iot-internet of things application

APPLICATION 1: Vertical Oriented IoT Applications
Smart Transportation
Connected Car, Automotive
Intelligent Transportation
Highway, Rail Systems
Emergency vehicle notification systems
Automatic road enforcement
Smart Traffic Light
Smart Collision Avoidance
Smart Tele-healthcare
Healthcare, e-Health, Assisted Living
Smart Telecardiolgy and Telenursing
Telerehabilitation and Teletrauma
Smart Agriculture
Environmental Monitoring
Smart Manufacturing.
Utilities Management and Operation
Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization
Production Flow Monitoring
Health of Machinery
Industrial IoT
Smart Cities,
Smart Home, Building Management and Operation Automation
Smart Grid and Energy Management

APPLICATION 2: Computer and Devices Technologies for IoT
Embedded Computer and Systems
Sensors and Actuators
Software for IoT
Storage and Data Management for IoT
Computing for IoT
Cloud and Fog Computing
Edge and Mobile Computing
Platform Based Computing

APPLICATION 3: Connectivity for IoT
Legacy Networks
5G Networks
Network Coding
D2d and M2M Communications
High Band, Narrow Band Networks
Software Defined Networks
Sensor Network
Massive IoT

APPLICATION 4: Application and Services
Platforms and Framework
Cyber-physical systems
Big data and IoT Data Analytics
Semantic Technologies, Collective Intelligence
Horizontal application development for IoT
Service Experiences and Analysis
Green IoT: Sustainable Design and Technologies
IoT Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios
Security and Privacy for Internet of Things
Identification and authentication issues
Intrusion and Attacks in IoT
Cryptography, key management and authorization for IoT

APPLICATION 5: Intelligence Systems
Deep Learning
Neural Networks
Fuzzy Logic
Expert Systems
Computational Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Data Mining
Support Vector Machines
Sentiment Analysis
Machine Vision
Human Computer Interaction
Pattern Recognition
Image/Video Processing
Intrusion Detection
Geographic Information Systems
Signal Processing
Medical Diagnosis
Segmentation Techniques
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Ambient Intelligence
Agents and Multi-agent Systems
Context-aware pervasive systems

COMMENT technology