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Design principles for cyber risk impact assessment from Internet of Things ( IoT )
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Digital IoT technologies present new cyber risk in the supply chain of the digital economy which are often not visible to companies participating in the digital supply chains. This paper discusses how the IoT cyber risks can be visualised in the process of designing business

New approach using an IoT robot to oversight the smart home environment
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Smart environment needs a lot of sensors in different places. The cost of these sensors is expensive, and to reduce this cost we proposed a mobile robot. This robot carries a range of different sensors that will sense the surrounding environment and send data to the objects in

Exploring How Privacy and Security Factor into IoT Device Purchase Behavior
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Despite growing concerns about security and privacy of Internet of Things ( IoT ) devices, consumers generally do not have access to security and privacy information when purchasing these devices. We interviewed 24 participants about IoT devices they

Introduction to the Minitrack on AI, Machine Learning, IoT , and Analytics: Exploring the Implications for Knowledge Management and Innovation
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Welcome to the HICSS-52 Minitrack on AI, Machine Learning, IOT Analytics where we set out to explore these emerging technologies and trends from the lense of knowledge management and innovation. It is from this perspective we seek to understand theThe series Studies in Big Data (SBD) publishes new developments and advances in the various areas of Big Data-quickly and with a high quality. The intent is to cover the theory, research, development, and applications of Big Data, as embedded in the fields of

Analysis of Performance and Energy Consumption of Wearable Devices and Mobile Gateways in IoT Applications
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Smartphones and wearable devices, such as smart watches, can act as mobile gateways and sensor nodes in IoT applications, respectively. In conventional IoT systems, wearable devices gather and transmit data to mobile gateways where most of computations are

AIDE: Augmented Onboarding of IoT Devices at Ease
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In order to use and manage IoT devices, a prerequisite is to onboard them so that they can be initialized and connected to the infrastructure. This requires mapping each physical device with its digital identity. Doing so manually is tedious, error-prone and not scalable. In

Rapid Internet of Things ( IoT ) prototype for accurate people counting towards energy efficient buildings
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According to the US Department of Energy, a significant portion of energy used in buildings is wasted. If the occupancy quantity in a pre-determined thermal zone is aware, a building automation system (BAS) is able to intelligently adjust the building operation to provide just This special issue will explore security and privacy issues related to the Internet of Things ( IoT ): embedding processor-based systems in physical infrastructure at massive scale, including in things that neither look like computers nor communicate using the Internet Protocol. We aim

Proximity Detection with Single-Antenna IoT Devices
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Providing secure communications between wireless devices that encounter each other on an ad-hoc basis is a challenge that has not yet been fully addressed. In these cases, close physical proximity among devices that have never shared a secret key is sometimes used as This book provides detailed information about the recent trends and advancements in Information and Communications Technologies. The Information and Communications Technology industry is experiencing profound changes across a broad range of research

Design and Verification of Security Protocols for Heteregeneous 5G IoT Devices
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For 30 years, 3rd and 4th generation mobile networks have allowed users to receive service anywhere, at any time. The dawning and visionary 5th generation mobile network (5G) aims to create a highly-decentralised architecture, including a massive Internet of Things (mIoT)

The preliminary results of a mapping study of deployment and orchestration for IoT
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IoT systems are typically distributed and performing coordinated behavior across IoT , edge and cloud infrastructures. To fully realize the great potential of IoT systems, it is important to facilitate their creation and operation. It is crucial to have a clear picture of the research

Data Collection, Storage and Processing for Water Monitoring based on IoT and Blockchain Technolo-gies
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Wastewater might represent an interesting resource in terms of water reuse and preservation of the environment. However, this is not always well purified, resulting instead in a source of pollution with both environmental and economic consequences. The following

Pricing for Revenue Maximization in IoT Data Markets: An Information Design Perspective
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Data is becoming an important kind of commercial good, and many online data marketplaces are set up to facilitate the trading of data. However, most existing data market models and the corresponding pricing mechanisms are simple, and fail to capture the

Machine-learning based IoT Data Caching
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The Internet of Things ( IoT ) continuously produces big amounts of data. Data-centric middleware can therefore help reducing the complexity when orchestrating distributed Things. With its heterogeneity and resource limitations, IoT applications can lack

Denial-of-Sleep Attacks against IoT Networks
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Numerous medium access control (MAC) have been proposed for Low-power Lossy Networks (LLNs) over the recent years. They aim at ensuring both energy efficiency and robustness of the communication transmissions. Nowadays, we observe deployments of

The Green Internet of Things (G- IoT )
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The Internet of Things ( IoT ) has been envisaged to describe a number of technologies and research disciplines that enable global connectivity over the worldwide physical objects. Enabling technologies like Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), sensor networks

A Lightweight Three-Factor User Authentication Protocol for the Information Perception of IoT
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With the development of computer hardware technology and network technology, the Internet of Things as the extension and expansion of traditional computing network has played an increasingly important role in all professions and trades and has had a

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The Internet of Things ( IoT ), or IoT , is One of the buzzwords in the Information Technology. The future of IoT will transform the real world objects into smart virtual objects. This paper proposed the energy efficient system which provide the technical solution to avoid wastage


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