
elevator is used to transport tens of tons of material loaded in two skips moving upwards and
downwards from underground to the surface or reversed. The elevator has an induction 

 Competitive Strategies, Industrial Models and Assembly Automation Templates
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M Freyssenet  Automation in Automotive Industries. Recents , 1999 ,
For a long time, researchers and practitioners considered productive automation as the
result of scientific and technical progress and thus as a growth factor exogenous to the
production sphere. The speed with which it was adopted and spread, together with its 

 How to use Linux in Industrial automation
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R Peng ,2010 ,
Moxa manufactures one of the world’s leading brands of device networking solutions.
Products include industrial embedded computers, industrial Ethernet switches, serial device
servers, multiport serial boards, embedded device servers, and remote I/O solutions. Our 

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G Allen ,Proceedings of the Spring, 2007 ,
A combination of special Minnesota state funding, industry contributions, and curriculum
planning efforts resulted in a significant addition to ECET’s technology programs at
Minnesota State University, Mankato in the College of Science, Engineering and 

 Wireless ad-hoc networks for industrial automation: trends and prospects
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M Mathiesen, G Thonet, N Aakvaag, ABB Norway ,2007 ,
With the growing hype around wireless personal area networks (WPANs), Bluetooth was
profiled as a generic short-range ad-hoc networking technology. Large portions of its
specifications are now part of the standard IEEE 802.15. 1 (IEEE Std. 802.15. 1, 2002). 

 IT Security Protection at Field Level of Industrial Automation Systems
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F Gutbrodt ,The 2007 International Conference on Embedded , 2007 ,
Page 1. Universität Stuttgart Institute of Industrial Automation and Software Engineering Prof.
Dr.-Ing. Dr. hc P. Göhner IT Security Protection at Field Level of Industrial Automation Systems
Felix Gutbrodt International Conference on Embedded Systems and 

 Industrial automation architecture: An intelligent agent based approach
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A Rios-Bolivar, J Aguilar, F Hidrobo, L Len ,4th WSEAS Int. Conf. on , 2005
Abstract:-The purpose of this paper is to present an automation architecture based on
intelligent agents. Starting from the functional requirements of a process automation system,
a hierarchical automation architecture is formulated in order to down intelligence to 

 Different ways of education in industrial automation
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D van Schenk Brill ,SEFI Annual Conf. Aalborg, 2008
Abstract One of the profiles in the ICT Department of Fontys University of Applied Sciences is
Technical Information Technology. Within this profile the most important specializations are
Embedded Software and Industrial Automation. About half of the Technical Information 

 Design of an industrial automation architecture based on multi-agents systems
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Abstract: New paradigms in industrial automation aims towards intelligence distribution
among components of the productive process and through the integration of several systems
and applications in the companies, searching processes improvement, supporting 

 Designing an Industrial Automation Lab for K-12 Outreach
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KL Devine ,Proceedings from the 2008 American Society for , 2008 ,
Abstract As a result of a generous donation from the Caterpillar Foundation, the Department
of Technology at Illinois State University recently completed the installation of a state-of-the-
art industrial automation lab called the Caterpillar Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory (