iot-internet of things application

Smart Home. Whenever we think of IoT systems, the most important and efficient application that stands out is the smart home, ranking the highest IoT application on all channels.
Smart City.
Smart Grids.
Industrial Internet.
Connected Car.
Connected Health
Digital Health
Smart Retail.

Consumer connected devices include smart TVs, smart speakers, toys, wearables and smart appliances. Smart meters, commercial security systems and smart city technologies

Exploring iot application using raspberry pi
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There are thousands of sensors in an industry with different usage, such as, pressure transmitters, flow meter, temperature transmitters, level transmitters, and so on. Wired networks are mainly used to transfer data to base station by connecting sensor. It brings

Internet of things- IOT : definition, characteristics, architecture, enabling technologies, application future challenges
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The Internet of things refers to a type of network to connect anything with the Internet based on stipulated protocols through information sensing equipments to conduct information exchange and communications in order to achieve smart recognitions, positioning, tracing

Mutual authentication scheme for IoT application
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Abstract Background: Internet of Things ( IoT ) is the next emerging technique in which each and every thing in the world is getting connected to the internet by means of various communication techniques. By using the technique of multicasting, these things

Semantic web of things: an analysis of the application semantics for the iot moving towards the iot convergence
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The Internet of Things ( IoT ) is being applied for stovepipe solutions, since it presents a semantic description limited to a specific domain. IoT needs to be pushed towards a more open, interoperable and collaborative IoT . The first step has been the Web of Things (WoT)

Demo Paper: Helping IoT Application Developers with Sensor-based Linked Open Rules.
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Domain-specific Internet of Things ( IoT ) applications are becoming more and more popular. They process data coming from sensor measurements. Adding semantic annotations to the sensory observations and measurements can allow to reason on data via logical rules

Events processing and device interoperability in a smart office IoT application
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The paper presents the Smart Office concept, which was proposed as a pilot application in the FP7 project ELLIOT. The solution is based on the LinkSmart semantic middleware that provides an Internet of Things platform for interoperable functional connection of devices

Green IoT agriculture and healthcare application (GAHA)
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The application of the two trending and popular technologies, Cloud Computing (CC) and the Internet of Things ( IoT ) are current hot discussions in the field of agriculture and healthcare applications. Motivated by achieving a sustainable world, this paper discusses

Requirement of security for IoT application based on gateway system
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An integrated security mechanism is one of the key challenges in the open wireless network architecture because of the diversity of the wireless network in open wireless network and the unique security mechanism used in each one of these networks. The security

The security trade-offs in resource constrained nodes for iot application
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The concept of the Internet of Things ( IoT ) has received much attention over the last five years. It is predicted that the IoT will influence every aspect of our lifestyles in the near future. Wireless Sensor Networks are one of the key enablers of the operation of IoTs, allowing data

An Internet of Things ( IoT ) application for predicting the quantity of future heart attack patients
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Now days the heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. It is a complex task to predict the heart attack for a medical practitioner since it is required more experience and knowledge. However, heart rate monitoring is the most important scale of measurement that

IoT application , a survey
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Abstract Internet of Things ( IoT ), where physical systems are connected over network to exchange information among themselves and with their surroundings. IoT helps in developing most powerful industrial systems. It finds its various applications in house hold

Network Traffic Characteristics of the IoT Application Use Cases
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The Internet of Things ( IoT ) is a highly discussed paradigm aimed at the connection of everyday objects to the Internet. The idea of enabling objects to communicate with each other brings significant benefits, yet there are several challenges that have to be also

A application of cloud computing and IOT in logistics
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This paper analyzes the characteristics of cloud computing and IOT (internet of things), introduce a logistics operation based on cloud computing and IOT , which establish a logistics information interchange, data exchange to meet the business requirements of the

Monitoring the smart garbage bin filling status: an IoT application towards waste management
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Garbage bins play a vital role in the waste collection process at the primary level itself. But the collected waste in the garbage bins must regularly be monitored, and from there it must be delivered to processing plants. This practice of continuous monitoring, transporting and

Secure and cost-effective application layer protocol with authentication interoperability for IOT
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Internet of Things is future trend that assure to enhance and upgrades our everyday living by utilizing intelligent objects and sensors collectively. These devices are supposed to make use of constrained application protocol (CoAP) to communicate at application layer

IoT : application protocols and security
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The Internet of Things ( IoT ) commands an ever-growing population of devices across the nation and abroad. The development of privacy concerns and security goals have not kept pace with the demand for new advances in IoT . We will discuss how the IoT currently

NodeMCU V3 For Fast IoT Application Development
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The best way to develop quickly an IoT application with less Integrated circuits to add is to choose this circuit NodeMCU . Today, we will give a detailed Introduction on NodeMCU V3. It is an open-source firmware and development kit that plays a vital role in designing a

A review on blockchain application for decentralized decision of ownership of IoT devices
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This paper describes a unique method for peer to peer identification of ownership of IoT devices in a cloud environment. The described methodology consists of device being added by its manufacturer (also referred to as Genesis) then being transferred to a user based on

Leveraging virtualization for scenario based IoT application testing.
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From day to day we can observe an increasing adoption of Internet of Things in the world. Number of devices connected to the Internet is constantly growing. At the same time, the applications are getting more and more complex and its development becomes more difficult

Designing an IoT -enabled Gamification Application for Energy Conservation at the Workplace: Exploring Personal and Contextual Characteristics.
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This paper focuses on determining the important factors that must be considered when designing and developing a gamification application that educates employees in workplaces, towards a more sustainable energy consumption behaviour. We have