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Quality of service for MANET connected to the Internet
A Kassler ,Proc. 3rd German Workshop on Ad Hoc , 2005 ,
Abstract: Ad-Hoc networks are flexible, adapt to topology changes due to mobility of nodes,
and can de deployed where network infrastructure is not available. Research has been
done mainly in the area of routing and for isolated Ad-Hoc networks. Some efforts are on 

Creation and Management Method of a Secure Connection on MANET Using Multi-hop Routing Protocols
M Oguchi ,Proc. Vehicleto-Vehicle Communications, 2007 ,
Abstract—Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is an au-tonomous distributed network
constructed only with gathering nodes temporarily, which has no connection with existing
infrastructures like Internet. In MANET, wide area communication through wireless 

A Comparative Study of Gateway Discovery Protocol in MANET
M Geetha, R Umarani ,International Journal of , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT Connecting the wired and wireless networks particularly the Mobile ad hoc
Network is integrated with Internet. Different mechanisms have been proposed to integrate
MANETs and the Internet. These mechanisms are differing based on gateway discovery 

Performance Evaluation and Traffic Analysis for Routing Protocols in a Real MANET
H Chen, JS Jou, D Dharmaraju ,Proc. of the , 2003 ,
ABSTRACT Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANETs) are characterized by bandwidth
constrained links, multiple hops, varying link qualities and highly dynamic topologies. In this
paper, we evaluate the performance and analyze the traffic of a mobile ad-hoc network in 

Traffic Pattern Based Performance Comparison of AODV, DSDV & OLSR MANET Routing Protocols using Freeway Mobility Model
S Kumari, S Maakar, S Kumar ,evaluation, 2011 ,
Abstract: Mobile ad-hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile hosts forming a temporary
network without the aid of any standalone infrastructure or centralized administration. Mobile
Ad-hoc networks are self-organizing and self-configuring multihop wireless networks 

Quality of service support, security and OSPF interconnection in a MANET using OLSR
C Adjih, P Minet, P Muhlethaler, E Baccelli ,Journal of , 2008 ,
Abstract—The MANET networks are of prime interest for military networks. One of the
proeminent routing protocols for MANET is OLSR, and indeed, OLSR has been used in
many evaluations and experiments of MANETs. As OLSR is on its way to standardization, 

Analysis of OSPF MANET IETF-64 Scenarios
P Spagnolo, T Henderson ,2006 ,
Abstract The IETF OSPF WG is evaluating two proposals for OSPF MANET extensions. At
IETF-64, Stan Ratliff from Cisco Systems presented data that showed Overlapping Relays
with Smart Peering yielded lower overhead than MANET Designated Routers in sparse, 

Power aware multiple QoS constraints routing protocol with mobility prediction for MANET
S Somasundaram ,International Journal of , 2009 ,Inderscience
A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is composed of mobile nodes, which do not have any
fixed wired communication infrastructure. The protocol called’Power aware Multiple Quality
of Service (QoS) constraints Routing Protocol with Mobility Prediction (PMQRPMP)’is the 

REALM: Replication of Data for a Logical Group Based MANET Database
A Vallur, L Gruenwald ,Database and Expert Systems , 2008 ,Springer
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, or MANETs, provide communication between free-roaming mobile
hosts without a fixed infrastructure. These MANETs operate under conditions of limited
battery power and may also experience frequent network partitioning. This paper 

Developing a Hybrid Method for Identifying Monitoring Nodes in Intrusion Detection Systems of MANET
MK Rafsanjani ,Contemporary Engineering Sciences , 2009 ,
Abstract Nowadays with appearance of a wide range of wireless devices, security of Mobile
Ad hoc Networks (MANET) became an important problem and Intrusion Detection System
(IDS) can be deployed as a second line of defense in a MANET. In this paper, a 

A New Proactive Routing Algorithm for Manet
MH Mamoun ,International Journal Of Academic Research, 2010 ,
ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose a new proactive routing algorithm for MANET called
NPR, which is inspired by a Modified Ant Colony Optimization (MACO) framework and uses
“ants” for route discovery, maintenance and improvement.

Aggregation of Information Leaked by a MANET
J Murdoch  JA McDermid, HR Chivers ,ITA , 2007 ,
Abstract—Use of a MANET system will inevitably leak information into the operational
environment. An adversary can gain and aggregate information from physical sightings,
detection of radio signals and eavesdropping, acquisition of node equipment and 

Providing routing security using ros protocol in MANET and performance comparison with AODV
JML Manickam ,Information Technology Journal, 2007 ,
Abstract: Many of the proposed routing security solutions for the Mobile Ad hoc Networks
(MANET) requires cryptographic techniques or a secret association between the
communicating entities. These security solutions work well for the anticipated attacks but 

Intermr: Inter-manet routing in heterogeneous manets
SH Lee  CK Chau, K Lee ,MASS’10: Proceedings , 2010 ,
Abstract—The advancements of diverse radio technologies and emerging applications have
spawned increasing heterogeneity in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). But the
collaborative nature of communications and operations often requires that these 

Performance Studies of MANET Routing Protocols in the Presence of Different Broadcast Route Discovery Strategies
N Meghanathan ,Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal, 2007 ,
ABSTRACT Simulation studies for the Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) routing protocols
have so far employed flooding as the default mechanism of route discovery. During flooding,
each node broadcasts the packet exactly once, causing the broadcast storm problem [1]. 

Optimistic Tracing in MANET
M Burmester ,2006 ,
Abstract: Mobile ad hoc networks are collections of wireless mobile nodes with links that are
made or broken in an arbitrary way. They have constrained resources, restricted broadcast
range and no fixed infrastructure. For these networks communication is achieved via 

A Protocol to Increase the Security in a MANET Based on Trust and Reputation
A Fernández , Theory and Applications (ISCTA’09), 13th- , 2009 ,
Abstract The security of wireless and mobile networks has a very important role on the
performance of mobile infrastructure. The protocol presented in this paper keeps a record of
the history of a node and its level of participation in order to identify its reliability for a 


Routing Mechanism for MANET in Disaster Area
AK Vatsa, P Chauhan, M Chauhan ,International Journal of , 2011 ,
Abstract Mobile ad-hoc Network (MANET) are implemented anywhere where there is little or
no communication infrastructure, or when the existing infrastructure is inconvenient to be
used. The Mobile Ad-hoc networks have neither fixed topology nor centralized servers. It 

A simplified analytical model for end-to-end delay analysis in MANET
R Kumar, M Misra ,International Journal of Computer , 2010 ,
Abstract In order to provide quality delivery to delay sensitive applications such as voice and
video, it is extremely important that mobile Ad hoc networks provide quality of service (QoS)
support in terms of bandwidth and delay. In spite of using IEEE 802.11 as medium access 

Using mobile agent for location-specific data retrieval in Manet
K Tei, N Yoshioka, Y Fukazawa , in Communication Systems, 2005 ,Springer
Location-specific data retrieval is an attractive application in a Mobile Ad-hoc Network
(MANET). Simple solution for it is that an observer retrieves the data by geocasting from an
observer node, but its overhead highly depends on location of the observer and the .

A Comparison of Temporal and Topological Soft State Updates for a Proactive MANETRouting Protocol
Y Huang, S Bhatti ,Proceedings of the London , 2006 ,
Abstract: In an mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), each node maintains routing information
about other nodes in the network at all times. The nodes propagate state refresh messages
to maintain correct routing information. In this paper we present a quantitative analysis on