Getting a hold on mechatronics
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By Steven Ashley, Associate Editor The standard clothes dryer is typically controlled by a mechanical timer. The user adjusts the timer according to the size and dampness of the load. If the timing device is not set properly, the drying cycle be too short and the

Mechatronics -A unifying interdisciplinary and intelligent engineering science paradigm
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Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/MIE. 2007.901480 12 IEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINEâ–  SUMMER 2007 1932-4529/07/$25.00 2007IEEE earliest conceptual stages of the design process. In addition, it enables the creation, design, and support of new The MOST bus (Media Oriented Systems Transport) was specifically developed for the networking of infotainment systems in motor vehicles. In addition to traditional entertainment functions, such as radio tuners or CD players, these infotainment systems (which are

Stability and sensitivity analysis of fuzzy control systems. Mechatronics applications
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The development of fuzzy control systems is usually performed by heuristic means, incorporating human skills, the drawback being in the lack of general-purpose development methods. A major problem, which follows from this development, is the analysis of the

Applied mechatronics
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Mechanical Engineering and Meehatronics Department Hariri Canadian University Meshref Electrical and Computer Engineering Department American University of Beirut Beirut, Lebanon New York Oxford OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 2008 1. Meehatronics: An Introduction Worldwide interest in mechatronics and its associated activities continue to grow annually. One indicator of this growth is the large number of mechatronics -based conferences on offer. When the first of what became the Mechatronics Forum conferences was organised in 1989

Mechatronics design of a mobile robot system
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Mobile robot motion control is simplified to a DC motor motion control that include gear system. The simplest and widespread approach to control the mobile robot motion is the differential drive style, it consists of two in-lines with each a DC motor. Both DC motors are

Project-based high school mechatronics course
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Mechatronics is a complex, highly technical, multidisciplinary subject that involves the design and manufacture of integrated products. In order to teach it properly in a course, student teams have to engage in designing a product. Due to the complicated nature of

Modeling, simulation and dynamics analysis issues of electric motor, for mechatronics applications, using different approaches and verification by MATLAB
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The accurate control of motion is a fundamental concern in mechatronics applications, where placing an object in the exact desired location with the exact possible amount of force and torque at the correct exact time is essential for efficient system operation. An accurate

Mechatronics education
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In recent years, the concept of mechatronics is more fre-quently encountered in industry, academia, and in the general public as well, but it is always coupled with the question: Is this a new concept In this special issue dedicated to mechatronics education, articles from

Schemebuilder mechatronics
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Schemebuilder Mechatronics is a software tool under the Schemebuilder platform for Computer Aided Conceptual Design (CACD). It has a powerful design knowledge representation which enables designs to be synthesised by interacting via a graphical user

Integration of V-model and SysML for advanced mechatronics system design
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Demands for time, cost and clearness for mechatronics system design process has been significantly increased during last years. At the same time new methods are developed or are under the development to satisfy these needs. This paper represents the integration of

A novel hybridization design principle for intelligent mechatronics systems
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This paper presents a novel design principle as well as its methodology for intelligent machine systems based on learning of hybridization in biology. In particular, we propose two principles for hybridization of physical systems: complementary principle and compatibility

Mechatronics in rotating machinery
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In this survey paper, we discuss the recent progress in researches on mechatronics in rotating machinery. Even before mechatronics emerged as a new concept in technological advancement, much mechatronization effort has already been made in rotating machinery

A design-oriented undergraduate curriculum in mechatronics education
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Mechatronics is bringing about an industrial paradigm shift with its multidisciplinary integrated approach to product design and development. It is poised to become the key enabling technology to use for gaining a competitive edge in the modern manufacturing era The bond graph physical modelling analogy provides a powerful approach to modelling engineering systems in which the power exchange mechanism is important, as is the case in mechatronics . In this chapter we give an overview of the bond graph modelling technique

Overview of human adaptive mechatronics
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Human adaptive mechatronics is intelligent electrical-mechanical systems that are able to adapt themselves to the humans skill in various environments, and provide assistance in improving the skill, and overall operation of the combined human machine system to This book is based on selected papers from the conferences on Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice, held in Manila and Toowoomba in 2014 and 2015. Each paper passed a rigorous peer-reviewing process for acceptance. In keeping with the previous books in this