wireless communications and mobile technology research topics 2019

RESEARCH AREA 1: Fundamentals and PHY

>> Advanced modulation schemes
>> Antennas, beamforming, multi-antenna signal processing
>> Channel capacity estimation and equalization
>> Channel measurement, modeling, and characterization
>> Cognitive and green radio
>> Cooperative communications
>> Equalization, synchronization, channel estimation
>> Information-theoretic aspects of wireless communications
>> Interference characterization, cancellation, multiuser detection and
>> mitigation
>> Iterative techniques
>> Modulation, coding, diversity
>> Multihop and cooperative communications
>> OFDM, CDMA, spread spectrum
>> Physical layer designs for WLAN, WPAN, and WBAN
>> Physical layer network coding and security
>> Power efficient communications
>> Propagation models for high frequency channels
>> RF propagation studies
>> Signal processing for wireless communications
>> Single and multi-user MIMO
>> Source and channel coding
>> Space-time coding, MIMO, adaptive antennas
>> Ultra-wideband and gigabit wireless communications
>> Vehicular communications
>> Wireless localization and RESEARCH AREA ing techniques

RESEARCH AREA 2: MAC and Cross-Layer Design

>> Adaptability and reconfigurability
>> Adaptive and cognitive MACs
>> B3G/4G Systems, WiMAX, WLAN, WPAN
>> Cognitive and cooperative MAC
>> Collaborative algorithms
>> Cross-layer design, cross-layer security
>> Cross-layer designs involving MAC
>> Delay tolerant MAC designs
>> Implementation of testbeds and prototypes
>> Information-theoretical approaches to MAC designs
>> Joint access and backhaul scheduler designs
>> Joint MAC and networking layer designs
>> MAC for low power embedded networks
>> MAC for mesh, ad hoc, relay, and sensor networks
>> MAC for mobile and vehicular ad hoc networks
>> MAC in 4G and future mobile networks
>> Multiple access techniques
>> Network information theory
>> QoS provisioning in MAC
>> Radio resource management, allocation, and scheduling
>> Reconfigurable MACs
>> Routing and QoS scheduling
>> Scheduler for cellular macro-, pico- and femto- systems
>> Scheduler for cooperative systems
>> Scheduler for relay systems
>> Security issues in MAC designs
>> Software defined radio, RFID
>> Time-critical MAC designs
>> Wireless MAC protocols: design and analysis

RESEARCH AREA 3: Mobile and Wireless Networks

>> Body area networks
>> Capacity, Throughput, Outage, Coverage
>> Cognitive radio networks
>> Congestion and Admission Control
>> Congestion, load and admission control
>> Dynamic spectrum management
>> Future wireless Internet
>> Green wireless networks
>> Internet of things
>> Interworking Heterogeneous Wireless/Wireline Networks
>> Localization for Wireless Networks
>> Location dependent networks
>> Mesh, Relay, Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks
>> Mobile and Wireless IP
>> Mobile computing
>> Mobility, location, and handoff management
>> Multi-hop and relay networks
>> Multimedia QoS and Traffic Management
>> Network architectures
>> Network Estimation and Processing Techniques
>> Performance of E2E Protocols over Wireless Networks
>> Proxies and Middleware for Wireless Networks
>> Robust routing
>> Satellite communications
>> Self-organizing networks
>> Smart cities and smart grids
>> Vehicular networks
>> Wireless Broadcasting, Multicasting, Geo-casting, Streaming and Routing
>> Wireless Network Security and Privacy
>> Wireless sensor networks

RESEARCH AREA 4: Services, Applications, and Business

>> Aerospace, Electronic and Defence sector
>> Audio and video broadcast applications
>> Authentication, authorization and accounting
>> Cognitive radio and sensor-based applications
>> Content distribution in wireless home environment
>> Context and location-aware wireless services & applications
>> Context and location-awareness in pervasive systems
>> Cyber-physical systems and applications
>> Dynamic services, autonomic services
>> Emerging wireless and mobile applications
>> Geoscience and remote sensing and related fields
>> Innovative user interfaces, P2P services for multimedia
>> Intelligent transportation systems
>> Mobile multimedia services
>> Mobile to mobile and in-car communication networks
>> Next generation home networks
>> P2P services for multimedia
>> Personalization, profiles and profiling
>> Personalization, service discovery, profiles and profiling
>> Regulations, standards, spectrum management
>> Secure network and service access
>> Self-adaptation on the service layer
>> Service discovery and portability
>> Service oriented architectures, service portability and cloud computing
>> SIP based services, multimedia, QoS support, middleware
>> Test-bed and prototype implementation of wireless services
>> User interfaces, user-machine interactions
>> Wireless applications in robotics
>> Wireless emergency and security systems
>> Wireless health applications, telemedicine and e-health services


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