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Quality of Service Mechanism for MANET using Linux

Abstract: This paper describes a QoS mechanism suitable for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
(MANET). Routing and Quality of Service domain (Task 5 group) of Interoperable Networks
for Secure Communications (INSC) has chosen the Differentiated Services (DiffServ) to be 

A Double-layered P2P System Considering Mobility for Reliability in MANET
JH Kim, JW Song ,Proceeding of IEEE Seoul Section , 2008 ,
Abstract—In the double-layered systems based on MANET, peers are classified into super
peers and sub-peers. Super peers manage their neighboring sub-peers. Network
communications in a doubly-layered system are done mainly among super peers, but if 

2-level authentication mechanism in a internet connected MANET
A Hafslund, J Andersson ,6th Scandinavian Workshop , 2005 ,
Abstract—In this paper we present a 2-Level Authentication mechanism for an Internet
connected mobile ad hoc network (MANET). The proposed authentication mechanism is a
combination of a distributed and a centralized security service. It uses the IEEE 802.11 i

A new multi-tier adaptive military MANET security protocol using hybrid cryptography and signcryption
AA YAVUZ, F ALAGOZ ,Turkish Journal of , 2010 ,
Abstract Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANETs) are expected to play an important role in
tactical military networks by providing infrastructureless communication. However,
maintaining secure and instant information sharing is a difficult task especially for highly 

Orbit mobility framework and orbit based routing (obr) protocol for manet
J Ghosh, S PHILIP ,University at Buffalo, Technical , 2004 ,
Mobile Ad Hoc NETwork (MANET) is the appropriate modeling of the mobility of wireless
nodes. Although the pure random nature of the Random Waypoint model lends itself for
theoretical study of MANET protocols, it is not suitable for modeling the movements of 

MANET Performance Enhancing with Packet Buffering
E Kumar ,Nation, 2010 ,
There have been lot of research work on route caching but little work is available on data
buffering. The use of the buffer is to temporarily store packet in flow when a route breakage
is detected. Though, the use of data buffer leads to another problem of managing the 

Issues Trends in AutoConfiguration of IP Address in MANET
H Kumar, RK Singla ,Proceedings of the , 2008 ,
Abstract: Address autoconfiguration provides convenience in implementing Mobile Ad hoc
Network (MANET). The topology of the network can change randomly due to unpredictable
mobility of nodes. This behavior results in certain issues like partitioning, merging, 

A New DSR Routing Protocol for MANET
MH Mamoun ,Journal of Convergence Information Technology, 2009 ,
Abstract This paper presents a new Ad hoc Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol based
on mobility prediction, named as MDSR. The algorithm controls route discovery, route
keeping and route switching according to the distance and mobility estimation of the 

Location Aided Hybrid Routing Algorithm for MANET
MH Mamoun ,International Journal of Engineering & Technology IJET , 2011 ,
Abstract In this paper, we propose a new hybrid routing protocol for MANET called Location
Aided Hybrid Routing Protocol for MANET (LAHRP). The proposed routing algorithm not
only aims to optimize bandwidth usage of MANETs by reducing the routing overload but 

A Multi-Agent Routing Protocol with Congestion Control for MANET
K Nishimura ,Proceedings 21st European , 2007 ,
Abstract—This paper discusses a routing protocol that uses multi-agents to reduce network
congestion for a Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET). MANET is a multihop wireless network
in which the network components such as PC, PDA and mobile phones are mobile. The 

Detection of packet dropping attack using improved acknowledgement based scheme inmanet
ASA Ukey, M Chawla ,IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science , 2010 ,
Abstract Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is self configuring network of mobile node
connected by wireless links and considered as network without infrastructure. Routing
protocol plays a crucial role for effective communication between mobile nodes and 

Adaptive MANET Routing: A Case Study
L Qin ,Ad-hoc, Mobile and Wireless Networks, 2008 ,Springer
Node mobility plays an important role in the routing performance for MANETs. Many
protocols provide parameters to adapt to different levels of mobility, but this is a global
optimization (ie, typically all nodes choose the same parameter values and they use these 

Fuzzy Controller Based QoS Routing Algorithm with a Multiclass Scheme for MANET
B Sun, C Gui, Q Zhang ,International Journal of , 2009 ,
Abstract: A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) consists of a set of mobile hosts that can
communicate with each other without the assistance of base stations. Due to the dynamic
nature of the network topology and restricted resources, quality of service (QoS) and 

Survey of Wireless MANET Application in Battlefield Operations
C Rajabhushanam ,IJACSA) International Journal of , 2011 ,
Abstract—In this paper, we present a framework for performance analysis of wireless
MANET in combat/battle field environment. The framework uses a cross-layer design
approach where four different kinds of routing protocols are compared and evaluated in 

Performance modeling of MANET interconnectivity
WKG Seah, LY Yeo, ZA Eu,   International Journal of , 2006 ,Springer
Abstract The proliferation of mobile wireless computing devices and the increasing usage of
wireless networking have motivated substantial research in mobile ad hoc networks
(MANETs). In addition, much has also been done to link autonomous MANETs to the 

Swarm Intelligence based optimization Of MANET cluster formation
A Sen ,2006 ,
MANET is a collection of wireless mobile nodes, which dynamically form a temporary
network, without using any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration.
These are often called infrastructure-less networking since the mobile nodes in the 

Specification synthesis for monitoring and analysis of MANET protocols
N Stakhanova W Zhang , of Computer Science, , 2007 ,
Abstract This paper introduces an approach to automatic synthesis of the specification
models of routing protocol behavior from the observed flow of the network traffic. In
particular, our technique generalizes the monitored sequences of routing messages 

File Distribution and Caching in MANET
V Gianuzzi ,2003 ,
A network composed by mobile wireless devices can be designed following different
models, each one studied to cover different needs. Cellular-like networks with a wired
infrastructure provide wireless connection between a mobile computer and the wired 

Extension to MAC 802.11 for performance Improvement in MANET
GA Pegueno ,Karlstads University, Sweden, 2006 ,
Abstract In the last few years, the exploit of ad hoc wireless networks has increased thanks
to their commercial and military potential. An application of wireless ad hoc networks is
Bluetooth technology, which allows wireless communication among different devices. As a 

Enhanced AODV Routing Protocol through Fixed Expire-time in MANET
YD Kim, IY Moon ,Executive Development, 2008 ,
Abstract-Recently, Wireless network industry for the ubiquitous generation is growing
quickly. Especially, MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Networks) is one of special issues of the
networking technology for the ubiquitous environments. Then, many researchers are study 

MANET Internet Connectivity with Half Tunnels
E Nordstrom ,SNCNW, Arlandastad, 2003 ,
ABSTRACT Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are one example of new concepts that are
challenging the current Internet architecture. Unstructured address and routing spaces are
hard to integrate. In this paper we propose” half tunnels” as a powerful transition 

A propose architecture of manet for disaster area architecture
R Mahapatra, TA Abbasi ,International Journal of Computer , 2010 ,
Abstract—Wireless ad hoc networks have become an important area of research in wire-less
communications systems. Unlike some existing networking technologies such as Internet
Protocol (IP) networks or cellular systems, wireless ad hoc networks have the advantage .